No Justice, No Peace: Our Court System is Corrupt!

This is a terrible time to have a case before the Alaska Court System for anyone like this writer, who has no confidence in the possibility of justice. It’s a part-time court (Mon-Thu) run by judges who are protected from accountability by the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct–whose Executive Director Marla N. Greenstein is currently hiding under her desk in response to public charges of corruption.

[1]November 2022 statement by David Haeg RE: Alaska judicial corruption

The System Benefits Attorneys

If an Alaskan can prove he/she has done nothing illegal, and can prove he/she was set up by criminals, for instance, the case should stand–and be expedited–on the merits. In my own case I have submitted pleading after pleading as if they were chapters in a book documenting almost unbelievable violations by a team of scammers. When this is over, Dear Readers, you may find the book of this journey in Alaska Jurisprudence as absurd as what Alice dreamed.

Shouldn’t there be legal consequences for falsely charging someone of DV using false evidence?

Alaska attorneys in black robes appear unfazed by the facts I have presented, but very insistent on procedural minutia. And, when it comes their turn to produce, they take their sweet time.

Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991

How OUR Alaska Courts work.

Every court must get its pound of flesh—especially if you are a white male. A charge of Domestic Violence stands until Defendant can prove differently. In my case, after proving the described event never happened before two judges in three hearings, it took seven months for the Prosecutor to drop the unfounded and incredible again regurgitated criminal charges.

Triple Jeopardy

I have won in the face of outrageous lies based on the facts but it ain’t over yet.

Further, how dare I—longtime Alaska Independent Journalist–report on Alaska Judicial Misconduct while I am myself under constant attack by scammers who–enabled by our courts–exploited my vulnerability following death of the three-decade love of my life? There are consequences for telling truth! But whatever happens I intend to forever define the Alaska legacy of The Borden Scam-and-Slime Gang.

[2]Devastated by Cancer, first published in July, 2018, preceding by two weeks the first contact by the scammer team on July 31, 2018.

Knowing well my status as a senior living alone with a home as my primary asset, the gang’s diabolical scheme has not worked thus far although their burglary and theft have cramped me financially. Apparently these criminals hope to shut me up, and wear me down enough–with now their fourth attorney–to cause me to give up.


I will NEVER give up; I have defended myself

pro se throughout this ordeal and I will fight

injustice to my dying breath

Likewise, Alaskans being scammed by elected and un-elected government officials at many levels, must never give up. Our state’s Founding Fathers’ collective vision was that we always celebrate Alaska independence, and accountability of government, with checks and balances provided in the Alaska Constitution—with the Grand Jury as an ultimate recourse.

That constitution was the basis for our being able to become a state in a first-world nation.

As a resource-rich state with a small population

Alaska is Extremely Vulnerable to Scammers.

We cannot really know, for instance,

how many non-Alaskan residents illegally receive

annual Permanent Fund Dividends

We cannot know this partly because at the start of the PFD program the Alaska Supreme Court threw out the original formula to pay Alaskans according to their length of residency. With such a fair formula the State Permanent Fund Division might better know year-to-year who gets the earned dividend and why they deserve it. But, instead of an earned dividend the attorneys in black robes caused the PFD to become a government give-away program.

One of the latest frauds perpetuated against Alaskans as being legal was Jungle Primary > Ranked Choice Voting, a 3rd world tactic which will forever taint validity of our last election.

[3]Shame of Alaska: Jungle Primary>Ranked Choice Voting

By this same token efforts to remove citizen’s rights to take corruption or malfeasance to a Grand Jury follows the trend of making Alaskans subservient to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats, and is another example of institutional corruption diametrically opposed to principles this state was founded on.

And the Bureaucrats are Brazen!

From the Alaska Court System Website:

New Information About Grand Jury Investigation Process

What is the Constitutional right to investigate a matter of public welfare and safety?

Article 1, section 8 of the Alaska Constitution states, “The power of grand juries to investigate and make recommendations concerning the public welfare or safety shall never be suspended.” The Alaska Constitution gives grand juries the right to investigate and make recommendations concerning the public welfare or safety; it does not provide that a citizen has a right to have a grand jury investigate a matter that the citizen thinks is important. Alaskan citizens have never had a constitutional right to bring any issue directly to a grand jury for investigation. The Constitution does not state or imply that a citizen who is unhappy with something has the right to take that issue to a grand jury to investigate. The few grand jury investigations that have occurred in Alaska were all brought to the grand jury by the Department of Law. However, as described below, there is a procedure for a citizen to make a request for the grand jury to investigate matters of public welfare or safety (by getting permission from a bureaucrat).

