Wonder of the MatSu Valley

Alaska’s Covid Pandemic Battle

Ship of Fools Fights Covid-19 at Anchorage This story has been updated since its original posting February, 2021 but reflects this writer’s understanding of the situation at the time.. Some might think our recent Covid-19 Pandemic was mitigated by destroying the private sector economy of Anchorage. Looking over the events of the last year, and

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Bert Cottle

Alaska City on the Move: WASILLA! (A Tribute to Mayor Bert Cottle on his passing)

The new Wasilla Sonic restaurant is located in the Sun Mountain development. It did $500,000 worth of business in its first three days. Note: This story was Published October 31, 2019 after an enthusiastic presentation by Wasilla Mayor Bert Cottle to the Susitna Rotary in the last months of his tenure in that position. He

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Can a Ready Veteran Workforce Assure Food Security?

To Dream the Impossible Dream… Let’s imagine our elected State of Alaska officials–who like to blow smoke about Alaska Food Security–suddenly made land available for Commercial Agriculture… IMAGINE 10,000-acre parcels dedicated to serious farming endeavors instead of current 460-acre parcels where farmers do each other’s laundry. Such fantasy SOA Ag offerings would require successful bidders

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Year-end review

Seeking Alaskan Truths in 2021 (2021©donnliston.co)   Living the Alaskan Lifestyle is by definition active. Sitting at a computer screen or looking at a phone are not active pursuits. So, having lived the Alaskan Lifestyle 60 years means I have mostly found my groove in dealing with demands of Alaskan Life—I’ve done enough Alaskan stuff

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Talkeetna Reflections:

Is change always good? A U.S. Geological Survey party at work, near present-day Talkeetna.Stephen R. Capps Collection, UAF Rural Alaska in the 1950s–60s–70s was rugged, with community members pulling together to face good times and bad; any individual member or family could need help at any time, and all shared in opportunities. Quality of daily

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