David Windsor

I have a professional business background including international startups for US corporations & senior management positions. My personal interests are in philosophy and international affairs. It is my sincere belief that each of us create our own reality and all outcomes are therefore possible. I specialize in making things happen for people, thinking outside the bun, and being an effective partner in your real estate dreams. I have also been a columnist for our local Anchorage Daily News for 30 years.

Peckers Can’t Be Choosers

By golly, some of my clients are reporting woodpeckers knock-knock-knocking on their wood siding again. They beat up on your trim and may even, at times, create a hole for other birds to nest in. Don’t be too hard on this little guy. He is likely a ‘Northern Flicker’ looking for food. Are there ways …

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Deed of Trust or Mortgage?

Dear Dave: We have just moved to Anchorage after living in Hawaii for some 10 years. We are a bit confused because the paperwork for closing the mortgage loan is completely different from what we are used to. Can you explain why Alaska’s real estate practices are so weird? What is a Deed of Trust …

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The Hebrew word “Yom” is the word used in Genesis to describe the stages of God’s creation. Hebrew etymology shows that the “Day” referred to in the Hebrew language of the Old Testament is actually a “Period of Time” and not necessarily a 24 hour period. It could be one of our modern days or …

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Question: Is a tree real estate? Answer: Yes, anything permanently fixed to the land which you own is real estate. When you sell your property, the trees go with the real estate. You cannot remove trees, or growing plants, from a pending sale without the buyer’s consent. An uprooted, fallen tree is no longer real …


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