ALASKA PUBLIC EDUCATION was once among the top academically in the nation. Today ALASKA! is at the bottom for academic outcomes. For what The People were paying teachers since the 1980s, we should have been able to hire the best in the world! Today, having a teacher workforce of some 8,500, Alaskans see a turnover of 2,000-4,000 teachers flushing through every year.

With more than 50 school districts–each with at least 10 students and a superintendent—the goal of Alaska public education is wealth distribution. As a product of Alaska education through a Master’s Degree and teaching certificate, DONN LISTON has a unique insight into how we are failing our students: DONN LISTON worked nine years in Juneau for the largest teacher union, NEA-Alaska!

The Big Picture of EaglExit

 Looking Back, And A Vision for the Future (2021© Anyone who has lived here any length of time knows the region of the state that includes Eagle River/Chugiak/Peters Creek is a unique part of Alaska. Dan Kendall once represented this area on the Anchorage Municipal Assembly and has experienced the effort to preserve the qualities […]

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Alaska’s Government School Failure: What will it take to fix them?

First Published January, 2016;  A story from Gov. Dunleavy’s former Mat-Su Senate District. A new student in my Wasilla, Alaska, Adult Basic Education (ABE) class recently expressed wonder in how much he had progressed in just a few days of math study here, and, further expressing himself told of the public high school he had

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