Alaska Property Rights

Kenai Court Judges Jennifer K. Wells & William F. Morse: “Never Mind the Alaska Constitution…”

One legislator calls out Kenai Kabuki1 Court! Kenai Superior Court Judge, Jennifer K. Wells doesn’t believe the Alaska Constitution means what it says. Her boss, formerly of Kenai but now Presiding Judge of the Third Judicial District, William F. Morse, doesn’t either. Gov. Michael Dunleavy’s (Deputy) Attorney General John Skidmore has already made it very …

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Year-end review

Seeking Alaskan Truths in 2021 (2021©   Living the Alaskan Lifestyle is by definition active. Sitting at a computer screen or looking at a phone are not active pursuits. So, having lived the Alaskan Lifestyle 60 years means I have mostly found my groove in dealing with demands of Alaskan Life—I’ve done enough Alaskan stuff …

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What is the AK Roundtable?

Alaska’s Challenges Demand Answers (2021© Ric Davidge is co-founder and “referee” of the AK Roundtable. In educational terms, one generation transfers knowledge to the next by what has been called the Intergenerational Transfer of Cognitive Knowledge.[1] That is what our teachers and schools are supposed to be doing—imparting the common knowledge to young Alaskans necessary to promote …

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Arrogance of Entitlement

When the Flash Mob Wants your Land Local Landmine Blog buffoon, Jeff Landfield and an elected member of the Anchorage Assembly, are joined in this game camera shot by other trespassers, on the private property of Frank Pugh near Paradise Valley Subdivision above Potter Marsh. Pugh owns a home in a nearby subdivision. Imagine you …

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Alaska has Food Security Options

Addressing Alaska’s Hierarchy of Needs This is an update of a story that first appeared February 10, 2021. Alaskans are generally stuck at the bottom of the 5-level pyramid of human needs defined in Abraham Maslow’s 1943 paper, A Theory of Human Motivation. His 1954 book “Motivation and Personality” expanded on this theory and remains a …

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