I am an Independent Journalist and retired teacher. I have resided over 60 consecutive winters socially, academically and politically as an active Alaska participant. I write on the wondrous people, scoundrals and events I have witnessed since statehood in 1959. The theme is: How did we get here and where we are going as a state? I invite your respectful participation in the discussion.

Is China Bluffing?

USA/Asian Conference May Offer Opportunity for Détent Notice to International Readers: This site can be read in six languages. Just peck the popup at the bottom of the page to change from English. Ang site na ito ay mababasa sa anim na wika. I-peck lang ang popup sa ibaba ng page para magpalit mula sa English.e. America …

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The Romblon Marble Festival!

Natural Resource Bounty in Philippines Romblon, Republic of Philippines January 13, 2023–In the heart of the Philippine Archipelago is an island group with pristine white sand beaches and a major deposit of marble, for which the people celebrate each year with a festival! I was privileged to participate in this Filipino celebration and interviewed one …

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Demise of the FOURTH ESTATE

What is Entertainment-NEWS Good For? JUDGE MURPHY TRIAL FOR PERJURY LIVESTREAM LINK:,2023%20%40%2010%3A00am For boomers like this writer, NEWS was something boring that our parents watched after dinner before entertainment programs on black & white televisions. Today the legacy NEWS is entertainment and little more. [1]Confessions of a Boomer Later, as a cub reporter at …

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Alaska’s 3rd World Child Protection System Destroys Families

My immediate reaction (to removal of her four children) was shock, said Hoover. I’m a busy mom and my kids were in jujitsu classes for two weeks, I have just started picking up my job at work and getting schedules going and getting them ready for school. So I wasn’t paying attention to the signs of grooming (by the neighbor). What parent thinks about that stuff when someone offers incidental help to a single parent managing multiple kids? I’m in a public place when I found out about this. So I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t think straight; it was like all my kids had just died. I was with my sister, her fiancé and my fiancé–they saw the damage it did that day.

Make it Monday for Shiloh Community Housing

Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Event By Jessica Schultz Pleasant The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce has announced its “Make it Monday” forum will focus on the subject of “Disrupting the Cycle of Homelessness/Homelessness Prevention.” The event will be hosted by Alaska 529. This event will be highlighting the rejuvenating energy the Shiloh Community Housing, Inc., (SCHI), …

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