How Alaskans are Rolled by the Alaska Court System

And why I Dare Not Take MY Case Before the

Alaska Supreme Court

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Definition: Byz·an·tine (/ˈbizənˌtēn/) (of a system or situation) excessively complicated, and typically involving a great deal of administrative detail.

Alaska is in a Constitutional Crisis. Nothing demonstrates that fact like current general lawlessness, and the way our AK criminal justice system operates, especially the courts. This writer has written about: 1. State Government efforts to overrule our Constitutional protections by neutering Grand Juries, 2. ALASKA as Crime Capital of USA, and 3. Destruction of families in collusion with the AK Department of Health & Social Services Office of Children’s Services (OCS). This situation continues to get worse and will likely require Federal intervention by colonial USA Masters after enough good Alaskans are violated.

Frequent readers know DONN LISTON provides authentic instructional overview of what I have witnessed over 60 winters of Alaska Decline in the face of incredible resource wealth. The fact I now have myself suffered as an Alaska Senior in our byzantine court system means I must put everything in context for readers.

David Haeg at protest April 5, 2022 in Kenai, AK. The AK Court System would later attempt to restrict lawful protest on State Property as tyrants always do. It has taken Haeg more than 18 years to approach justice before our corrupt State of Alaska AND Judiciary Branch of state government.

[1]Power of the Grand Jury, DONN LISTON, April 8, 2022

Recent question from this reporter of Mr. Haeg:

Although you were initially framed by the AK DFG did you really know in your heart that this level of corruption was steeped in the AK Court system too?  Are the rats now running for cover as lights are turned on or are they doubling down?

Haeg: I had no idea there was corruption in the court system at first. Right now I think some are running for cover but some are doubling down where they think they can get away with it.

[2] ALASKA: Crime Capital of USA; Big Mike’s Legacies of Failure… DONN LISTON, November 24, 2024

[3] Alaska’s 3rd World Child Protection System destroys Families

Although LISTON has been AK Press for decades, reporting truth has high risk of lawfare—defined as: use of legal systems and institutions to damage or delegitimize an opponent, or to deter an individual’s usage of their legal rights. Alaska Entertainment News media doesn’t care about the institutional crises being faced by residents of this state.

[4] Demise of the Fourth Estate

Application of Lawfare: Nationally, Donald J. Trump’s lawyers on January 25, 2024 joined an effort to disqualify Georgia Prosecutor Fani T. Willis from leading the election interference case against Mr. Trump on the grounds that she created a conflict of interest by hiring her romantic partner to help prosecute the case.

[5] Application of Lawfare against President Trump, New York Times January 25, 2024

The Courts Can Be a Mighty Weapon of Professional Scammers

Over two years DONN LISTON, has experienced Alaska lawfare first-hand and lived to tell about it–now in exile for his own safety.

This photo was taken at a sports venue Bill Borden had taken DONN and Waneta to in Atlanta during December, 2018 on LISTON’S first visit there.

What has happened to LISTON at the hands of Outside Scammers could happen to any Alaskan in a system where a judge indicted by a Grand Jury for perjury causes the system to close ranks to protect its own. Most of these attorneys in black robes—like many teachers in our bottom-of-the-nation public education system–came from Outside and will return where they came from after their Alaska Adventures, LEAVING LITTLE OR NOTHING OF VALUE.

A grassroots effort by Alaskans has been launched to address this Constitutional Crisis:

AK Courts Corruption Runs Deep

Judge Jennifer Wells retired from her Alaska Adventure two years early when confronted publicly about her arrogant incompetence.

[6]News story of Wells early retirement

Backlash to Truth

One month after LISTON’S July 2, 2022 story of Kenai injustice appeared, presiding Judge Morse assigned the lawfare case by Georgia scammers against DONN LISTON to Judge Josie Garton, August 1, 2022. Judge Garton has been high-handed and biased in her treatment of LISTON representing himself, favoring $400/hr attorney Jimmy White-Shark at every opportunity. When LISTON accused Garton of bias, HOMER Judge Bride Seifort was tasked by Supreme Court Chief Justice Peter Maassen to review the case. He of course found in an order August 15, 2023 no cause for a new judge for LISTON.

[7] Morse Assignment of Bordon Divorce filing August 1, 2022.

Alaska 3rd District Presiding Judge William Morse appointed Judge Josie Garton to Liston’s case one month after Liston’s story charging Morse of being dismissive of the Alaska Constitution.

