Anatomy of a team

Over the last 10 years there has been a clear trend towards real estate ‘teams’ – i.e. 2 or more licensed real estate operators joining up to operate as one. The obvious question that arises is whether this is beneficial to you the consumer. Recognizing some personal bias (since I am not a team nor …

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EaglExit Parade

EaglExit Draft Proposal Review

What MORE do you need to know about this effort? The citizen’s group known as EaglExit declares in its current Draft Proposal for detachment (04/24/22) that residents of the Chugach-Eagle River Area are not well-served by the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) and they want the constitutionally established Alaska Local Boundary Commission (LBC) to allow detachment …

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David Windsor’s Secret of Success: Top Real Estate Producer Since 1992 Educates Alaska

The real estate business is complicated and requires knowledge for reputable practitioners who are regulated by the State of Alaska to provide Alaskans with honest and responsible property exchange options. I have known many real estate professionals and regret I have witnessed some who exploit those who trust them through cunning because of the client’s …

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The Hebrew word “Yom” is the word used in Genesis to describe the stages of God’s creation. Hebrew etymology shows that the “Day” referred to in the Hebrew language of the Old Testament is actually a “Period of Time” and not necessarily a 24 hour period. It could be one of our modern days or …

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Veteran-owned Business

 A Happy Place for Woodworkers (2021© Eagle River Sawmill and Kiln owner Ron Wehrli directs work in the yard of hisUS Service Veteran-owned business on Eagle River Loop Road My woodshop is my Happy Place. It is crowded and may look disorganized, but I try to do something to upgrade it after every major project I finish. …

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Alaska City on the Move: WASILLA!

(2019© The new Wasilla Sonic restaurant is located in the Sun Mountain development. It did $500,000 worth of business in its first three days. With 11 months before Mayor Bert Cottle is termed out of office, he is talking to groups throughout the Matanuska-Susitna area about what has been happening in Wasilla with emphasis on …

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The Historic Talkeetna Roadhouse

(2019© The romantic notion of owning an historic Alaska Roadhouse became a reality for young Trisha Costello in 1996 with the help of a personal loan from her dad. Over the decades since she has kept the Talkeetna Roadhouse open year-round, paid her father back, provided jobs for a community of some 800 people, and learned a …

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