Alaska/USA descending into 3rd World Banana Republic

The DEVIL Went Down to Georgia,

he was lookin’ for a soul to steal…

If President Trump can be violated in our justice system, anybody can. I’ve personally experienced it myself.

All Alaskans are at Risk. This isn’t hyperbole; when courts aren’t fair people consider taking the law into their own hands. The Borden thieves stole my security camera system, were ordered by a judge last February within 10-days to return it and everything else they stole, but nothing has happened.

I fear for my personal safety in Alaska.

Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991

Over 60 winters living in Alaska I have done a lot of things people in places like Georgia can only dream of doing—world-class fishing, hunting, boating and experiencing winter glory–but I never in my worst nightmares imagined I would end up being framed by criminal scammers from Georgia, and go to jail in Anchorage! This was the third time Waneta and Bill Borden falsely accused me of doing something I would never do—Domestic Violence. TRIPPLE JEOPARDY harassment. These are multi-state professional scammers, dba High Caliber Realty, and nothing has happened to them for their crimes–yet.

Furthermore, I have presented evidence to the court they likely targeted previous Alaskan seniors having assets and could be capable of anything. But our courts are rope-a-dope.

[1]Demise of the Fifth Estate

Alaska courts have ruled in my favor every time, but these attorneys in black robes apparently want to see how much the wealthy Bordens’ can pay for now their fourth Alaska attorney against me, before justice is determined. I was clearly scammed in a sham marriage born in fraud at the darkest moment of my life by Bordens. Divorce Lawyer Jimmy White is milking Bordens $400/hr now representing a woman who claims she is on a fixed income! Her taxes are done by an Atlanta accountant but without those kind of resources I have done the entire legal process myself.

Judges hate people to defend themselves without counsel. The bias is palpable.

The Difference Between My Case and Trump’s

Pres. Trump has a stable of top attorneys and cuffed off $200,000 bail. The booking mug shot drew $7.1 Million in the first 24-hours for Trump’s looming presidential campaign. Democrats have jumped the shark. His bail will likely be returned as was mine.

They have NO LEGAL CASE against Trump. Attorneys everywhere are saying this is a setup by very bad people in Georgia.

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Fani Willis Possesses Evidence Exonerating Georgia’s Alternate Electors

Same for me.

As a struggling Independent Journalist, I can’t even get the big talkers at the Alaska Round Table to pay me the $1,500 they owe me on a written advertising contract.

Big difference!

Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991

Trump’s Case

Pres. Trump was arrested and indicted on 13 charges in Georgia for his alleged efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss in the state. The 98-page indictment, issued on August 14, claims that Mr. Trump “unlawfully conspired” to change the election outcome while participating in a “criminal enterprise”.

President Trump denies all charges as being politically motivated to influence the coming election. It has been three years since that election. The American People are not stupid. The difference between an assertive America-First President and what we have now is clear. American patriots have been watching the whole sordid affair in Technicolor.

The Georgia-Borden Scam

Maybe I was a fool to allow Waneta to come from nowhere and insert herself into my life. She has many qualities but I would soon learn she was just bait for a conspiracy.

Bill Borden, ran the Iditarod Sled Dog Race in 2002 with rented dogs, for a publicity stunt. Since then you would believe from listening to him that he ran it every year since then in his spare time. Short, fat with a balled head and pony-tail, Bill takes himself VERY seriously. But for all his moralistic bluster–as a guy who can simultaneously sell your property and marry you the same day in the State of Georgia—Borden has maintained his mother in squalor at Smiths Grove KY and Willow AK since her last husband died in 2006.

[*]Bill Borden, the Man, the Legend, the Publicity Stunt

I first met Waneta July 31, 2018. After knowing her a few months on Facebook. She arrived in Anchorage the first week of November, 2019 saying she was cooking me Thanksgiving Dinner!

My wife Cathy was still alive then, proscribed 25 different medications including opioids and fentanyl. I was dealing with Cat’s daughter from a previous marriage who had been fired from Ohio Kettering Hospital for stealing drugs from patients, and had her RN License suspended.

I hate soap operas but here I was anyway.

Bill soon discovered his mother had a sucker on the line. He gratuitously set me up with a basic FREE Blogspot writing platform controlled by his company’s digital assets, and pimped Waneta out by “marrying” us at a park in Georgia. After a couple of years of contributing not a nickel to our meager existence, for her 85th Birthday August 1, 2022 Bill bought his mother her first divorce lawyer. After all, goal of the marriage was divorce from the start and that’s what an adoring son does on such a momentous occasion.

