ALASKA! ELECTIONS were once steller exercises in honor and integrity. The Alaska Division of Elections used paper ballots. Citizens (including myself) took their roles as poll volunteers very seriously. The People had faith in the outcomes. That has changed with some 114,000 Alaskans receiving notice in the last statewide election that our digital information had been stolen. At this rate we will soon be a very rich state–with a small population–competing to be a third-world neighbor between Canada and Russia. Alaskans know neither neighbor is our friend but we play an important role in national security of our master, USA.

Alaska’s Capital Move Efforts: O Ye, of Little Faith

Captives in Lala Land…   January 26, 2019 – Previous version published in ECHO Magazine. Once upon a time, the people of Alaska voted to move the state capital out of the backwater Southeast community of Juneau.  By a vote of 46,659 to 35,683 a 1974 voter initiative “Relocating and Constructing a New Capital” called for …

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