Alaska’s 3rd World Child Protection System Destroys Families

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The growing public knowledge of on-going abuses by Alaska’s Office of Children’s Services (OCS) would be considered illegal by standards of a First World Country like Philippines—where all families are regarded with sanctity even when headed by a single parent–but one Fairbanks Filipina, Cristina Hoover has been subjected to typically unfathomable AK OCS/Court System abuse.

[1]PH Solo Parent Protections

Hoover agreed to talk about what has happened since she received custody of her four children after divorces from both fathers, only to have that same court system allow OCS to kidnap them as Child In Need of Aid (CINA) from their family home, and subject them to multiple alien foster care facility chaos. Details of OCS cases are confidential to protect bureaucrats and judges from the damage they do to children, but this writer pushed for the interview anyway.

[2]How OCS implements Child in Need of Assistance was described in a recent case before the Alaska Supreme Court: Miranda T v. State of Alaska, Department of Health & Social services, Office of Children’s Services and Bishope A. 3AN-19-00228 CN

Alaskan Kids Deserve Better

Hoover works in Human Services, too!

Hoover has been working in the business of child protection and related human services for most of a decade and wants to help families facing domestic crisis. But that has not made her immune to imposed crisis of her own; OCS kidnapped all of her children on September 20, 2022. She has been in crisis, managing her life, working and trying to deal with the legal challenges imposed upon her. Then, on July 6, Hoover received an employment termination email after 10 months on the job.

That’s how they did it, said Hoover. The kids were upstairs in their rooms while they conducted initial assessment. They looked around my house and it was clean; three bedrooms, girls share one room boys share a room, I have my own room. Nothing wrong, nothing at all. At the end of the week, they came back with a different case worker. One week after on September 21, 2022, they took the children while they were in school and youngest child was at her father’s house .

I am in college for paralegal, and Human Service Psychology, continued Hoover in the July 19, 2023 interview. I’m also in the program with Alaska Legal Service Corporation, taking courses for Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), SNAP and domestic violence protectors. I have helped others deal with this situation and now I’m going to take them on myself.

Hoover is one brave Filipina/Alaskan.

Elizabeth Peratrovich was another strong Alaskan woman who stood up to tyranny in her day. This writer invites more Alaskans damaged by AK Courts/OCS to tell me their stories for publication. Email:

What Happened?

When they were removed I was informed by the caseworker that my neighbors were under investigation for sexual abuse. They had allegations of constant reports of sexual abuse and been under investigation for some years, continued Hoover. I was never informed of this situation and after they suddenly removed all four children I was not allowed to see my sons in person again until December, but was able to see my daughters three weeks after their removal. I had only gotten to speak to my boys on my birthday. I asked to see all four of them–November 4 was my birthday–and they only let me Zoom my sons 30 minutes each separately.

The joy of children’s interactions with each other upon seeing their mother was likely forbidden by OCS Policy and Procedures.

My immediate reaction (to removal) was shock, said Hoover. I’m a busy mom and my kids were in jujitsu classes for two weeks, I have just started picking up my job at work and getting schedules going and getting them ready for school. So I wasn’t paying attention to the signs of grooming (by the neighbor). What parent thinks about that stuff when someone offers incidental help to a single parent managing multiple kids?

So I’m in the middle of planning my daughter’s birthday weekend–planning to go to Anchorage to buy school clothes and stuff like that, winter outfits, continued Hoover. Living in Fairbanks, you gotta get out. I’m in a public place when I found out about this. So I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t think straight; it was like all my kids had just died. I was with my sister, her fiancé and my fiancé–they saw the damage it did that day.

Harm done to parents (and grandparents) is not a consideration for this agency, which can be a powerful means for one divorced parent to harm the other, malevolently manipulating the children they both created, for lasting harm.

Winter scene in Fairbanks, Alaska, where moisture in the air freezes at very cold temperatures to create ice fog during the few hours of seasonal daylight.

OCS immediately placed both son’s in foster care, continued Hoover. They wouldn’t let me talk to my sons, they wouldn’t let me see my sons, they separated my sons into separate foster homes and lied about why they were split up.

