Discounts are given for patrons who carry at Ammo Can Coffee, LLC

Cool Conservative Place to Congregate: Ammo-Can Coffee Social Club in Soldotna!

Coffee from an Ammo-Can?! What began for Jason Floyd as a midlife professional crisis in 2015 has become a Kenai Peninsula institution for rational Alaskans who have had enough of “woke” political nonsense invading every aspect of our lives.[1] Along the way Floyd’s private enterprise endeavors have also clearly impacted Alaska military veterans of the …

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Can a Ready Veteran Workforce Assure Food Security?

To Dream the Impossible Dream… Let’s imagine our elected State of Alaska officials–who like to blow smoke about Alaska Food Security–suddenly made land available for Commercial Agriculture… IMAGINE 10,000-acre parcels dedicated to serious farming endeavors instead of current 460-acre parcels where farmers do each other’s laundry. Such fantasy SOA Ag offerings would require successful bidders …

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Garcia’s Restaurant

 Quirky and Comfortable with Great Food (2021© As owner of Garcia’s Cantina in Eagle River, Joel Rivas does it all. Some years back I remember standing in the parking lot of Garcia’s Restaurant and Cantina when a parade of antique automobiles pulled in, one of which included a teacher friend and her Anchorage Assembly member husband, Peggy …

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Alaskans Have Much to Lose

Fighting for Alaska Election Integrity   Spring Denali climbers are arriving in Talkeetna now, to be flown to the basecamp, where they will begin their torturous assent to the highest mountain in North America. Holly Sheldon-Lee is again busy managing a business that goes back to her father, pioneer Wager with the Wind pilot Don …

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Meeting Economic Challenges

Bridging Businesses and Customers  with New Payment Options (2021© At some point the Southcentral Alaska economy damaged by Covid-19 will recover for businesses impacted by Anchorage Emergency Orders. Loss of both business and customer confidence may require new options to allow commerce between customers who cannot obtain financing due to deflated credit scores and …

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Challenges from Anchorage

Matanuska Brewing Company Innovates  (2021© Dining in our own bubble; Waneta Borden, Bill Borden, Brenda Borden and this writer, recently had a wonderful meal at Matanuska Brewing Company in Eagle River. Matanuska Brewing Company owner Matt Tomter believes his business absorbed the pandemic shutdown better than some other area businesses because of innovation to safely …

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Alaska’s Pandemic Battle

Ship of Fools Fights Covid-19 at Anchorage (2021© This iconic Grateful Dead album cover portrays a heartless andsoulless frigate group entering a landmine field. We now know moreabout what happened. Some might think our recent Covid-19 Pandemic was mitigated by destroying the private sector economy of Anchorage. Looking over the events of the last year, and comparing …

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Alaska has Food Security Options

  Addressing Alaska’s Hierarchy of Needs (2021© Alaskans are generally stuck at the bottom of the 5-level pyramid of human needs defined in Abraham Maslow’s 1943 paper, A Theory of Human Motivation. His 1954 book “Motivation and Personality” expanded on this theory and remains a basic underpinning of modern sociology, psychology and management training. If humans …

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Alaska Chalet Bed & Breakfast: What Happened to Anchorage Hospitality?

  It has often been said that the best thing about being in Anchorage is that it isn’t too far from Alaska. Anchorage hasthe largest airport, the most used dock, the most medical providers, the tallest buildings, the most traffic, and unfortunately attracts more social problems than anyplace in the state. As Alaska’s transportation hub …

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