[8] Homer Judge Siefort Order exonerating Judge Garton of bias of Liston , August 15, 2023

As reported by DONN LISTON July 2, 2022:

Kenai Superior Court Judge Jennifer K. Wells doesn’t believe the Alaska Constitution means what it says. Her boss, formerly of Kenai but now Presiding Judge of the Third Judicial District, William F. Morse, doesn’t either. Gov. Michael Dunleavy’s (Deputy) Attorney General John Skidmore has already made it very clear that the Alaska Court System will interpret the constitution any damn way they want to, and there will be consequences to citizens (in which all political power resides under the Alaska Constitution) who might think Alaska Grand Juries are more than just a show for the Lords at Court.

That’s what we know now after events at the Kenai Courthouse Wednesday, June 29, when Judge Wells put down the hammer and drove away from the crime in her canary-colored Corvette. She was appointed to this position five years ago, July 27, 2017, by Democrat Gov. Bill Walker.

Beautiful day for a protest or a ride in a Corvette with the top down!

Longstanding Laws Regarding AK Grand Juries

[9] Kenai Court Judges Jennifer K. Wells & William F. Morse: Never Mind the Alaska Constitution… DONN LISTON, July 2 2022

Amount to be paid to Alaskans in the form of Permanent Fund Dividends was established in statute and past practice over 40 years, but changed by AK Court Order in 2016.

Judge Morse gave Gov. Talker authority to cap the AK Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD). A recall effort was launched but it is very difficult to remove a judge. Morse also went back on his word in open court after he had declared to Thomas Garber he could have another hour at a specified time to present his case for Grand Jury Investigation of OCS.

The State of Alaska Exploits People in Crisis

Thomas Garber explained: We have found what OCS typically does when they take kids from a home and put them in foster care. Often the parents have recognized disabilities. Yet, the legal system will not provide reasonable accommodations. When the state takes the proceedings into the judicial system it becomes more of a mess. OCS inevitably makes criminal allegations in what are civil proceedings.

Here is the difference, according to Garber: In criminal proceedings, you have protections, Right? To an attorney, right to records, right to evidence, exculpatory evidence. But in civil proceedings you don’t have those same safeguards. So OCS, uses civil proceedings to make criminal allegations against the parents, basically using a restraining order, or other order by the court, to take the kids and put them in foster care. Then, after throwing the family into crisis, the system often doesn’t have the means to provide the services that the children need–medical or psychological–because they do not have enough foster care homes, meaning the whole agency is in on-going crisis.

[10] Alaska OCS Crisis; Parents are Pursuing Accountability, DONN LISTON, November 15, 2022.

Bringing the Story Forward

AK Laws regarding Grand Juries were arbitrarily changed December 1, 2022 by Supreme Court Order 1993 after a grand jury found Retired Homer Judge Margaret L. Murphy likely committed criminal acts. Public interest in this case is very high statewide.

Whistling Past the Graveyard

[11]Alaska State of Corruption Open Letter from David Haeg, January 23, 2024.

LISTON Represented Himself

From the start LISTON has asked for annulment of this sham marriage conceived and performed against a vulnerable Alaskan by three members of a scam team in a park in Georgia. LISTON has argued it was entrapment designed to steal his home and if the marriage is in fraud it cannot result in divorce but must be annulled, and the marriage not recognized as ever having lawfully occurred.

Goal of the “Marriage” was Divorce.

Judge Garton has awarded the parties a divorce even after Bordons’ compounded subsequent fraud.

[12] Annulment requested by LISTON

Borden scammers falsely accused LISTON of Criminal Domestic Violence on March 9-10, 2022, for an event that had never happened three months prior and had been already litigated.

Billl and Waneta burglarized Liston’s exclusively owned Eagle River home. An AK Court Order by Judge Pamela Washington on February 13, 2023 after a two-hour trial–required return of items stolen in the home invasion within 10 days. That Order has been utterly ignored and in December REVERSED by Judge Garton, putting unwarranted conditions for return of Liston’s lockbox safe which contains only cash and items previously belonging to DONN and Cathy.

AK Judges Don’t even Honor EACH OTHER’S Judgments!

LISTON alone knows the combination to this safe but in one of Judge Garton’s several outrageous declarations she Ordered:

This Alaska Court is Awarding goods CRIMINALLY STOLEN from an Honorable Alaskan to Outside Thieves!

