Q: Why must THE MOB attack Sen. Reinbold?

A: Because She was Right.

As many Alaskans continue to be disappointed in most of our faux Republican Legislators and Governor, it might be time to review what happened in a recent time when a conservative Alaska elected official was BOLD. Of course, that would be Lora Reinbold, who is now standing alone in the tender clutches of the Alaska Court System in two cases aimed at diminishing her as a rational and BOLD conservative who represented her Chugach-Eagle River constituents with conservative aplomb.

That’s why the unions who own and run this state hate her.

I am one of those constituents who were happy to see Reinbold beat Harvey Milktoast for the Senate seat and I applauded when Reinbold refused to endorse Kelly Merrick in the last election even after the faux Republican Party endorsed her as inevitable.

Reinbold has principles.

[1]Eagle River’s Born-Again Legislator

Imagine, an AK Legislator Willing to Stand Up to THE MOB!

[2]Too Bold? Rep Lora Reinbold Speaks Out

During the session of 2018 I was also witness to the organized online harassment Rep. Reinbold was subjected to in Juneau by persons who may have lived in the district but never voted for her in the first place. Those persons and their unions have now elected Sen. Merrick, who was born and raised in Juneau and is married directly to the union mob. I knew Merrick’s liberal-Democrat father pretty well because he was a building contractor and did maintenance and upgrades to the NEA-Alaska structure where I worked as Juneau staff, one block down from the Capitol 9-1/2 years. As any APOC Reports show, NEA Loves Kelly Merrick!

[3]Senator Reinbold Sues Seattle Airlines, May 2023

For background: The way some Alaska political operatives work is to use bait-and-ridicule tactics to cause people of principle to react and hopefully make a mistake. I learned about this sordid practice during employment for NEA-Alaska, and then ASEA/AFSCME Local 52 State Employee Union another 4-1/2 years, in Juneau. Instead of engaging in meaningful dialog with elected officials about academic outcomes, or realistic salary and benefits, for instance, the union sets up strawman arguments (class size, health benefits, Defined Benefits retirement) to stir the greed of visitors on their Alaska Adventures. Since unions receive the same dues from every member, priority is funding for salaries and benefits regardless of products or outcomes. The union forms a political mob to isolate a targeted political opponent through bait-and-ridicule, to assure all others who might have any sympathies for that target’s constituents get the message once isolated in BackwaterJuneau.

AK Teamsters also love Laborer Union Boss Joey Merrick’s Wife

From the AK Teamsters newsletter:

Bobbie McDow is a more than 45-year Teamster Union member. She didn’t contact Sen. Reinbold online–likely during work hours–to try and influence her senator to McDow’s ideas. Rather, thugs at the Teamsters Union Hall probably looked at their roster, found a member who lived in Reinbold’s district, and offered her a chance for Facebook Glory. Having about 15 years working as an employee of two Alaska unions this writer knows how these things work among the Union Mob Family. The Good Ol’ Boys are now likely very proud of their Union Sister’s name on the case before the courts as McDow v. Reinbold.

Using the Alaska Courts to Ambush and Marginalize a

Political Opponent

The goal of Political Theater is to find enough ignorant voters who will vote against their own best interests and try to stampede them, because they are followers and don’t really know enough to care. AK Republicans aren’t too good at this tactic but the Alaska Courts love the attention it brings when they rule against what is obviously a majority expectation.

What is the Case of this Teamster Member Against

Sen. Reinbold?

Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991

From the Plaintiff’s initial filing:

Do you see how this works? It’s about Facebook Glory! When Lora Reinbold didn’t accept as an article of faith that masks protect against a virus–that anything the government says is true–she offended Ms. McDow. And, when Sen. Reinbold had an abusive person creating an on-going FacebookDrama to get attention for herself and the guys at NEA-Alaska/AFL-CIO, she was so BOLD as to cut her off.

The Constituent had Made her Case,

the Case was a fallacy.

Enough was Enough.

But the attorneys at Northern Justice Project, LLC needed to make this about McDow’s civil rights. With this filing they argued that Facebook Drama for Political Theater is an entitlement!

[4]Northern Justice Project – Alaska’s Preeminent Civil Rights Firm

We know now the whole Government Mask Mandate was a fraud, based on what somebody thought might make a difference about 100 years ago in the last pandemic, and it was all baloney. Masks have had no proven impact upon reducing or preventing Covid, just as using leaches to drain a sick patient’s blood had nothing to do with returning that patient to health. We have had U.S. Presidents who died after leaching–an ignorant practice of the past–and similarly, wearing masks to stop a virus was ignorant. As for Gov. Dunleavy’s vaccine efforts, the most charitable thing that can be said is that he meant well.

There is no definitive proof vaccines made any difference

and a growing body of evidence that they likely did

more harm than good.

The MOB was mindless—AND WRONG. But, the extremists who created the lie and foisted it on the American/Alaskan public will NEVER apologize. They will do it again because it created chaos and they don’t know any better. They are IGNORANT. To my Senator, Reinbold I say: As your constituent, thank you for standing up to Covid groupthink tyranny. I also admit this writer was for some time fooled by the theatrics of Gov. Dunleavy and his team promoting Covid Hysteria.

