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So a little Real Estate and Philosophy – because your concerns about the future may be stopping you making a decision today.

Will prices go higher? Will interest rates to down? Will you still have your job? There are so many unknowns that we speculate about that impact our hesitancy to make a decision today.

It is the purpose of this article to encourage you to abandon fears about tomorrow and just get on with it. You want a new home, so go and acquire it. Once you make that decision I can most certainly make it happen.

When thinking about Real Estate and Philosophy I can’t help thinking about one of my favorite books by the brilliant father of Quantum Mechanics – Werner Heisenberg. The book is called Physics and Philosophy.

Written in 1927, Heisenberg, like many other physicists, found themselves at the annihilating edge of centuries of thought about reality, expressed by Isaac Newton, that stuff was made of atoms and we could all feel comfortable because we could measure that stuff’ including its mass, position and velocity.

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The whole way that scientists viewed reality unraveled when physicists started looking at the particles of the atom including the nucleus, neutrons and electrons.

Heisenberg showed how particles were subject to the tools we created in order to look at them – that is, we looked at them in a way we felt we could properly think about them. So, in the drama of such experiments, the particles observed were subject to our observation method. In describing atomic events you cannot make an accurate statement about them, particularly their position and velocity in our way of thinking.

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Heisenberg is thus famous for this Uncertainty Principle and it is not merely an allegory for your life decisions, about real estate or other matters – it is the Science of Life.

The Uncertainty Principle applies each day from the moment you awaken and choose your first thought, completely independent of anyone else’s thought. This decision to think such and such an idea is a quantum activity itself because you, as consciousness, decide what to think.

Your day unfolds, as do your real estate events, exactly as you choose from the quantum soup of possible thoughts. What do you want right now? Exercise your power to create your own energy wave and discover that you are intimately connected to all the electrons and neutrons in the Universe, and have the power to re-arrange them to suit your own desired OUTCOMES.

Some of you may now be thinking Windsor is nuts, but I promise you I am in good company with modern science including not only Heisenberg, but also Albert Einstein, and Erwin Schroedinger in Physics, and Alfred North Whitehead, Bradley Benoit, Shinichi Suzuki in Philosophy. In fact, all are expressing the same point of view.

Modern Physics dissolved the rigid frames of 19th Century concepts, and even gentle souls like Deepak Chopra now categorically declare that your Intentions re-arrange your Reality, including your health and financial security.

Today is not tomorrow. In fact, as German Theologian Meister Eckhart and German teacher Eckhart Tolle will explain, today is actually all that ever exists.

Why worry about tomorrow?

Make a bold real estate decision and, if you ask me to help, you will have a partner who understands, and one who will invest energy, knowledge and skill in accomplishing your mission.


1. Prices are not going down in 2024 or 2025.

2. Interest rates will not push much above 7%, and likely be dropping to 6%, or a possible 5.5% later this year.

3. Inventory will remain tight through 2024, so accept the supply and demand equation.

4. Sellers will obtain premium prices. Buyers will compete for purchases as inventory available is not enough to satisfy demand.

5. Don’t be afraid to commit. Your monthly payment, affordable if the lender says you qualify, is an investment – unlike dead rent that makes someone else rich.

For further assistance, make an appointment to come and talk. Final decisions are always in your power, not in my persuasion. Happy meltdown season – and be sure to vote wisely in local and national elections.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Dave Windsor is a personal friend whom I respect for being honorable and ethical in all that he does. Dave has written many stories previously published on this blog. I have written Dave’s personal story about what brought him to Alaska from Australia–which can be also accessed at the end of this post. I am happy to have the opportunity to publish this latest thoughtful overview of how to view life’s challenges and opportunities from Dave’s celestial mind-set.

Dave is currently assisting me as I negotiate circumstances surrounding Georgia Borden scammers who targeted me upon death of my wife of 29 years, Cathy Liston, to steal our home since 2010 using lawfare through Alaska courts. Dave and his wife Kathi were longstanding friends of Cat and myself. All of Dave’s previously published stories on this site are also available by clicking on the button at the end of this story and I heartily recommend Dave as a longstanding Alaskan top Realtor.

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Thank you for your support of this website documenting my vexation over what I have witnessed in Alaska since statehood in 1959 from personal experiences and interviews of many people over 60 winters.


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