The ALASKA GOVERNMENT is controlled by Unions and special interests in the Legislature, in the Executive and in the Courts. We are still a colony of the United States of America, controlled by the Seattle suburb of Juneau, where our capitol is maintained despite The People voting to move it in the 1970s. Many people come here for their Alaska Adventure and leave nothing of value.

When Will Justice Prevail?

Let’s Take Alaska Back Approximately 35 percent of American oil was from foreign sources in October of 1973 when the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries announced an oil embargo against the United States in retaliation for our country’s support of Israel during the Yom Kippur War. Price of gasoline shot up, shortages were common, …

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Alaskans Demand Payment!

 Juneau Permanent Fund Dividend/Food Security Machinations The Alaska Legislature marvels at our Goose Egg Nugget from catastrophic energy policies of Joe Biden in his first year as President of the United States of America.[1] A wonderful collateral benefit of the annual Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend is if somebody owes you some money, with a court judgment against them you can garnish their annual …

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Anchorage Elections are a Dog’s Breakfast: Throw the Bums Out!

  Our local government has become repulsive; all the more reason why we must vote!  In about one month the good people of Anchorage will be again asked to support local government by voting for candidates professing to represent us. Our leaders say this is a cornerstone of “Democracy.” They don’t want you to know …

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How will this PFD Nightmare End?

Expectations of We The People  Our Alaska Constitution states clearly in Article I Section 2. Source of Government: all political power is inherent in the people. All government originates with the people, is founded upon their will only, and is instituted solely for the good of the people as a whole.  Elected officials represent WeThe …

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Year-end review

Seeking Alaskan Truths in 2021 (2021©   Living the Alaskan Lifestyle is by definition active. Sitting at a computer screen or looking at a phone are not active pursuits. So, having lived the Alaskan Lifestyle 60 years means I have mostly found my groove in dealing with demands of Alaskan Life—I’ve done enough Alaskan stuff …

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We have Options

Election Reform Bait-And-Switch (2021© Many Alaskans appear to be in denial that our modern elections could be circumvented by forces of evil. They seem to think the Alaska Ranked Choice Voting proposition that barely passed in 2020 is about taking power away from the established Democrat and Republican parties.[1] Other concerned Alaskans continue to comb …

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