BACKGROUND: Waneta first came to Liston’s home from Kentucky the first of November 2018 to “make him Thanksgiving Dinner.” LISTON was her caregiver and did extensive work on Waneta’s cabin. She left LISTON’S home of her own volition with her son Bill the last week of January, 2022. Locks were changed on the home by LISTON

As a notorious hoarder Borden was able to retrieve some of the many things she had piled up at the residence with police standby after having filed phony protective orders that all were denied.

Bill Borden has created a lot of pain for his mother by pimping her out with a sham marriage borne in fraud to try and steal LISTON’s home.

LISTON has made it clear on many occasions that he wants nothing of Waneta’s. As two seniors on fixed incomes, all they had to do was work out a plan for getting her stuff. Bordens had already stolen many things belonging to LISTON, but nothing of hers was in the lockbox safe and they know that fact to this day–even if a gullible AK Judge can’t figure that out. Bordens would have already stolen anything in that safe if they could have but instead Bill just dismounted from the wall and stole the whole safe. Waneta could not have done that alone.

A Matter of Character

Who would knowingly consider Real Estate transactions with people like this? LISTON has written other stories detailing the fraud committed by Bordens, dba High Caliber Realty, Inc. (sic). They received $3.5 Million in real estate listings as a result of Liston introducing Bill to the owner of Mike’s Quality Meats, Greg Giannulis.

Bill Borden (with the pony-tail), AK HCR Manager Ken Peltier and Greg Giannulis review plats at Mike’s Quality Meats conference room for exclusive listings given to Borden as broker of High Caliber Realty, Inc, (sic). Borden brought Giannulis an offer to lease-purchase the Palmer Slaughterhouse known as Mt McKinley Meats and Sausages by a company he had 14% ownership interest in without revealing that interest.

Judge Garton’s Order overrides another judge to reward this criminal behavior as part of lawfare–one of many outrageous acts in Garton’s Order of December 6, 2023 against a member of the Press who has dared to call out judicial malfeasance.

Alaska’s Compromised Supreme Court Doesn’t Care.

LISTON was falsely accused of Domestic Violence by an 86-year old woman who had been living 30 months in the best home she had known in 40 years. LISTON argued his innocence against Bordon Attorney #1, and again in (double jeopardy, same facts) with Borden Attorney #2, and won. Bordens presented false evidence to the court from an event that had happened July 23, 2022 when Waneta fainted and face-planted into the porcelain bathroom floor of Liston’s exclusively-owned home. Liston called 911, cleaned up body fluids, and by the time Waneta gained consciousness four EMTs trained to recognize DV loaded her in an ambulance and took her to Alaska Regional Hospital. During her stay 3-4 days there Waneta took a photo of herself in the hospital which she five months later presented to law enforcement (and multiple other mutual associates including Gov. Michael Dunleavey and Sen. Shelley Hughes) as evidence of current Domestic Violence against her by LISTON.

Goal of Bordens, dba High Caliber Realty, Inc. (sic) was to steal the Eagle River home Liston’s owned since 2010. This photo was False evidence distributed to defame LISTON for Domestic Violence he would NEVER commit.

Bill Borden wrote the vows and preformed the sham marriage in a park in Georgia with only wife Brenda as witness. LISTON had cared for Cathy, his wife of 29 years, since heart attack in 2003 resulted in full Social Security disability by 2006 for her. Cathy died of cancer at her sister’s home in Oregon February 24, 2019. LISTON fell into this situation with Bordens as a caring person, but soon realized as a hostage he had to play along with Bill’s setup. Waneta had been maintained in squalor by her wealthy son in the Kentucky home she had grown up in as a child, and her community eyesore cabin junkyard in Willow, AK. Huckster Bill is an auctioneer, a land appraiser, a real estate broker and a marriage performer who will do anything to make a buck.

Waneta Borden’s solely-owned Willow Cabin. January 6, 2020.

Judge Garten has rewarded Borden for criminal acts against an honorable Alaskan

LISTON has Insulted the court by pointing out absurdity of its favoritism toward criminals.

Evidence presented to the court by LISTON proved they have exploited other Senior Alaskans, too. Nothing is beneath these scammers. Judge Garton had to admit she could not legally shut LISTON up although attorney White-Shark had asked the court to issue a gag order.

The Byzantine System in Practice

DONN LISTON filed a complaint with the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct, too. What they are willing to consider in charges against judges is so narrow as to be nothing more than an enabling agency for corruption by frustrating Alaskans expecting justice. The commission met but LISTON never received any official response to his complaint.

