DONN LISTON is Alaska’s Advocate Writer!

DONN LISTON is an independent journalist who has lived in Alaska since 1962; Eagle River since 2010. He was a reporter for the Anchorage Daily News during pipeline construction and is a retired teacher after becoming certified in Juneau after living there 20 years. DONN taught Adult Basic Education in the Anchorage community of Mt. View and the Mat-Su Job Center, 2007-2017.

There was a time when Anchorage was a two-newspaper town; we had three television stations delivering supplemental news in black and white, with color highlights. As a kid carrying the lightweight Anchorage Daily News along the length of 5th Avenue from Alaska Sales & Service to Airport Heights Road, I had it easier than the Anchorage Times carriers with all that paper’s advertising bulk.”

DONN LISTON remembers the ADN from the 1970s…

DONN was a member of three State Education Commissions, a high school completion teacher and GED instructor. He was selected as a 2013 BP Teacher of Excellence for his work with Nine Star teaching adult basic education classes in a basement classroom at the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club.

“A lot of those students couldn’t write anything when they met me,”

Liston said of the former students who nominated him.
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