For background: The Alaska Attorney General serves primarily as legal counsel to the governor while also serving as Commissioner of the AK Department of Law. The AG should not be afraid too many individual citizens might bring grievances to the Grand Jury, but that is now an excuse for changing the rules! These bureaucrats don’t want individual Alaskans who know of corruption to realize they can DO SOMETHING besides whine to an ombudsman (who is also a state employee) or beg for permission to present evidence to a Grand Jury.

It took David Haeg nearly 20 years to get before a Grand Jury after he was framed by the AK Department of Fish & Game and made a scapegoat for mistakes of agency leadership. Ultimately Haeg even ran for governor to try to be heard.

The message from the Dunleavy Administration:

The bureaucracy ALWAYS decides, not you peons.

What happened to this writer was the result of scammers confident in the incompetence of most public employees AND the courts. As someone who does not drink, smoke or use any intoxicants I look back at what happened and feel some shame that I fell into their trap cold-sober. I have no explanation of my vulnerability to anyone who is incapable of understanding my loss and despair at that time.

The Setup was Extensive

As part of this scam Bill even sponsored this writer to be a member of the Susitna Rotary Club!

I enjoyed fellowship of many fine Alaskans in that group, but as time passed I realized my life had been hijacked and I had to trust My Shepherd to guide me to a new path. The crisis was real but a kidnap victim must be smart as events unfold.

I Noted Borden Tells

Too late I realized Bill Borden was a fraud. An auctioneer, a land appraiser, Realtor, Reverend and all-around huckster, Borden scammed the owner of Mike’s Quality Meats after I had introduced them, and he obtained real estate listings worth more than $3.5 million. I later had to apologize to Greg Giannulis when we discovered the fraud.

Borden never told Giannulis he had a 14% interest in the

purchase offer he presented

[4]Alaskans Beware! The Man, the Legend, the Publicity Stunt…

In early 2022 Bill Borden had Iditarodmusher Instagram account although he had not owned dogs in more than a decade. He ran the race ONCE in 2002, coming in almost last as a promotional stunt for his Atlanta, GA based real estate firm originally owned by his mother.

Corruption at the Top has a Deleterious

Downstream Effect

We know from 1955 Constitutional Convention notes that one intent of Grand Juries in the Alaska Constitution was to investigate corruption of government officials—including even court system officials. But as one might expect in a 3rd World Economically Developing Country, the capricious Alaska Supreme Court has lately ruled with Court Order 1993 that plain words of the constitution can be interpreted differently by those in government service most likely to be themselves corrupt!

[5]Protesters take Issue With Alaska Supreme Court

Alaskans be damned, judges are agents of God himself!

I wrote previously about Kenai judge Jennifer K. Wells, enabled by her boss, Presiding Third Judicial District Judge William F. Morse (formerly of Kenai) who determined the Alaska Constitution didn’t mean what it said when citizens brought forth concerns about corruption and sought to be heard by the local Grand Jury.

[6]Kenai Court Judges Jennifer K. Wells & William F. Morse: “Never Mind the Alaska Constitution…”

Mercifully Judge Wells has since announced her early retirement “to be closer to family in Massachusetts.”

[7]News story of Wells early retirement

The festering OCS Sore

Another issue many Alaskans are quite familiar with–but is maintained as a festering sore by the courts and the Dunleavy Administration–is at the heart of our most expensive and dysfunctional department, AK Health and Social Services. Again, Presiding Judge Morse made promises of consideration to Thomas Garber in a public hearing in the face of efforts by honorable parents to seek redress for harm being done to families continuously by the Office of Children’s Services:

Morse recognized Federal Courts are looking into this problem, too.

Thomas Garber received an open-court hand-job from Judge Morse.

[8]Alaska OCS Crisis; Parents are Pursuing Accountability

Since that story November 15, 2022 many Alaskans have come to this writer with their own stories of violation by this agency. This is such an important issue, but the people who should care don’t. It is regrettable Alaska does not have the caliber of public officials able to address a problem of this magnitude, but it is no wonder: Chuckleheads in charge sure as hell don’t want individual citizens pointing out their incompetence as they feather their own nests at the public trough.

The result is a crisis of confidence in the face of continuing denial by Dunleavy and his team of happytalkers.

From that story:

At an October 13, 2022 hearing before Third District Presiding Judge, William Morse, Parent Thomas Garber offered his renewed plea for a Grand Jury Investigation into practices of OCS. This writer attended this most recent hearing and detected an interest by Judge Morse to find a way to address the on-going OCS crisis. He had previously presided over such a Grand Jury investigation in 2016, when Rep. Tammie Wilson first brought voluminous testimony to the court.

