ALASKA PUBLIC EDUCATION was once among the top academically in the nation. Today ALASKA! is at the bottom for academic outcomes. For what The People were paying teachers since the 1980s, we should have been able to hire the best in the world! Today, having a teacher workforce of some 8,500, Alaskans see a turnover of 2,000-4,000 teachers flushing through every year.

What Parents Can Do

The Conspiracy against $Alaska Public Education$ (2021© As residents of Anchorage revel in the coming of summer–and everybody is living the dream after a long winter–negotiating teams for the Anchorage Education Association-NEA (AEA) and the Anchorage School District (ASD) are expected to soon present a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for a vote by union members.  The …

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Our ASD Public Education Challenge

Parents in Eagle River/Chugiak Deserve Local Control (2021© This is the dimension of the Anchorage School District: 46,115 students, of which more than 14,000 are identified as having special needs, 2,680.76 teachers and 2,930.40 other staff. The Anchorage School District is too big, with a top-down Command-and-Control system accountable to a school board governed by …

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The Big Picture of EaglExit

 Looking Back, And A Vision for the Future (2021© Anyone who has lived here any length of time knows the region of the state that includes Eagle River/Chugiak/Peters Creek is a unique part of Alaska. Dan Kendall once represented this area on the Anchorage Municipal Assembly and has experienced the effort to preserve the qualities …

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Destiny Happens

  The Cozy Side of Eagle River (2021©   Everybody has a habitat–that place where you spend most of your personal time being a person. As an Alaskan I have loved every habitat I have known since I left the family home in midtown Anchorage as a teen, because like everybody I mostly make my …

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Flight-seeing adventure hosting by True Alaskans!

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Swim little fish!

 Where Is Public Education Going Now? (2020©   As a graduate of East Anchorage High School in 1969, I felt like one of the tiny fish raised in Alaska hatcheries and pumped through a four-inch hose into any of a number of Alaska lakes, to grow large enough to become opportunities for anglers to catch …

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