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There are hundreds of homes in the Anchorage bowl with a 2-wire, ungrounded electrical system. This is because homes built before 1962 were not required to have an inbuilt grounding path. The National Electrical Code still allows for those older homes to retain the 2-wire system because it is not inherently unsafe. What happened is …


Anatomy of a team

Over the last 10 years there has been a clear trend towards real estate ‘teams’ – i.e. 2 or more licensed real estate operators joining up to operate as one. The obvious question that arises is whether this is beneficial to you the consumer. Recognizing some personal bias (since I am not a team nor …

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Peckers Can’t Be Choosers

By golly, some of my clients are reporting woodpeckers knock-knock-knocking on their wood siding again. They beat up on your trim and may even, at times, create a hole for other birds to nest in. Don’t be too hard on this little guy. He is likely a ‘Northern Flicker’ looking for food. Are there ways …

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Deed of Trust or Mortgage?

Dear Dave: We have just moved to Anchorage after living in Hawaii for some 10 years. We are a bit confused because the paperwork for closing the mortgage loan is completely different from what we are used to. Can you explain why Alaska’s real estate practices are so weird? What is a Deed of Trust …

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