Rep. Wilson benefitted personally by bringing these charges to the good-old-boy court. She gained a plumb Dunleavy H&SS job—but nothing has changed and she will not be interviewed by this writer about her efforts.

How Can Alaskans Trust Anybody in State Government

—Especially Our Courts?

Alaska has been experiencing an out-migration for some time now. Residents are becoming aware of the takeover of our state government by a deeply entrenched and intractable bureaucracy and Legislature/Administration refusing to pay an annual dividend required in statute, providing government education outcomes at the bottom of the nation, featuring social service zealots who keep families in crisis, ignoring critical food security concerns, and hosting elections that feature voting more than once until chosen candidates win.

[9] How Can Alaska Gain True Food Security?

Our court system is a business that assures everybody loses slowly together except Alaska Bar Association attorneys.

Outsiders can scam Honorable Alaskans as easy as

shooting a king salmon in a 55-gal barrel with a shotgun

The Lords at Court don’t care; all Alaskans are at the mercy of these and other public sector chuckleheads putting in their time until blessed retirement and Alaska PERS/TRS benefits.

But Alaskans are Pushing Back on this Overreach!

The steady decline of our public institutions is inevitable as we must adapt from the days when oil production paid 80 percent of the cost of state/local government. Alaska politics have killed that goose.

[10]Why British Petroleum Left Alaska

Gov. Dunleavy and the Legislature don’t get it. Rather than cutback bloated state agencies, like HSS, they steal money from citizens’ statutory entitlement in The Permanent Fund, further damaging a frail economy. Given cutbacks to the Court System, Alaskans have no reason to expect justice anymore.

This is when things can get dangerous. Remember when Spenard Divorce was a frequent cure for cabin fever?

It’s a Rigged Game.

Backlash from arbitrary efforts by the Lords at Court to limit access to the Alaska Grand Jury has backfired, and is now building a head of steam in the Court of Public Opinion. One role of the courts is to resolve conflict short of physical confrontation and advocates for restoring the Alaska Constitution have recently appealed to our legislators cavorting in backwater Juneau to DO SOMETHING!

Don’t get your hopes up, Kids. Session is almost over and they haven’t spent enough money yet. In the face of so many disappointments with Alaska institutions in recent years–personally and as a once enthusiastic proponent of Alaska–my own expectations are low. In my own case I have found sinister evidence of a threat to my personal safety by the scammer team. I have put the evidence before a court more concerned with whether I have filled out their forms adequately than with the trail of crimes I have laid bare over more than one year.

Bordens are from Hatfields and McCoys Country

[11]Hatfield/McCoy feud

This threat is serious enough that I have been in exile at an undisclosed out-of-state location now several months. I could not apply for a PFD for the first time since the start of the program.

Alaskans challenging status quo corruption in this state may expect to find themselves in personal jeopardy, too–given the power structure in backwater Juneau–that 64 years after statehood still takes its orders from Seattle, and likes everything just the way it is.


[1]November 2022 statement by David Haeg RE: Alaska judicial corruption

More Cover-Up of Alaska’s Judicial Corruption?

Beginning in the winter of 2022, numerous Alaskans protested the unconstitutional and illegal suspension, by state officials, of Grand Jury investigations into crime, conspiracy, and cover-up by state officials. (See: After tensions escalated to physical confrontation, a Kenai Grand Jury was finally allowed to proceed.

This summer the Grand Jury invited me to provide sworn testimony and evidence, which I did for 4-hours – including direct evidence that Alaska’s only judge investigator for the last 33 years and counting (Marla Greenstein – who conducted all 8000 judge investigations since 1989) was falsifying official investigations and certified documents to keep corrupt judges on the bench and ruling over We-the-People. (Evidence against Greenstein) 

I provided evidence that for decades individuals within Alaska’s over-sight agencies  (including the Department of Law) have been covering up Marla Greenstein’s corruption – and asked the Grand Jury to investigate these individuals.

Finally, I told the Grand Jury that since the DOL was implicated in the corruption, the DOL attorney advising it (Chief Assistant Attorney General Jenna Gruenstein) should be replaced with completely independent counsel.

The Grand Jury tried to do this, as months later I received a Grand Jury subpoena from “Independent Prosecutor Clinton Campion” of the law firm Sedor, Wendlandt, Evans, and Filippi, LLC. (I was told by a state official that the Grand Jury had “issued a bunch of subpoenas”.)

Yet Clinton Campion is the exact same individual, who, when employed by the DOL as director of its Office of Special Prosecutions, personally investigated and completely exonerated Marla Greenstein after I filed a criminal complaint against her.

