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This morning, as every morning since I arrived in Philippines, I feel blessed that violation by such evil people in Alaska now assures God shows me such happiness now.

It’s Saturday morning in Antipolo, PH and the motorcycles are starting to wake up with a roar, blasting up the wide two-lane thoroughfare leading from the entrance of this gated community where I have lived since leaving Alaska for fear of my life, December 6, 2022. I was a single senior Alaskan, whose rural Eagle River home was burglarized by known thieves–who stole my RING Security System to make sure I knew I was not safe there in my own home anymore. Now, in PH I spend most of my time at either of two locations about one mile apart from each other. My primary residence has an office and cable internet (Red Gates), and the second is a house about 80 percent completed—with on-site general merchandise store and dish tv (Green Gates).

This slide from a PowerPoint presentation I helped create shows the gate all visitors must pass to enter this secure community,

The top floor of the new home will be my library–coming soon from Alaska–conference area and writing studio. We can see Antipolo City in the distance. This Is the simple life I have long craved.

One Year in Philippines

[1] One Year in Philippines

As I write this in mid-May It’s already F81 degrees in this Tropical Climate Zone. Dogs are barking for no apparent reason, and roosters crowing as early light foretells another busy day. This is an appropriate time for reflection on why I am here and how thankful I am to God for those people and institutions who actively attempted to harm me back in Alaska.

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Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991

As a senior Alaskan I was targeted by Atlanta Georgia criminals who set me up at the darkest time of my life, conspired to violate me numerous ways, and tried to smear my name using AK public safety institutions. They think they have stolen something of value (awarded to them by AK courts), but they have failed. I will be telling the complicated story of entrapment and exploitation by these Georgia scammers until I die.

[3] Award of Judge Josie Garton.

Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991

I’m not the only one lately scammed by Georgia misfits. In a just society there would be a reckoning.

[4] The Georgia Grand Jury Trump Witch Hunt Project, Richard McDonough, American Thinker, February 27, 2023.

My life Now is Better than I Could have Imagined

Every Day is Glorious

Lina rode tricycle to Antipolo Public Market this morning to buy stocks for our store. She has been a successful Filipina businesswoman more than 25 years in Marikina, which is 12-miles away down by the river. Antipolo Hills are above Marikina in Metro Manila, PH in much the same way Eagle River, AK is geographically above Anchorage.

I sometimes go with Lina to buy stocks, but she prefers to go alone most days because I slow her down. I have to smell the flowers, take pictures, and talk to people. She knows exactly what she needs to buy and where among the stalls of the marketplace she will get the deals she needs to make a profit.

Lina designed and built this store and it is very popular now.

Lina began building this second house on property she owns about a year before I arrived for our future together. She closed down her Marikina store and leased it to someone else in the commercial building she designed, built and owns there. Lina is likewise building this new house out of pocket and we have worked together to relocate entirely to Antipolo. Since I arrived we have continued improving the future home while doing daily business.

Antipolo Wet Market.

The Idea we once had of doing a grand tour of Alaska is now out of the question. Bordens turned a separation between two seniors on fixed incomes into AK court-sanctioned Grand Theft.

I was vulnerable and I was scammed. But from here it’s like Lina and I have been together for decades. I lost Cathy in February 2019 and Lina lost her partner in February 2020. We have connected and bonded deeply. Neither of us has kids. She calls me her lucky charm because everybody likes me.

Each day Lina opens the store as soon as she can because people will already be waiting for her when she arrives from market. Most customers work on the many homes being built here. This is a destination for foreigners from all over the world.

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Alaska in the Rear-View Mirror

I carry no grudges. In fact, I believe everything that has happened to me since birth in Albuquerque, NM in 1951 has been God’s plan. Coming to Alaska was a miracle. God directed my life when my mother decided to place me in a private Lutheran school for grades 1-3. I don’t know why she chose to work an office job to do that. Mother was a very confused person who later abandoned her broken family—which was a source of great pain for me as a boy. But I was oriented to Christianity early and believe the promise of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior to carry me through every life challenge, crisis or betrayal. After 30 years of no contact I tracked down my mother living in California and she came to Juneau for a 40th birthday reconciliation. Cathy encouraged this event to fill the hole she knew existed in my heart.

