The ALASKA GOVERNMENT is controlled by Unions and special interests in the Legislature, in the Executive and in the Courts. We are still a colony of the United States of America, controlled by the Seattle suburb of Juneau, where our capitol is maintained despite The People voting to move it in the 1970s. Many people come here for their Alaska Adventure and leave nothing of value.

Courage AGAINST the Death Cult!

Human Life has Inherent Value In Philippines Manila, Republic of Philippines—When I first arrived here December 8, 2022 the most shocking thing was the traffic from the airport into the city. It was dark and seemed so random–a river of high-speed automobiles, Jeepney personnel carriers and busses moving like blocks of ice on the Yukon …

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GED for ALL!

…it’s not just for “Drop-outs.” Update of story first published March 14, 2016 As Alaska Legislators debate how much Protection Money they will again award the Union Cartel that throttles our failing government education factories, perhaps Alaskans should accept what many intelligent parents have learned: The GED is set at 12th grade and students …

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Juneau’s Influence on Alaska Lawmakers

Approved by Legislative Affairs Agency Updated reflection previously published May 1, 2018, ECHO Magazinealso, Senior Voice:  Easter was on April Fool’s Day this year and Good Friday was chosen as a great time to feature the Annual Legislative Skits. They began decades ago as a fundraiser for the Democratic Party. The show, which features staff …

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Shame of Alaska:

Jungle Primary>Ranked Choice Voting Alaska wannabes in the political minority have been the tail that wags the dog since before 1959 statehood. 1947 territory Alaskans voted to hold Blanket Primary Elections–where all candidates of all parties were listed in each race on the primary ballot Iike beauty contestants. Alaskans voted for personalities over philosophy or …

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