ALASKA PUBLIC EDUCATION was once among the top academically in the nation. Today ALASKA! is at the bottom for academic outcomes. For what The People were paying teachers since the 1980s, we should have been able to hire the best in the world! Today, having a teacher workforce of some 8,500, Alaskans see a turnover of 2,000-4,000 teachers flushing through every year.

With more than 50 school districts–each with at least 10 students and a superintendent—the goal of Alaska public education is wealth distribution. As a product of Alaska education through a Master’s Degree and teaching certificate, DONN LISTON has a unique insight into how we are failing our students: DONN LISTON worked nine years in Juneau for the largest teacher union, NEA-Alaska!

Confessions Of An Alaska Boomer

You CAN Blame Us! My Baby Boomer generation grew up in the long shadow of the Greatest Generation–Americans who lived through the Great Depression and fought for the rights and freedoms guaranteed in our USA and Alaska Constitutions. My father was a member of the following Silent Generation by one year (Born in 1929) […]

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Demise of the FOURTH ESTATE

What is Entertainment-NEWS Good For? JUDGE MURPHY TRIAL FOR PERJURY LIVESTREAM LINK:,2023%20%40%2010%3A00am For boomers like this writer, NEWS was something boring that our parents watched after dinner before entertainment programs on black & white televisions. Today the legacy NEWS is entertainment and little more. [1]Confessions of a Boomer Later, as a cub reporter at

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GED for ALL!

…it’s not just for “Drop-outs.” Update of story first published March 14, 2016 As Alaska Legislators debate how much Protection Money they will again award the Union Cartel that throttles our failing government education factories, perhaps Alaskans should accept what many intelligent parents have learned: The GED is set at 12th grade and students

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Shame of Alaska:

Jungle Primary>Ranked Choice Voting Alaska wannabes in the political minority have been the tail that wags the dog since before 1959 statehood. 1947 territory Alaskans voted to hold Blanket Primary Elections–where all candidates of all parties were listed in each race on the primary ballot Iike beauty contestants. Alaskans voted for personalities over philosophy or

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