[6] A Refuge from Calamity: What Brought Me to Alaska DONN LISTON 06/01/2022

Later I became certified as an AK Type A Teacher in 2003, and we moved to Anchorage.

Upon retirement as a teacher in 2017, and as Cathy’s caregiver since her major heart attack in 2003, I was not prepared for an active attempt by Bill, Brenda and Waneta Borden to harm me through an extensive confidence scheme. My Alaskan life experience over 60 winters of serving others had not prepared me as a senior for such deceit and application of lawfare in our AK Court system. I couldn’t believe the government which is supposed to protect Alaskans would ultimately reward perpetuators of such an obvious scam.

I now have written many pleadings to the courts detailing the criminal acts against me by these outside scammers. Standing my ground against a sham marriage and elder abuse infuriated Judge Josie Garton and I look forward for years to come to show her bias through court statements, written statements and orders. America’s broken court system has become a topic of international interest.

Would an Elected AK Attorney General have cared about this Inter-State Scam?

Goal of Bordens, dba High Caliber Realty, Inc. (sic) was to steal the Eagle River home Liston’s owned since 2010. This photo was False and Misleading Evidence distributed by Bordens to multiple parties to defame LISTON for Domestic Violence he would NEVER commit. The court of Judge Josie Garton awarded Bordens’ duplicity $66,000 from sale of Liston’s Eagle River home, despite a trail of documented lies, and criminal acts before the court in this confidence scheme. This is what EVIL looks like.
Liston was charged, arrested, and jailed March 9, 2022, by Anchorage Police for an event alleged to have happened January 11, 2022. This bogus charge had already been litigated and dismissed in two previous cases (3AN-22-00263CV, 3AN-22-00586 CV). By having Liston arrested on these false charges, Bordens were able on March 9-10 to burglarize his solely owned home and steal items which had belonged to Listons prior to contact with the scam team. All criminal charges were dropped after 7 months upon review by the Anchorage District Attorney.

[7] How Alaskans are Rolled by the Alaska Court System, DONN LISTON, 01/29/2024

I have received great comfort from the Book of Job.

There hasn’t been a day since I arrived here when I wished I was back in Alaska. In fact, from 3,300 miles away Alaska since retirement in 2017 is a bad dream.

I am eating better and more healthy foods than ever in my life.

Life in Exile

Poverty instills simplicity and Philippines is a country with a very rich culture and some very poor people. American dollars go a long way for someone like me, used to Alaska prices. The time difference is profound;16-17 hours ahead of AKDT, depending on whether the delusion of Daylight Savings Time is in practice. Such a silly practice of changing the clock twice a year because the government has declared the time be changed would never work in Philippines. While both Philippines and Alaska were purchased from other conquering nations, Philippines today is an Independent Nation in alliance with other Southeast Asian countries, while Alaska is steeped in government dependency at the economic and food security mercy of Seattle.

A tricycle driver stops in the middle of the street to re-secure a load before heading out to the main highway.

I haven’t driven an automobile since coming here, nor eaten a microwave entre, and my doctor says my health has improved with loss of more than 20 lbs since August.

Lina will return this morning on a tricycle loaded with items for sale in our store–rice and noodles, fish, pork, chicken, snack items, OTC medicines and laundry soap. I will help transfer these items to her Isuzu SUV so we can share breakfast before she drives to the business.

I will stay here at the original store at Red Gates, mostly reading and writing, attending a few customers, until afternoon. After lunch and nap I will walk to Green Gates–greeting many friends and acquaintances along the way there in a place with low crime and primarily God-fearing people of goodwill.

[8] Donny’s Store #1 video promo

What the Future May Bring

Plans for Green Gates include a swimming pool and two or more modest BB apartments. I have been talking extensively with long-time locals familiar with historic events and places to visit associated with America’s presence here during WWII and the Vietnam Conflict. We hope to be able to provide tour packages here, and at Lina’s other properties at Romblon, for anyone interested in visiting a place more Alaskans should know about because we have so much in common.

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Visitors can bring Alaska Stories to share!

For the record:

Under the AK Constitution I should be able to have an Independent Grand Jury investigate this travesty of justice by a corrupt court system, but this is not the civilized Alaska my father brought his young family to in 1962.


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