How Alaska Courts FURTHER Damage Children In Broken Families

As her Son becomes a Man,

Jessica Pleasant Celebrates their Bond

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AK OCS and AK Courts have done everything possible to destroy the bond between Jessica Pleasant and her son Seth, and they have failed. He will soon be 18-years-old and able to determine where he wants to live after all the drama imposed by AK social workers and judges.

Jessica Pleasant is a Disabled US ARMY Veteran who has survived the corrupt Alaska Court System and Office of Children’s Services misfit application of Child in Need of Protection laws. Being trained as a paralegal, Pleasant recognized every distortion of the law applied in the assault upon her by her ex-husband and father of her son, as he weaponized the system.

That’s what many Alaskans now expect.

Despite Exacerbated Health Challenges, Pleasant has Lived to Tell the Story

The State of Alaska and its courts victimize the Alaskan population more than they provide justice, began Pleasant. Malfeasance and misfeasance trap Alaska citizens by interloping in family affairs, causing unjust permanent legal harm to families. Many parents are victimized by Intervention in domestic relations of families in distress, by corrupt and incompetent social workers of Alaska’s Office of Children Services. This system chews children up and spits them out broken. Mangled. 

Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991

I believe Seth has survived, but the story of what he experienced continues until this day. It has been a sordid ordeal, and must be known, continued Pleasant. Other Alaskans facing similar crisis in their lives–with threats and intimidation by OCS workers enabled by our court system–need to know what to expect when their family is in crisis and children are brokered hostages. 

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Alaska’s 3rd World Child Protection System Destroys Families

Sloppy Administrative Work

Three Alaska women share the name of Jessica Pleasant and Jessica Pleasants. By not identifying the accurate Jessica, State workers played a game of telephone; 1) OCS rejected agency principles and duties, 2) misinformation from other cases was assigned to this former Tennessee resident, 3) OCS officer Billy Lemon ignored threat of violence against Pleasant when her ex-husband stated in an email: “Would you rather me hit you or the car?”

I was holding my breath in court, continued Pleasant. I was hand clasped and head down praying Lemon would not turn on me for reporting abuses done to me, my son, and others. Lemon changed everything he had promised in that home visit–before he realized I had an attorney. His under oath stutter was the tell that Lemon was lying purposefully.

Pleasant’s story is extensive, making her one of a growing number of Alaskans who are willing to come forward to reject Alaska’s incompetent and corrupt justice system.

Alaska OCS Crisis; Parents are Pursuing Accountability

Seth’s step-mother was the only present party to accuse Pleasant of a bruise placed on Pleasant’s son by the step-mother, continued Pleasant. Judge Yvonne Lamoureux did nothing to aid Pleasant receiving a copy of the picture of the bruise to prove it was the step-mother that bruised her son. After this injustice, Pleasant requested the photo for the third time, but Lamoureux denied her a copy because it had already been adjudicated. Still to this day Pleasant has never seen the picture since Lamoureux shook the picture on the ex-husband’s cellphone in Pleasant’s face in open court.

From Seth’s doctor’s report, “Per dad step mom bruised son, bio mom arrested.”

This fraud led to final exoneration of Pleasant years too late, with OCS overturning charges of guilt when forced to answer an appeal. Craftily, OCS overturned the false charges, telling Pleasant there was no need for an appeal–that would have exposed OCS duplicity.

THIS Jessica Pleasant has an associate degree in paralegal studies, with mandated reporter status. When these injustices occurred, she arrived as a victim inside of the system she had been trained to respect. As a professional, Pleasant began documenting the experience for future exposure of the many routinely illegal abuses being inflicted upon Alaskans by our third-rate State government.

State of Alaska Office of Children’s Services is enabled by the courts to exploit children.

Criminals Always Attack when the Target is Most Vulnerable 

While recovering from a 15% EF congestive heart failure, Pleasant’s ex-husband arrived in Alaska, to bring the chaos she had tried to escape in Tennessee to her doorstep here. Pleasant says he manipulated Judge Lamoureux, of the 3rd Judicial District in Anchorage, into thinking he was afraid of Pleasant.

Poor thing came all the way to Alaska because he was afraid, and Lamoureux apparently believed it.

Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991

Accusations of abuse by Pleasant were absurd. Pleasant is 5 foot tall; her son was already larger than her by 5th grade. She had suffered a spinal cord injury from active-duty military service that led to partial paralysis and required cervical fusion. In 2016, at the age of 33, she went into congestive heart failure. Although no longer together, her X-husband continued physically abusing her in Alaska. His games served as domestic violence by proxy–harassing her at what might have been her death bed—an apparent ploy to claim victimhood himself.

Process is the Punishment

While Pleasant survived that violence against her person, she has since succumbed to emotional beatings by the State of Alaska. She is telling her story to reveal one aspect of the Corrupt Alaska Courts and will continue working to inform Alaskans of other practices and rulings.