Remember: The Number One Job of Most AK Elected Officials is to

get Re-Elected

We must be amused by the argument that McDow was denied Constitutionally protected Facebook Glory by not getting to inject her venom into Sen. Reinbold’s online constituent page. Further, it takes a pathetic person to believe whatever she can regurgitate from the Teamsters Political Propaganda Program has value. While amused, however, we need to simply acknowledge such boorish online harassment is low class.

Getting Kicked Out of a Forum Can Be the Point!

I am reminded of a story I wrote back in October of 2020, about a guy in Anchor Point who has a couple of those large Australian birds called Emus. They are edible and he wanted approval from the State of Alaska to raise them commercially for consumption. With Gov. Dunleavy’s public claptrap about Food Security—being a former State Senator from the Matanuska-Susitna Valley and all—one might think he would care about this potential opportunity. My story documents how Pike Ainsworth was jacked around in trying to get consideration from the Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

Anchor Point farmer Pike Ainsworth was kicked off the ADFG forum by State Censors for continuing to assertively advocate for considering emu meat as a food source as is currently law in every other state.

Read the story to see what happened next.

[5]Man vs ADFG Machine: Who Cares about Alaska Food Sustainability?

Plaintiff’s case is nothing but platitudes to promote Political Theater. This isn’t a civil rights case, as Northern Justice Project specializes in. This is simply a politically-motivated public spectacle using the Alaska Court System to harass somebody who was doing what a majority of her constituents elected her to do. It hasn’t likely cost McDow a nickle. If the court finds in favor of Reinbold, Plaintiff should have to pay Reinbold’s legal expenses.

If that Happens Maybe Her Teamster Family can Help McDow out.

Bobbie McDow was a leader in the Mask Mandate Mob who publicly pilloried anyone who didn’t share their ignorance. Being BOLD about her denial of a fallacy made Sen. Reinbold a perfect target for ignorant people using Political Theater to diminish a political opponent. The attorneys in this case would be ashamed if they had any class.

Sen. Reinbold called them out! This Degree of Courage is Very

Rare in Alaska Elected Officials.

At about the mid-point of Covid Hysteria I wrote a piece describing the battle being fought by Captain Dunleavy as opposed to the efforts of misfit children elected to run the Municipality of Anchorage. Plenty of Alaskans then thought Sen. Reinbold had missed the boat, based on reporting bias, and agreed she deserved to be punished for challenging sweeping curtailment of Alaskan’s Constitutional civil rights. The Alaska Court System was ALL-IN for Covid Hysteria—only backing off mask mandates at the end of 2022. With all the publicity, and all the denial, and all the embarrassing revelations now lately about our corrupt Supreme Court arbitrarily changing the Alaska Constitution to protect bureaucrats, what are the chances of Reinbold getting a fair hearing in Alaska?

[6]Alaska’s Covid Pandemic Battle, February 2021

Who IS Bobbie McDow?

From Alaska Court records, Bobbie McDow is a wannabe kidnapper. She failed to get the Alaska Courts to award her the child of her sister, who lived in Washington and had entrusted her son named Ralph to McDow’s care. Using the courts to facilitate an attempted or actual capital crime should be punishable under the law, but McDow got off.

In January 1996 McDow took the effort to kidnap her divorced sister’s kid all the way to the Alaska Supreme Court. She had refused to return her Washington sister’s son after the agreed two months visit, stating she believed the boy would NOT be safe with his mother. McDow filed a custody complaint with the Alaska Superior Court. An investigator Michael Weingarten, MA, who interviewed the boy three times, reported him “presenting problems” as “probable neglect by his maternal mother, instability and multiple moves, and probable sexual abuse.” Weingarten recommended Ralph continue his placement with Bobbie McDow.

Defamation of character at least.

The court discussed whether it had jurisdiction in facilitating Ralph’s kidnapping: Jurisdiction over child custody proceedings is governed by the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA), 28 U.S.C. § 1738A, and the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJA), codified in Alaska at AS 25.30.010-.910. Under the combined impact of these acts, the superior court may not modify the Washington custody decree if the Washington court which issued it retains modification jurisdiction.

Delusional McDow’s extensive kidnap attempt failed to bring her sister’s son into her Teamster family.

Anyone who has read this story is invited to comment

about it on my website OR, of course:

[*]McDow v. McDow 908 P.2d 1049 (1996)


[1]Eagle River’s Born-Again Legislator: No More Excuses for Dan Saddler, October 2017, Updated March 2023

Eagle River’s Born-Again Legislator:

[2]Too Bold? Rep Lora Reinbold Speaks Out, November 1, 2017, Updated June 2023.

Too Bold? Rep Lora Reinbold speaks out on SB 91, Education, and the Budget

[3]Senator Reinbold Sues Seattle Airlines

Senator Reinbold Sues Seattle Airlines

[4]Northern Justice Project – Alaska’s Preeminent Civil Rights Firm


Founded in 2005, the Northern Justice Project, LLC is a private civil rights and special education firm that focuses on representing Alaskans in complex lawsuits against the State and Federal Governments and large corporations. We have a proven track record of significant victories for our clients. From Medicaid, to Native American rights, to Special Education access, to tenants’ rights and more, we have successfully won many cases that have made an incredible difference for people living in our communities.

[5]Man vs ADFG Machine: Who Cares about Alaska Food Sustainability

Feeding Alaskans; Man vs ADFG Machine

[6]Alaska’s Covid Pandemic Battle, February 2021


[7]McDow v. McDow 908 P.2d 1049 (1996)

Who Owns Kelly Merrick?

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