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Confessions Of An Alaska Boomer

You CAN Blame Us! https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Generation_timeline.svg&lang=simple My Baby Boomer generation grew up in the long shadow of the Greatest Generation–Americans who lived through the Great Depression and fought for the rights and freedoms guaranteed in our USA and Alaska Constitutions. My father was a member of the following Silent Generation by one year (Born in 1929)

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Alaska’s Covid Pandemic Battle

Ship of Fools Fights Covid-19 at Anchorage This story has been updated since its original posting February, 2021 but reflects this writer’s understanding of the situation at the time.. Some might think our recent Covid-19 Pandemic was mitigated by destroying the private sector economy of Anchorage. Looking over the events of the last year, and

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Stepping Up to the Challenge: The Vision Revealed

By Jessica Schultz Pleasant Solving community problems requires vision and follow-through. While many in Anchorage recognize the difficulty of addressing homelessness, real vision begins upstream from the obvious personal tragedy of so many—by assuring those on the cusp of homelessness do not fall into the abyss. That is the mission of Shiloh Community Housing, Inc.

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The Strengthening Heartbeat of Mt View–

Celebrates the FUTURE! 1st Annual Juneteenth Celebration and Capital Campaign Kick-Off Juneteenth; a celebration of freedom! and an opportunity for SCHI to showcase our efforts todisrupt the cycle of homelessness, and kick off our capital fundraising campaign. Capital is beingraised to remodel SCHI’s Community Resource Center. The event starts at 5:30p with a Telethon–7 phone

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