Psych Crisis At North Star Youth Treatment Center

OCS Child Trafficing Facility

Mary Transki and Floyd Lee are caught in the system after seeking help from OCS

The Alaska Office of Children’s Services (OCS) is beyond the law and out of control. Parents who foolishly think they can get help from this agency may instead expect their kids to be taken into custody and damaged in ways unimaginable–perhaps at a private lock-down vendor like North Star Behavioral Hospital.

Additionally, the Alaska Supreme Court has recently decided it can usurp the Alaska Constitution, with new regulations ruling the Alaska Attorney Generalwho is also Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s appointed Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Law—will decide whether citizens can go directly to the Independent Grand Jury for investigation of wrongdoing by government officials. 

It’s a Catch-22 for many Alaskan Families.


We already know how some Alaska attorneys in black robes take care of their own once appointed to the bench.

[2]Kenai Superior Court Judge, Jennifer K. Wells doesn’t believe the Alaska Constitution means what it says. Her boss, formerly of Kenai but now Presiding Judge of the Third Judicial District, William F. Morse, doesn’t either. Gov. Michael Dunleavy’s (Deputy) Attorney General John Skidmore has already made it very clear that the Alaska Court System will interpret the constitution any damn way they want to, and there will be consequences to citizens (in which all political power resides under the Alaska Constitution) who might think Alaska Grand Juries are more than just a show for the Lords at Court.

Judge Morse promised in a hearing October 13, 2022 that he would hear more from Thomas Garber representing parents asking for a grand jury investigation. Garber originally requested this about the same time David Haeg requested a grand jury; Haeg has gotten his four hours but the results are secret. Now we know what Morse’s pledge is worth; he can blame his pals at the Supreme Court and the Lords there can say this constitutional manate shall be clarified at their pleasure.

See how this works? As occurs in any 3rd World Nation, Alaska elected officials can be bought and the constitution reinterpreted for the benefit of the ruling class.

Understand the difference between First- and Third-World Nations here:

As a Third-World Colony of the United States of America the State of Alaska can ignore popular will and change any rules anytime.

[3]Alaska OCS Crisis; Parents are Pursuing Accountability

At this time a groundswell of people harmed by OCS are coming forward. Alaskans throughout the state will continue to document what is happening and let it be known in the Court of Public Opinion until a political solution can be found.

Here is what we know

The administrator of North Star Behavior Health System Anne Marie Lynch has been removed and recycled to another hospital in Indiana. How long this for-profit vendor has been damaging Alaska families by an incompetent and corrupt agency is only speculation, but it didn’t start with the Dunleavy administration.

 [4]Embattled North Star hospital CEO stepping down, ‘effective immediately’

Is this the tip of the Iceberg?

Perhaps it is time for OCS Director Kim Quay to also step down. Besides the federal investigation currently underway, the State of Alaska must also take responsibility for malfeasance child abuse which continues to this day.

Parents who have been damaged by the outrageous overreach of this agency are now lining up with attorneys, hoping our courts might do something. Don’t expect anything from the Dunleavy Administration. Covid hysteria has been a great diversion and Department of Health & Social Services Commissioner Adam Crum was just promoted to head the Alaska Department of Revenue—the agency responsible Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend distribution.

[5]Dunleavy Announcement of acting commissioner at of DHSS

Expect the Alaska Court System to Dither.

[6]Why Alaska Courts Suck

From another recent press report: North Star’s patients — some as young as 4 years old — are among the most vulnerable children in Alaska, sent to live in a locked facility away from family, with the promise that hospitalization will relieve acute psychiatric and behavioral problems.

[7]Inside the Deepening dysfunction at North Star Psychiatric Hospital, by Michelle Theriault Boots, Anchorage Daily News, 09/27/22

One now notorious 14-year-old boy—one of three who broke out of North Star and couldn’t be found for days–has led to OCS social workers violating a court order requiring them to include the family in decisions about his care. On November 30, 2022 this boy informed his mother he was being shipped out of state to another private Northstar Healthcare hospital in Utah. All parents and witnesses could do was watch from afar at the airport as he was moved at 1:30 am.

[8]Video of child being trafficed from Alaska by OCS on November 29, 2022.

These social workers believe they are beyond the law because of how the system is set up.