[13] Complaint before the AK Commission on Judicial Conduct against four judges, July 23, 2023.

The Alaska Court System is a wholly owned subsidiary of the State of Alaska. Its job is to make money using members of the Alaska Bar Association (ABA) to resolve conflicts. Justice is incidental and this byzantine mercenary system crushes honorable Alaskans seeking justice—especially if they dare to represent themselves.

To prove this one only has to review the packet for taking a case to the AK Supreme Court, as I have done in anticipation of that possibility. There Alaskans are urged to use a member of the ABA Cartel or face the possibility of losing by default since the game is rigged. In an honest court system this would not matter because judges would make decisions based on proven facts instead of gotcha moves and legal mouse traps set by clever attorneys who drink at the same Bar as the judge.

The AK Supreme Court ABA Advertisement and information packet offers this advice SHS_AP_1030:

LISTON would be foolish to proceed further in pursuit of justice in Alaska, given what has happened over 16-months. LISTON has lost everything to proven scammers. Had HE hired a $400/hr attorney and cow-towed he likely would have lost everything a different way in this rigged court. LISTON is an Independent-minded Alaskan who stood his ground KNOWING the system is rigged, representing himself as a citizen who has committed no crime, writing comprehensive antagonistic briefs detailing his positions WITH PROVEABLE FACTS. Today LISTON has a full record of what can happen to any Alaskan who is targeted by Outside scammers before compromised Alaska Courts.

After Bordens stole THE RING Home Security System, and were not required to return it EVEN WITH A COURT ORDER, LISTON recognized he was no longer safe in his own home on one acre in rural Eagle River. LISTON was forced into EXILE one year ago and now can recognize from afar why many others are leaving Alaska.

Anchorage was a wholesome city when DONN LISTON sold newspapers on 4th Avenue for silver dimes in the 1960s. His coin collections were stolen in the lockbox safe during burglary of Liston’s home March 9-10, 2022. Judge Garton has now put conditions on return of that safe.
Alaska courts coddle criminals.

Judge Garton awarded legal fees to attorney White-Shark from LISTON, who had reminded Her Honor that she said in the first meeting: “Proving fraud would annul the marriage.” But, instead of recognizing fraud had occurred from the evidence provided, Judge Garton focused on LISTON’s meager finances as the scammers desired her to do.

LISTON submitted to the court that this is like a Star Chamber demanding to know what the victim had for breakfast before being raped. This was the darkest time in LISTON’s entire life.

The Alaska Court System doesn’t care about Alaskans. That should now be obvious to everyone. If you are a registered Alaska Voter please sign the petition calling for a public investigation and impeachment of these high-handed judges in this rigged system.

[14] Devistated by Cancer

Alaskans deserve better; house-cleaning is in order.


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[14] Devistated by Cancer

2 thoughts on “How Alaskans are Rolled by the Alaska Court System”

  1. We filed with the FBI. Twice. The corruption of AK Family Court permeates all throughout the court.
    The damage to disabled parents who just want legal child support and time with children. -these are just two example- both denied and child support was increased after a 15% reduction in pay! And they based it on gross pay too. Child Custody evaluator and apparently the top one refused to look at a child runaway who was forced into a psychiatric hospital after she was found. Forced into the hospital by the same woman who she ran away from – a highly abusive home. then after I’m sure this investigator was paid, she colluded. She wrote a scathing report based 100% on lies. She spent close to Zero time interviewing the children or addressing/ investigating facts. This is insane. In this court There is a Complete disregard for factual evidence and almost 100% of the time decisions are made by those who are colluding.
    It’s like sociopaths run the show there and there’s zero concern for child or parent ( the healthy one) legal rights.

    All of you who read these posts and have evidence to demonstrate egregious corruption in AK Court system, ALL of you please go to the FBI office and inundate them with the evidence of corruption and the evidence of the huge amounts of damage, fraud, physical and other abuse that is ignored and also encouraged by this system.

    Every one of us who have evidence and experience please go to the FBI and demand that they investigate and protect the innocent for once ! They have to act if enough of us send them the evidence and tell them what is happening across the board to so many people!

  2. look up Kiki Klann the web site rumble watch her videos. she knows exactly what what is going on, who is doing. how they are doing it and how to stop this scum.
    I posted her videos but they probably didn’t get out.

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