I am an Independent Journalist and retired teacher. I have resided over 60 consecutive winters socially, academically and politically as an active Alaska participant. I write on the wondrous people, scoundrals and events I have witnessed since statehood in 1959. The theme is: How did we get here and where we are going as a state? I invite your respectful participation in the discussion.

Confessions Of An Alaska Boomer

You CAN Blame Us! My Baby Boomer generation grew up in the long shadow of the Greatest Generation–Americans who lived through the Great Depression and fought for the rights and freedoms guaranteed in our USA and Alaska Constitutions. My father was a member of the following Silent Generation by one year (Born in 1929)

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Today is NOT Tomorrow

So a little Real Estate and Philosophy – because your concerns about the future may be stopping you making a decision today. Will prices go higher? Will interest rates to down? Will you still have your job? There are so many unknowns that we speculate about that impact our hesitancy to make a decision today. It is

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USA in Philippines

Buildup of our Asian Frontline Notice to International Readers: This site can be read in six languages. Just peck the popup at the bottom of the page to change from English. Ang site na ito ay mababasa sa anim na wika. I-peck lang ang popup sa ibaba ng page para magpalit mula sa Marcos Election

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