[9]Federal inspectors fault assaults, escapes, improper use of locked seclusion at North Star youth psychiatric hospital 09/30/22

[8]Video of child being trafficed from Alaska by OCS on November 29, 2022.

Imagine adults trained in mental health who cannot manage a 14-year-old boy. In the mid-1960s this writer could have been that boy. Parents of this child have granted this exclusive interview of what has happened over one year of their family destruction at the hands of OCS.

The Big Lie

Floyd Lee and Mary Transki are regular Alaskans with three children together. This writer recognizes that Regular Alaskan represents a very wide range of lifestyles and behaviors, and since I have never had kids of my own I only know what I have been trained (Master’s Degree in Education) about child development and learning, as well as direct classroom experience.

This was a functioning family with two adults earning incomes to support their kids and build a future acquiring houses and renovating them for resale along the way. They have two homes at this time; one under renovation.

These parents interviewed for this story feel betrayed by OCA and had legal assistant present for this interview.

It started with our middle son, Eric, explained Transki. He was misbehaving–having suicidal ideations, homicidal ideations, threats of self harm–so we took him to Matsu Regional Hospital for a mental evaluation an a Title 47 hold until Northstar Behavioral Health had a bed for him. This was an immediate crisis for our family.

Both parents work at professional skilled jobs in the MatSu Valley and do not use any intoxicants. They are trying to manage the same challenges we all face as Alaskans whether we have a State job or not. The idea that seeking help from an agency professing to care about families was not something they expected to do, but now that agency has taken THREE children and cycled them through foster care that has damaged them individually and collectively.

They know their mistake, and this is a cautionary tale for all Alaska parents.

Eric has, with his inappropriate actions and incredible damage to his own person, become another example of how OCS can accelerate crisis.

This is the most expensive agency in State government.

We initially wanted to put him in the residential treatment facility in Palmer, called The Summit, continued Transki. It is still a lockdown facility but they didn’t have any beds available and said we needed to put him into the Anchorage facility first.

I‘ve raised two boys through puberty–some of this stuff is normal and even healthy–that onset of puberty, explained Lee. The last thing we thought was that OCS is going to come in and take custody because we sought medical care for our child. Once they took custody of Eric, things didn’t get better, they got far worse–at the foster home in Palmer. Pretty soon OCS kidnapped the other kids and the problems kept getting worse.

14-year-old Eric Lee has single-handedly exposed the Incompetence of the Office of Children’s Services and the Alaska Court System. No wonder the Alaska Supreme Court is trying to change by regulation provisions for direct citizen appeal to a Grand Jury as established in black letter law in our Alaska Constitution.
They should all be ashamed.

Lee continued: All of a sudden there was a 360 degree change because they refused him the right to talk to me. Eric couldn’t  talk to Dad and was refused the right to talk to his brothers. His behavior escalated there so they transferred him to Sitka, and then to Ketchikan. He has been alienated from his family and institutionalized. The last episode before the transfer to Utah, Eric took a screw out of the toilet and drove it into his arm.

The OCS Mission Statement says it will work to make positive changes in the child and to the family as a whole, said Lee. I believe the behavior of Eric is in direct response to how he is being treated. Now he is doing a higher level of  self-harm, cutting himself with items that have been not properly secured at a lock-down facility. They are causing him to react just as happens when a kid is teased. They should be promoting healthy behaviors through professional counseling and behavior modification. Instead they are using drug therapy and it is creating a monster.

We went to court and the judge lifted the NO MOVE ORDER but said everybody involved had to be involved in that decision to move him, including us as parents. We had to all agree that was what is best for Eric. Instead, OCS decided to just move him without any other consideration.


[1]Catch-22, Mariam Webster:

[2]Kenai Superior Court Judge, Jennifer K. Wells doesn’t believe the Alaska Constitution means what it says.

[3]Alaska OCS Crisis; Parents are Pursuing Accountability

[4]Embattled North Star hospital CEO stepping down, ‘effective immediately’

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[6]Why Alaska Courts Suck

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[8]Video of child being trafficed from Alaska by OCS on November 29, 2022.

[9]Federal inspectors fault assaults, escapes, improper use of locked seclusion at North Star youth psychiatric hospital 09/30/22

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