Why AK Prosecutors are Afraid of Grand Juries

It’s About Imperial Control, Baby…

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David Haeg presents demand to the Kenai Court for Investigation into Marla Greenstein, administrator of the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct protecting corrupt judges since when the EXXON Valdez tanker caused the Prince William Sound oil spill (1989). Witnesses were Don Fritz, Holly Sheldon Lee, Ed Martin and Garrett Ennis.

Maybe what we need is a grand jury investigation into judge investigator Marla Greenstein, said Haeg as he was sitting in the court building waiting for the opportunity to present evidence to the Grand Jury. You know she would never be convicted because 100 judges would be willing to say it’s a mistake to even suggest something has ever been amiss in all those years. But as soon as that indictment came out, people would say: “you know, maybe she shouldn’t be our only judge investigating judges; maybe we could scrape the bottom of the barrel and get somebody a little better—perhaps even have more than just one.”

[1] Kenai Court Judges: “Never Mind the Alaska Constitution…” DONN LISTON 07/02/2022

Criminal indictment against Retired Judge Margaret Murphy has been dropped on technicalities that deny her prima facia criminal act of perjury found by a Grand Jury. Nobody should be surprised that these lawyers in black robes take care of each other regardless of the law while normalizing Alaska’s top of the nation record crime rate.

When the people who are supposed to enforce Alaskan Laws break those laws with impunity, we can expect more lawlessness. Smart people do not consider moving to Alaska and smart people who live there are leaving.

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[2]ALASKA: Crime Capital of USA, DONN LISTON 11/24/2023

These are the stated reasons justice was not served for Alaskans who expect criminal behavior to be prosecuted:

Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991
  • A juror who went missing reduced the number of Grand Jury members below the required 12.
  • The indictment was not specific enough.
  • The Grand Jury was not given proper instructions.
  • The Grand Jury was given inadmissible evidence.

All of these are contrived reasons easily under the control of the court system. They could have empaneled more than 12 grand jurors, the jurors themselves could have asked for more specific information if they felt it was lacking, but they were instructed on their duties by persons obviously incompetent or biased, and those same people allowed inadmissible evidence. Apparently, AK Courts can’t hire people capable enough to assure the basic rules of civil procedure are followed, OR they consciously and maliciously jury-rigged the process to allow criminal behavior of a court official before the bar and bench.

This is Third-World Nation stuff.

In an open letter to Prosecutor Clinton Campion, Haeg asked that Judge Murphy be re-charged. Alaskans who care about justice under the law are urged to join the chorus of concerned citizens asking Independent Prosecutor Campion to do the right thing.

EMAIL: campion@alaskalaw.pro

[3] Letter to Clinton Campion from David Haeg, March 2, 2024

Circumstances of Lawlessness in Alaska

The many Alaska court officials on their Alaska Adventures, knowing the caliber of Alaska schools, can be assured a majority of Alaskans are ignorant of the letter of law constitutional mandate for Independent Grand Juries. This writer was driven out of Alaska for fear for his life by professional scammers. From exile I aspire to inform readers of their rights and obligations to hold public officials accountable even as most are sequestered in Juneau for session to serve special interests over the will of the district majorities who elected them.

[4]The Alaska Government School Hustle DONN LISTON 05/23/2023

Eagle River/Chugiak Sen. Kelly Merrick is only one example of the caliber of many AK Elected officials.

[5] Who Owns Kelly Merick?

Over 60 winters this writer has witnessed how Alaska has declined with oil development paying up to 80 percent for state government and assuring the devolved current state of lawlessness and corruption. 20 of those years I lived in Juneau.

This is the Anchorage DONN LISTON knew as a child.

If you Accept it Expect More of the Same

What has happened to LISTON at the hands of Outside Scammers could happen to any Alaskan in a system where a judge indicted by a Grand Jury for perjury causes the system to close ranks to protect its own. Most of these attorneys in black robes—like many teachers in our bottom-of-the-nation public education system–came from Outside and will return where they came from after their Alaska Adventures, LEAVING LITTLE OR NOTHING OF VALUE.

[6] How Alaskans are Rolled by the Alaska Court System DONN LISTON 01/29/2024

Usually all those judges gotta do is make it to retirement. Judge Murphy is one of the few who stayed in Alaska after retirement and got caught in her own duplicity.

[7] Retired Homer judge charged with perjury, KDLL, Riley Board 05/03/2023

[8] Former judge arraigned on perjury charges, KDLL, Riley Board 06/24/2023

Haeg met with Campion and in his follow-up letter asks for reconsideration: We humbly ask that you seek a new indictment of Judge Murphy. In addition, we humbly ask that before his March 8, 2024 deadline to do so, you inform Judge Matthews that you will seek a new indictment.

Judge Matthews’ Political Play

In December 2022, Superior Court Judge Thomas Matthews unexpectedly ruled that Reinbold was a state actor, who was acting under color of law while managing her legislative Facebook page. He also determined that the Facebook page was a government limited public forum. Matthews controversial rulings gave McDow standing in the case, and he scheduled it for trial.

