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Parents Have Rights!

Choosing what Hill to Die On Former Anchorage Education Association (NEA) President, Andy Holleman walks through a group of protesters for a work session prior to the August 3 meeting at the Anchorage School District central office. Every Alaskan should know you don’t get between a mama bear and her cubs. The same is true for Alaskan …

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Visions of EaglExit:  What Kind of Local Government DO We Want?

  EaglExit Vice Chair, Sean Murray talks about pros and cons of detaching Assembly District 2 from the Municipality of Anchorage. His previous interview can be seen here: https://donnliston.co/2021/03/our-asd-public-education-challenge.html   As a student in Mr. Jean McLane’s class at East Anchorage High School I remember learning about how government operates under the founding documents in …

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When Legislators Cared about Alaskans

HUGH MALONE’S PERMANENT FUND LEGACY (2020©donnliston.com) Hugh Malone was Speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives when the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend was designed to protect Alaska resource wealth from being pissed away by politicians. The dividend gives all Alaskans a stake in the fund’s future by spending levels set  by averaging 5-year earnings.  Every …

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A Time for Truth

Gov. Dunleavy Dares Alaskans to Consider Possibilities (2020©donnliston.com) Alaska has a strong governor by design. Our constitution provides for the governor to be at least 30 years old and have lived in the state seven years, like most states, but two—California and Washington—allow the governor to be a minimum of 18 years old. I submit …

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#AncVotes by Mail

Muni Election Hopes and Fears (2020©donnliston.com) The Municipality of Anchorage is going to have another election on April 7, 2020 which will be determined by a mail-in ballot. This is depressing on many levels; 1) the low caliber of people currently holding a majority of Muni Assembly seats, 2) the need to again hold the …

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Willow Carnival success!

Willow Winter Carnival Emphasizes Community Two- and Three-dog sleds were raced by young people destined to be future Iditarod finishers. (2020©donnliston.com) Most small Alaskan communities must struggle to survive and each community heart beats to the rhythm of the school. The annual state Willow Winter Carnival demonstrates this vital link. Held during the last week …

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Recall for Dummies:

Alaska Recall Madness (2020©donnliston.com) Mike Dunleavy spoke to Alaskans in Eagle River during his campaign for governor. Children often must be taught the disgrace of a sore loser. I have done it on the playground, helping the crying child know that losing is part of the fun of playing competitive sports. In most games somebody …

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A Dream Come True

Alaskan Pilgrimage to the Grand Ole Opry (2020©donnliston.com) The Scooter Brown Band includes two military combat veterans who celebrated their love of our country during the last Grand Ole Opry show of 2019 at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN on December 28.  It was a great show. Dad wrote a letter to my maternal …

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