If you have an Alaska story to tell please contact DONN at:

Beatings will continue Until Morale Improves

For background, Pleasant is no shrinking violet: She made the first female rushing touchdown in a male high school varsity football game. News of this historic achievement was announced on the Paul Harvey Show in September 1998. Her name is mentioned in books, like Teenage Rebels by Dawson Barrett. This is why Alaska’s slandering of Pleasant is not some joke the State can brush off when the witness tampering of her son ends at 18 years old.

Seth is 17 now and he too is a survivor, although he was awarded to his father’s primary residence, he spends most his time with his mother.

Seth was removed by the State from a three adult and one child home to his father’s home with two adults and three other children. The stepmother has taken over Seth’s medical care and created a false medical history to Orion Behavioral Health. Orion continues to ignore Pleasant’s right to communicate with the office about Seth’s medical record. Pleasant has retained her parental rights to be a part of her son’s school and medical decisions.

But this cannot last forever. Seth is old enough now to understand what has happened and who caused the chaos in his life.

Judge Lamoureux was informed that the stepmother has all three of her children on Social Security Disability. As soon as Seth arrived in his father’s home the stepmother began contributing the identical symptoms to Seth. These symptoms already documented in her three children’s health history, placing all three on disability. Pleasant questioned the possibility that all three children would be disabled and asked if this was not Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP) — a psychological disorder marked by attention-seeking behavior by a caregiver through those who are in their care. Pleasants believes Orion Behavioral Health is the enabler of this dysfunction.

Munchausen syndrome by proxy

An Anchorage School District evaluation upon arrival in Alaska, concluded Seth has no learning disabilities. To the contrary, Seth is among the top academic students in his high school.

Lamoureux would not consider Pleasant’s concerns that her ex-husband was attempting to stigmatize Seth with a false disability. The ex-husband affirmed before Lamoureux that all children are on social security for disability but this kind of fraud has been normalized by the State of Alaska.

Why Alaska Courts Suck: Bumpkins Rule

To the Victors Go the Spoils

In her custody order Judge Lamoureux ruled Pleasant must pay child support and Permanent Fund Dividends to her ex-husband. Pleasant says she had hoped to save those monies to help Seth launch his life into adulthood. Every year the father promises to use the PFD to purchase a safe car for Seth. Instead, most of Seth’s monies have been withheld and spent by the step-mother, who is presently receiving all the money.

After all, Dad has three kids now…

After filing a Request for Reconsideration—pointing Lamoureux directly to the “per dad” medical note–Lamoureux retaliated. Now Child Support goes directly to the step-mother, who was not part of the custody agreement at all. Pleasant has found other victims that say SOA child support is enforcing elements not mentioned in their court orders, too. When these people appeal for an answer, child support releases a general letter declaring their records are correct based on the order–leaving citizens dumbfounded.

But our overwhelmed courts don’t worry about this over their 3-day weekends.

Attorney Hank Graper would not order a third police report from the last attempt by Pleasant’s ex-husband to have her imprisoned. That police report proved the police realized the ex-husband was abusing Pleasant through the officers and judicial system. Pleasant’s attorneys refused to produce to the Anchorage District Attorney a copy of the Tennessee Long-term Protection Order that protected Pleasant and her son from her ex-husband.

That’s how our Alaska Court System rolls; selective justice according to the mood of any particular judge on any given day. When Judge Lamoureux learned of the Tennessee Protection Order and demanded to see it, the custody case law firm denied turning over this exculpatory evidence to the Court. Lamoureux displayed arrogance toward Pleasant, dismissing the Tennessee protection order that also involved a minor.

According to Pleasant, her ex-husband ruined his first Christmas with his son after two years of separation, by having Pleasant served an already denied temporary protection order on Christmas Day 2017. Only days before service, the ex-husband accepted the wrapped presents Pleasant and her mother purchased for the father to have something to open with Seth. At the same time her ex-husband withheld the news of the protection order–clearly showing no signs of fear–as he repeatedly visited Pleasant’s home immediately after being denied his unnecessary request for a temporary protection order. 

It was all hateful theater. On that Christmas Day—the ex-husband was allowed to pick up his son anytime. Spending nearly the whole weekend before Christmas with their son, the ex-husband lied to police that Christmas Day would be the only time Pleasant could be served without their son present. The ex-husband claimed Pleasant would endanger their son if he was present at the police service of the order. As a coward might do, Seth’s father returned the son just a mere hour after his mother received the joke of a service of a denied protection order.

What a Tangled Web We Weave…

The son is no fool and recognized his own issues with the system, catching OCS officer Amanda West lying to Pleasant that Seth had said he was not afraid of his step-mother. Seth was hostage to the corrupt system and expressed defeat when he saw no  help on the horizon. Seth was arbitrarily and capriciously removed by a court easily swayed by outside interlopers.

As a coward might also project, the father initiated a number of acts to create fear in his son that he would never be allowed to see him again. Repeatedly Judge Lamoureux had admonished the father for doing so. But his failings as a man and father didn’t matter to Lamoureux.