In late December 2023, the AK Supreme Court remanded the McDow v. Reinbold case back to the Superior Court, for further proceedings on Reinbold’s (Second) Motion to Dismiss.

[9]AK Supreme Court Rules Against Internet TROLLS! DONN LISTON           02/02/2024

Haeg reminded Campion: You agreed all these problems could be solved by simply giving only admissible evidence to a separate Grand Jury; one with more than 11 members, given proper instructions, and given a specific indictment to vote upon. (Such Grand Juries are empaneled and being currently used to indict in Anchorage, Kenai, and elsewhere.) Court documents indicate the evidence of perjury is simply Judge Murphy’s already-recorded testimony and a conflicting, already-obtained Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct report. You stated you would only need one witness “to provide the setting” and agreed you could likely obtain a new indictment in a single day.

Grand Juries require Judges to be accountable under the constitution and rule of law for those Alaskans not necessarily on their temporary Alaska Adventures.

On March 15th 2023, Alaskans protested outside courthouses across Alaska. They demanded the Alaska Supreme Court overrule its Order 1993 (SCO 1993). With essentially no input by members of The Alaska’s Legislature’s Rules Committee, the highest court had created rule 6.1 of whole cloth.

Legislature’s Rules Committee reviews language with recommendations from Legislative Legal for constitutionality. This was a reactionary act by the AK Supreme Court responding to demands from Alaskans in Kenai for accountability.

[10] Public Officials vs. The People: Alaska’s Due Process Jessica Pleasant & DONN LISTON, 01/13/2024

Time to Get on the Stick

Haeg also states: In the last paragraph of the dismissal, Judge Thomas Matthews states: “The Independent Prosecutor shall have ten (10) days to advise the Court whether he will seek a new indictment of Judge Murphy. If the State does not seek a new indictment, then the case will be dismissed.” (Page 32)

Many attentive readers will already know what happened at the hands of Prosecutor Campion by the time they read this story, but there is more to come if the Alaska Legislature takes its own responsibility seriously to stem the court’s overreach. Wasilla Rep. David Eastman has offered HB 384 “An Act relating to grand juries; amending Rules 6(e), and (i), (n), (p), (s), and (u), Alaska Rules of Criminal Procedure; and repealing Rules 6(j) and 6.1, Alaska Rules of Criminal Procedure. On February 20 this bill was referred to the Judiciary committee.

House Judiciary Committee members include Sarah Vance, Chair; Jamie Allard, V-Chair; Ben Carpenter, Craig Johnson, Jesse Sumner, Andrew Gray and Cliff Groh.

[*] HB384, Rep Eastman

Rep. Eastman’s bill recognizes the Alaska Grand Jury Handbook distributed by the Supreme Court of Alaska as acquired by the National Justice Reference Center October 25, 1982 as authority. The court system has updated this foundational document to serve the interests of bureaucrats and those who do not believe in citizen’s going directly to the Grand Jury to charge corrupt public officials.

[12] Official Alaska Grand Jury Handbook, 1982

HB 384: “A grand jury without outside input, decides what concerns the public safety or welfare, what to investigate, and how to conduct an investigation.”

Imagine trusting We The People to charge wrongdoers without permission from the governor’s Attorney General or judges expected to prosecute criminal behavior identified through Grand Jury investigations.

Under Eastman’s bill a grand jury report or recommendation after an investigation shall be immediately made public…without rewrite, censorship, or redaction.”

An individual or group of individuals has an unqualified right to appeal directly to a grand jury for an investigation. This right includes the right to appeal to a grand jury for an investigation related to an individual court case.

These are the changes of a public official who believes he works for the people who elected him to office. As changed by AK Supreme Ct Legislating from the bench in SCO 1993 (underlined section removed):

Lords of the court and the Governor’s attorney general–in order to control the process–spoon-feed citizen grand jurors to protect their corrupt fixed game. Alaska has an Imperial System

Apparent goal of the Alaska Court System is to Lord over poorly educated fools without meaningful recourse for bad judicial decisions.

Rep. Eastman’s bill reverts the new Alaska Rules of Criminal Procedure back to those initially established under the constitution and documented in the 1982 Grand Jury Handbook. The grand jury is recognized as an entity “it’s” instead of divide-and-conquer “their.” This recognizes Alaskan individuals make up each grand jury and arrive at a decision as one:

Rep. Eastman: When Alaska was admitted to the union it became the only state without a single elected member of law enforcement. It was a novel experiment to be sure. Now, sixty-six years on, it has become clear just what an unmitigated disaster that experiment has been. Unlike forty-nine other states, instead of being elected and representing the public, our state attorney general and district attorneys are beholden, to one degree or another, to the person who appoints them. Under the Alaska Constitution, the grand jury serves a unique and crucial role in being able to investigate and expose public corruption. Recent efforts to prevent the grand jury from being able to fulfill all of its constitutional duties have made legislation like HB384 necessary.

Removal of section 6.1 as legislated by the AK Supreme Court is therefore appropriate and necessary. State of Alaska has become an institution our idealistic founders would not recognize.



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