The Romblon Marble Festival!

Natural Resource Bounty in Philippines Romblon, Republic of Philippines January 13, 2023–In the heart of the Philippine Archipelago is an island group with pristine white sand beaches and a major deposit of marble, for which the people celebrate each year with a festival! I was privileged to participate in this Filipino celebration and interviewed one […]

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Alaska Joins Philippines-China Love/Hate Relationship

Alaska-Philippines Connection 11 While China has become the Neighborhood Bully in Asia, new economic challenges on many fronts will determine how far it can go with that behavior. USA is reducing trade with China. Will USA expect Alaska producers to reduce trade to our top export destination, too? China is now having economic problems… [1]Why

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Make it Monday for Shiloh Community Housing

Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Event By Jessica Schultz Pleasant The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce has announced its “Make it Monday” forum will focus on the subject of “Disrupting the Cycle of Homelessness/Homelessness Prevention.” The event will be hosted by Alaska 529. This event will be highlighting the rejuvenating energy the Shiloh Community Housing, Inc., (SCHI),

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Parents Have Rights!

Choosing what Hill to Die On Former Anchorage Education Association (NEA) President, Andy Holleman walks through a group of protesters for a work session prior to the August 3 meeting at the Anchorage School District central office. Every Alaskan should know you don’t get between a mama bear and her cubs. The same is true for Alaskan

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Visions of EaglExit  

What kind of Local Government DO We Want? Notice to International Readers: This site can be read in six languages. Just peck the popup at the bottom of the page to change from English. Ang site na ito ay mababasa sa anim na wika. I-peck lang ang popup sa ibaba ng page para magpalit mula

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