Hoover is being Punished for Having Bad Neighbors

The neighbors had cared for Hoover’s kids a couple of times for very short periods. They are now incarcerated for acts against other children.

My first clue about these neighbors was when they lost all their five kids to OCS, said Hoover. Actually my seven-year-old daughter asked: “Where are your kids?” The mother replied: “We will talk about that some other time.” So I asked her, and she said she was a heroin addict before.

But the father in this family was a pedophile. OCS knew it but Hoover had no way of knowing.

And, Who Doesn’t Know Alaska Judges

Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991

and OCS Social Workers are Above the Law?

After removal from their home, the caseworker said the nine year old’s tantrums were too much for that one family so he needed to be removed, said Hoover. He was only with this second foster care for probably about a week or two. And then he ended up with my mother, grandma, grandpa, but they left my 11 year old in foster care by himself until January 28–when they finally placed him with my cousins that live down the street.

Could there be any more dramatic proof of harm being done to these children by State workers? As a child myself this writer experienced this same displacement for a very short time and it had traumatic effect. In Hoover’s case It took four months for OCS to find–among her many relatives in Fairbanks–satisfactory placements for these children. Their excuse is they are short-handed and overworked, of course. Those family members had to be licensed foster parents, by filling out their license packet for fostering, to receive familial placement of the children .

Franz Kafka wrote The Trial in 1925 describing how the Alaska Court System would work in 100 years. Many Alaska parents today are experiencing trauma as the main character, Joseph K, suffered in this classic novel. “A young man finds himself caught up in the mindless court system bureaucracy struggling against unreasoning and unreasonable authority.” The story is often considered to be an imaginative anticipation of totalitarianism.

Recommended reading for anyone dealing with OCS or the Alaska Court System!

Previously my nine-year-old son started having behavioral issues at school, added Hoover. He was showing sexualized behaviors and being defiant. Reports were made, but I had already initiated efforts to, you know, advocate for him to be in counseling. He was just having issues. He’s been having these issues since he started school–since kindergarten–when he was five years old. So I told them what I thought it was, because the school did tell me that if these behaviors don’t get addressed and handled that they’re gonna have to call downtown. I assumed that meant OCS. I informed them as his parent that he has been on medications, I have been doing every step of the protective factors and everything with my kids to handle the behavioral issues that he’s been having for years, and I was already on top of this.

Divorce of parents always causes harm to children,

always, even when they are older.

I was able to get my discovery a few weeks ago–both the kids’ fathers made false reports alleging drug abuse and other lies, continued Hoover. They made false reports to try to gain custody after they had already lost in court on my testimony and evidence I provided.

The father of the boys has been in prison at Arizona for six years, he was in and out of Fairbanks Correctional Center, she continued. We got divorced in 2015. My nine year old was barely turning one. And my 11 year old had just turned three. They haven’t seen him since March 2015. When I found out he got released in 2020 I gradually allowed him to, you know, call them. I am somebody who believes in change–change for the better–and I believe that both parents need to be involved regardless of what happened with their situation. So I allowed him to contact the boys. Then I found out he went to prison again, he was in and out, and now I’m dealing with him making allegations and saying false statements when he found out the boys were removed by OCS. The father of the girls barely had anything to do with them, and barely had his daughters during the summer of 2022, until his parents decided to come up to Alaska and watch them at the fathers place so he can work all the Alaska overtime hours possible.

OCS and Alaska Courts have Damaged this

Family. Who is going to take responsibility?

Screenshot of Cristina Hoover during this interview.

Using the secret CINA process, Alaska Courts intimidate parents in crisis to facilitate OCS betrayal in secret. This is yet another reason parents should not allow their kids to attend today’s Alaska public schools.

Alaska’s Mental Health Crisis Predates Statehood

I have written about the false hope and betrayal experienced when attempting to get the Alaska Court System to allow another Grand Jury to investigate OCS abuses. The last person to profess to care about this issue, Rep Tammie Wilson did succeed in getting a grand jury investigation and was then co-opted when she became a Gov. Dunleavy appointed official at AK Department of Health and Social Services–apparently tasked with keeping a lid on the problem she professed to care about.