Bill has testified in open court that he didn’t know his mother flew to Alaska as winter was coming in 2018, to be with a man in the nicest home Waneta had known in 40 years. Dragging Bill’s sorry ass into small claims court in early 2022 for crashing my business–while Bill was trying to steal my house–was a Tony Soprano-level play. The judge’s decision was flaky, but it was a win Bill continues to blatantly ignore to this day—like Stacey Abrams denies her loss for governor of Georgia.

My wife of 29 years returned to Juneau at the end of the 30th Session of the Alaska Legislature (2018) from visiting her daughter in Ohio following radiation of her brain for cancer. This picture was taken in the Rm 409 office of my boss, Rep. Lora Reinbold. Cathy and I had been married in the capital by Sen. Arliss Sturglewski (Valentine’s Day, 1990). Cathy and I had our last great adventure in this life driving 777+ miles back to Anchorage with our camper.

The World is Watching

Enemies of American/Alaskan liberties and freedom are sharpening their knives. Pres. Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan opened the door for Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine—the new Vietnam—and rule of law quit meaning anything under AK Gov. Bill Walker, who in 2016 teamed up with the legislature and courts to cap the Permanent Fund Dividend, which is in state law and once served as an example of Alaska State government integrity, over 40 years.

No more. The PFD is going to pay for more government no matter how much the founders of that plan rejected this generational theft from future Alaskans by mostly people here on their Alaska Adventures dedicated to getting as much of the value of Alaska resources they can haul home.

Judge William Morse is former Presiding Judge of the Anchorage 3rd District. Read the futile letter I wrote to him appealing for his consideration of my case as it is an example of what many can expect in their own retirements in Alaska.

[2]Letter to Judge Morse.

The strategy of putting someone in jail on false charges is destine to backfire for whomever tries it. I did not commit any crimes against the Bordens, yet I was arrested, incarcerated for a short time on no evidence, and listed seven months on CourtView as having criminal Domestic Violence charges against me. The Anchorage District Attorney listened to the tape of pathetic claims by Waneta and dismissed the case. I have recently asked the DA to charge Bordens for their criminal acts and may be looking for a good tort attorney soon.

We Must Return to a Nation of Laws

Trump, too has been falsely charged using the court system as a weapon. Even some Democrats are losing their stomach for these Un-American tactics.

If only Harrison Floyd’s first name were George. If only he’d been a convicted felon who passed a counterfeit bill, filled himself with illegal drugs, and resisted arrest. If that were the case, he’d have had millions of dollars flowing to him from Hollywood and Democrat politicians, and he’d have been a media hero. However, Harrison Floyd isn’t a thug of color. Instead, he’s a retired Marine vet, living with his family and getting by on his pension. And he’s also a black Trump supporter, which is why he’s rotting in a Fulton County jail.

[*]American Thinker, Andrea Widburg, August 26, 2023

What We Teach in Other Countries

Now that the Alaska Oil Rush is paused by directive of the USA, our state has returned to the status of an Economically Developing Country like all the others supported by USAID. As soon as our elected officials chosen by the Ranked Choice Voting Scam piss away the Alaska Permanent Fund this state should qualify for USAID. Below are excerpts from USAID training materials aimed at helping such governments as State of Alaska address the overriding need for justice:

[4]Shame of Alaska, Jungle Primary > Ranked Choice Voting

[4]Corruption and the Justice sector, USAID Publication

As an Alaskan in exile from Alaska primarily because our justice system doesn’t work anymore, or refuses to protect Alaskans who are scammed and violated, I would not be surprised that this state ranks with countries like Philippines receiving USAID. I feel much safer in Philippines now. Our courts must become accountable to the People of Alaska who also need to trust elected officials to follow the laws and protect families to attract quality people. Our courts must handle legal matters efficiently and within the shortest time possible.

That isn’t happening now, but I pray for the time in Georgia AND Alaska when:
The devil bowed his head because he knew that he’d been beat
And he laid that golden fiddle on the ground at Donny’s feet.


[1]Demise of the Fifth Estate

[2]Bill Borden: The Man, the Legend, the Publicity Stunt…

Alaskans beware!

[2]Letter to Presiding Judge William Morse

[3]In Georgia the Lone Black Male Defendant in the Trump Case Rots in Jail

[4]Shame of Alaska, Jungle Primary > Ranked Choice Voting

[5]Corruption and the Justice sector, USAID Publication, Washington D.C. January 3003

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