Life in Philippines

Courage AGAINST the Death Cult!

Human Life has Inherent Value In Philippines Manila, Republic of Philippines—When I first arrived here December 8, 2022 the most shocking thing was the traffic from the airport into the city. It was dark and seemed so random–a river of high-speed automobiles, Jeepney personnel carriers and busses moving like blocks of ice on the Yukon …

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Alaska (><) Philippines Connection 3

How USA Exploited Philippines’ Wish for Independence [1]A History of the Philippines. The first Republican Constitution in Asia–called the Malolos Constitution–was drafted and adopted by the first Philippine Republic and lasted from 1899 to 1901 under a revolutionary government. This constitution acknowledged that sovereiginity resided solely in the Filipino people. Other notable provisions included: A …

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Our Permanent Fund Inspiration for Others

Filipino Political Scam Proposed for Economically Developing Country (EDC) Wealth Fund Many Alaskans remember the idealism generated by Gov, Jay Hammond, and real legislative leaders like House Speaker, Hugh Malone, and Senate President John Rader, who passed legislation during the 10th Alaska Legislature to provide equitable payment for our oil in an agreement with companies …

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