Readers Must ask Wilson: Why?

Here is her State Contact Information: Wilson, Tammie, Program Coordinator, Family and Community Services, DSS-Commissioner’s Office, 907-451-5930, email: Call or drop this Dunleavy appointee an email asking what has happened to evidence she collected from parents who trusted her to do something. Ask Wilson to explain to Alaskans she previously whipped up about this issue what she is doing about it now she is getting a fat State paycheck every month.

Corruption by Public Officials has been Normalized

in Alaska

[4]Alaska OCS Crisis; Parents are Pursuing Accountability

Hoover explained her efforts further: In the face of all this trauma I chose to drop down to part time in my job because I thought it was smart, you know, because it affected my performance at work. I didn’t want to put the Fairbanks Native Association (NGO) agency in a bind. They also know my situation and I had a meeting with my supervisor and the Deputy Director the first or second week of June. We talked about putting me back on schedule full-time because things have calmed down. I was ready to go to work because I have spent months gathering evidence, digging and doing necessary research.

This is what ANY responsible parent would do—especially one who is herself in a human services career. Isn’t this what competent professional case managers should advise clients to do?

I had my children wrongfully removed from a home showing no signs of imminent danger or risk of anything, concluded Hoover. It has now cost me my job. How can OCS think this is good for Alaska families trying to deal with crisis in the face of incompatibility between two adults who can no longer live together?

The Philippine Culture LOVES children! They are everywhere here and they are actively involved in society. According to the DSWD in a Philippines population of some 114 MILLION people, during the first quarter of 2016 some 2,147 cases of child abuse were reported. The practice of waring parents using a government agency and overwhelmed court system, professing to be dedicated to child protection, to harm each other in marital disputes is not acceptable in Philippines.

This writer suggests Hoover consider seeking asylum back to her mothers’ country of origin after now well-documented persecution at the hands of Alaska government.

With her experience and training Hoover might be

amazed to find a place having a civilized approach to

family security.

[5]Courage Against the Death Cult


[1]How OCS implements Child in Need of Assistance was described in a recent case before the Alaska Supreme Court heard February 24, 2023: Miranda T v. State of Alaska, Department of Health & Social services, Office of Children’s Services and Bishope A. 3AN-19-00228 CN. Miranda T was represented by attorney Amanda Harbor of Soldotna. The State of

Alaska had appearances by four attorneys including Attorney General Treg R. Taylor from Juneau, while appellee Bishope had two Public Advocate attorneys also paid for by the State of Alaska.

This is directly from the court decision:
Miranda T. v. State, 524 P.3d 1105 (Alaska 2023)

[2]PH Solo Parent Protections

How to Apply DSWD Solo Parent ID / Single Parent Application Form

[3]The Trial, Franz Kaufka, 1924

[4]Alaska OCS Crisis; Parents are Pursuing Accountability

State workers who are members of unions with negotiated pay and benefits approved by people they helped elect, are quick to equate poverty with neglect. The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) specifies the treatment of Native people. Yet, those safeguards are not followed, and Native children are treated differently. OCS makes little effort to keep any families together with community-based services. Inconsistent application of policies and procedures by unlicensed and uninsured social workers—often arbitrarily dismissing Grandparent rights and roles in Child in Need of Aid (CINA) proceedings–instead creating alienation with typical OCS Soap Opera crappy case plans and bountiful excuses.

[5]Courage Against the Death Cult

Thank you for the many comments in previous stories about AK Courts/OCS violation of rights of Alaskans. Please do not hesitate to forward this story to others or post on social media, and please comment on my site.

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  1. Hey Donn Dave Simon here while I appreciate the article here, being the Dad of one of the Children’s Father involved in this case you might want to do a little more Journalistic Investigating. I’m sure Christina knows that OCS as well as the Courts can’t really comment on an ongoing case so no one’s really available to dispute her claims. Don’t want you getting in any trouble.

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