Worse, when I confronted Campion, he claimed to have forgotten this and thus never told the Grand Jury that, when he worked for the DOL, he personally exonerated Marla Greenstein from the same exact evidence I had asked the Grand Jury to investigate.

Since I asked the Grand Jury to investigate all those who have covered up for Marla Greenstein in the past, this means one of the very people the Grand Jury is to investigate for corruption is now providing the Grand Jury with legal advice. 

The above corruption inspired an incredibly interesting and thorough book on Alaskan Grand Juries and how state officials have been unconstitutionally and illegally suspending them from investigating corruption by state officials. Please read at least the highlighted pages/portions of this book.

1. If you believe Clinton Campion has a conflict of interest in providing advice to the Grand Jury investigating the above corruption;

2. If you believe Clinton Campion should not and/or cannot be the Grand Jury’s independent counsel;

3. If you want to know exactly how, and by whom, Clinton Campion was made the Grand Jury’s “independent” counsel;

4. If you don’t believe Clinton Campion “forgot” that he investigated and exonerated Marla Greenstein;

5. If you believe the forgoing is evidence of a continuing cover-up of serious corruption within Alaska’s judicial system; … Contact one or more of the following with your concerns and ask they act;

Governor Michael Dunleavy: (907) 465-3500 

Attorney General Treg Taylor: 907-269-5100

Rep. Ben Carpenter: 

Senator Peter

Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly member Jesse Bjorkman (and presumptive Senator): 907-394-6796

KPBA President Brent Johnson: 907-262-4763

KPBA member Bill Elam: 907-690-4339 

Alaska Supreme Court: (907) 264-0612

Alaska Bar Association: 907-272-7469

Sedor, Wendlandt, Evans, and Filippi. LCC:  
(907) 677-3600

Any other individuals and/or entities you think appropriate, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation or U.S. Department of Justice.

Most Sincerely,

David Haeg
PO Box 123
Soldotna, Alaska 99669
(907) 398-6403 cell/text

[2]Devistated by Cancer

Devastated by Cancer

[3]Shame of Alaska: Jungle Primary>Ranked Choice Voting

Shame of Alaska:

[4]Alaskans Beware!

[5]Protestors take issue with Alaska Supreme Court

By Ian Stewart, Your Alaska Link Apr 20, 2023

ANCHORAGE (Your Alaska Link) – Protesters picketed outside the Nesbett Courthouse in downtown Anchorage Wednesday.

This morning’s protest was a continued response to what protesters see as the Alaska Supreme Court overstepping its boundaries with Court Order Number 1993. In July of 2022, a Kenai grand jury convened to investigate concerns of corruption in the duties or system, particularly of Marla Greenstein. But the actions of the Supreme Court seemed suspicious to some.

This is exactly what grand jury should look at, and then a grand jury said, ‘Whoa!’ and started investigating and subpoenaed Marla Greenstein in and the judges. And that’s when the supreme court came and said, ‘No, no grand jury, you can’t do this,’” David Haeg, who organized the protest, said.

It’s been a month since their last protests, but the group feels like they’re already making some headway. With more participating in demonstrations in Anchorage and around the state, it seems like their message is getting out.

And I think this problem has been ongoing for a while and people thought they were alone. And now people know that they’re not alone and they become a little more brave to come out and voice their opinion and realize that they might not be retaliated against,” Haeg said.

Why would the grand jury investigations be a problem unless somebody who was being investigated was doing something wrong?” Sarah Short, a concerned citizen and protestor, said.

The protests coincided with another in Juneau — with the protesters looking to end corruption within the Alaska judicial system.

[6]Kenai Court Judges Jennifer K. Wells & William F. Morse: “Never Mind the Alaska Constitution…”

Kenai Court Judges Jennifer K. Wells & William F. Morse: “Never Mind the Alaska Constitution…”

Kenai Superior Court Judge, Jennifer K. Wells doesn’t believe the Alaska Constitution means what it says. Her boss, formerly of Kenai but now Presiding Judge of the Third Judicial District, William F. Morse, doesn’t either. Gov. Michael Dunleavy’s (Deputy) Attorney General John Skidmore has already made it very clear that the Alaska Court System will interpret the constitution any damn way they want to, and there will be consequences to citizens (in which all political power resides under the Alaska Constitution) who might think Alaska Grand Juries are more than just a show for the Lords at Court.

[7]KDLL September 15, 2022

[8]Alaska OCS Crisis; Parents are Pursuing Accountability

Alaska OCS Crisis; Parents are Pursuing Accountability

[9] How can Alaska Gain true Food security?

Meat is Essential!

[10]Why British Petroleum Left Alaska

[11]Hatfield/McCoy feud

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