Alaska’s Caseview online revealed that Judge Lamoureax had been the judge over the step-mother’s divorce. If exposed, Lamoureux would be known to have placed four children in an abusive home.

Challenges Of Mental Illness: Tell me who’s crazy… the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services!

Ah, the Soap Opera that is our State Government!

This step-mother is the only person who claimed to have seen Pleasant injure her child, but in Alaska judges always cover for each other and the Appellate court stood by this not being a conflict of interest for the judge to again hear a case with this woman. 

I was fighting not to be a victim, declared Pleasant. But my physicians at the Veteran Affair’s clinics said recovery from heart failure was reversing. Before Lamoureux’s disastrous decisions, the Major at JBER, acting as my cardiologist, said I was his “miracle patient”. The State of Alaska and its judicial system caused reversal of all of my healing—my physicians said continued fighting for my innocence was going to kill me.

Due to what she feels was horrible legal representation, Pleasant had to redirect her efforts. Pleasant and her mother were deceived by her attorneys and lost $15,000 in legal services. All of her attorneys ignored Pleasant’s directions to provide the Tennessee protection order to the custody and criminal court of the Municipality of Anchorage. All rejected ordering the third police report. The prosecutors had the third arrest denied for prosecution and yet continued prosecuting the earlier abusive arrests.

Demise of the FOURTH ESTATE

Specializing in Selective Justice

Imagine this, said Pleasant: According to Lamoureux’s final verbal court order in my proceeding, Lamoureux stated she believes women reporting being stalked automatically have an unsafe home. I submit this is a dangerous precedence to set. Anyone unfortunate enough to have this judge in a domestic case must realize Lamoureux believes a child is safer with an abusive stalking parent because the abused parent would no longer be stalked by the ex if she didn’t have the kids! Anyone who claims their home is being stalked is therefore automatically claiming their home is unsafe and unsafe for children. 

By this standard, a parent who reports the other parent is stalking them may automatically lose their children to OCS–or to the offending parent!

Finding a Way to Heal

Pleasant began to heal emotionally by directing her energies into research and documentation of information for others who may avoid similar damage from OCS and Alaska Courts. In 2019, Pleasant began a social media presence to raise awareness of the way the State of Alaska is damaging distressed families. She started an online blog listing every Appellate court case involving OCS and the State of Alaska to identify the dimension of OCS involvement and trends of harm done to Alaskan families entangled in the agency and the courts.

Mother and son have adapted to limitations placed on their interactions by the State. It impacted the mental health of the whole family, while many ignored professional medical records and evaluative tests documenting the damage done to the son by his father. The state impacted her son’s education, and trust in the judicial and executive branch. Pleasant must strive to help her son learn in positive ways from this terrible experience.

Seth must also learn he is not the only Alaskan harmed by a parent weaponizing state government and our courts. 

I have Seth four days per week; Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, explained Pleasant. His father gets him the other times plus the last weekend of every month. The last week of a month I have our son Tuesday and Thursday. I still pay 100% child support to the step-mother.

The father apparently doesn’t choose to be accountable for how that money is spent.

Alaska/USA descending into 3rd World Banana Republic

Seth has repeatedly asked OCS to return him to his home. I closed on a house purchase just days before his father began the cycle of arrests, said Pleasant. His father was not happy Pleasant was moving into a home with her new boyfriend while her ex-husband assumed incorrectly that he would be paying for the house. Pleasant has enjoyed her financial independence after years of financial abuse. She was determined to care for herself and her son regardless.

 At 18 years old, regardless of social security status, Seth has declared he would rather live with his mother and will be doing that as soon as he is not bound by this flawed and abusive court order. 

It upset Seth’s father to see my life coming together, continued Pleasant. He assumed I needed his money to buy my son’s home. Unlike the financial abuse in the past, Pleasant is responsible with her money–she never demanded or reported her ex-husband for child support hoping her ex-husband would figure his life out. Now the State has placed a lien on her son’s home. 

Pleasant’s biggest fear is that the dysfunctional family Seth is required to endure might create artificial disability by association: Seth is a smart guy. My goal is to have him be set up with a car and something to give him some comfort as he decides what to do with his life. Instead, my ex has schemed to take whatever he can get. Child support has automatically placed a lien on our new home.. Now this home will basically belong to the woman who knows how to work the system. She knew what she was doing when she gave doctors a false medical history, to join my son with all three of her children on Social Security Disability.

Mother and son visited Anchorage parks where Seth worked with the Anchorage Parks and Recreation youth program this past summer. Mother and son continue an unbreakable bond, a bond the State of Alaska cannot break, no matter how they try.

I am so proud of Seth, concluded Pleasant. He will be greater than both his parents. He has developed an interest in law, law enforcement and emergency services. He has a mind that can make great change. I once stood in the bright lights of history, but someday I want to live in Seth’s shadow. And I believe someday I will.

Seth is a survivor.

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