ALASKA FOOD SECURITY is a crisis compounded since 200 farming families from the midwestern US were brought to the fertile Matanuska Valley to try and eek out a living during the Great Depression. Later, during WWII between 5,000-6,000 head of cattle provided sustenance for our troops on Kodiak Island. Today we don’t have enough cattle statewide to feed Alaskans for more than a month or two. Commercial ag land is limited to 450-acre plots and mostly hobby farms supply produce for Farmer’s Markets.

Alaska has Food Security Options

Addressing Alaska’s Hierarchy of Needs This is an update of a story that first appeared February 10, 2021. Alaskans are generally stuck at the bottom of the 5-level pyramid of human needs defined in Abraham Maslow’s 1943 paper, A Theory of Human Motivation. His 1954 book “Motivation and Personality” expanded on this theory and remains a …

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Food for Thought for Alaskans

Alaska’s Food Security Options  (2020©   Alaskans have come to take a lot of things for granted because of innovation and initiative for food security in this state. We may live in the Arctic Climate Zone but our ability to create local food sources and access food from other places has evolved. By understanding the …

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Who is Making a Difference?

 Realities of Alaska Food Security (2020©   Familywith food on the table have many problems. Familywith no food on the table have one problem.                                                                                                                         …

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Who Dares to Farm in Alaska?

  The Future of Alaska Food Security Rayna Reynolds, 9, is a farm girl in the Matanuska Valley. (2020© When 200 farm families were selected from three mid-western states to be moved to Alaska’s Matanuska Valley for a farming experiment in 1935, nobody was certain what would happen. During the early 1930s Alaska agriculture was in …

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