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Filipino Political Scam Proposed for Economically Developing Country (EDC) Wealth Fund

Today Alaskans must ask: How safe is OUR Wealth Fund from Political Corruption?

Many Alaskans remember the idealism generated by Gov, Jay Hammond, and real legislative leaders like House Speaker, Hugh Malone, and Senate President John Rader, who passed legislation during the 10th Alaska Legislature to provide equitable payment for our oil in an agreement with companies developing Prudhoe Bay on state lands. We the People had witnessed construction of the engineering marvel Trans-Alaska Pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, and recognized we were partners with the Goose that Laid Golden Eggs.[1]

We The People defined:

Alaska Constitution

Section 2. Source of Government

All political power is inherent in the people. All government originates with the people, is founded upon their will only, and is instituted solely for the good of the people as a whole.

Hence, We The People are supposed to be in charge of our government, not some strawman put into place to do the bidding of Outside interests, as is exactly what happened in Philippines when President Ferdinand Marcos was facilitated into office by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). President Lyndon Johnson nurtured and empowered Marcos as an puppet ally to justify the War in Vietnam.

Marcos ultimately became a dictator, together with his wife Imelda Marcos running the country with an iron fist. They plundered the Philipine economy before being harbored in Hawaii where Ferdinand died September 28, 1989 at age 72.

As early as 1969, the CIA determined that Marcos had already stolen several hundred million dollars, and, by 1972, other American officials had become aware that Marcos was raiding the national treasury. Nothing was said, however, to avoid embarrassing an ally. Estimates of how much the Marcoses had stolen from the government ranged from $5 billion to $10 billion.

[2]A history of the Philppines, Luis H. Francia, Abrams Press, New York, NY, 2019 p 265

Alaskan Babes in the Woods


Beginning in 1982 Alaskans receive annual Dividends (PFDs) from the Alaska Permanent Fund because public officials with vision recognized our always inflated economy can best be addressed by distribution of earned dividends to the designated owners of our natural resources–as also clearly stated in the Alaska Constitution.

Article VIII Natural Resources

Section 1. Statement of Policy

It is the policy of the State to encourage the settlement of its land and the development of its resources by making them available for maximum use consistent with the public interest.

One argument at the time was all Alaskans have an ownership interest in the Oil Resource in the same way a retiree in Chicago has an ownership interest in any oil company stocks they might own. Our PFD is compensation for living and contributing to make Alaska a better place for current and future Alaskans.

The PFD is NOT a Give-Away, Nor Charity


One popularly stated goal of this Wealth Fund during its inception was to keep from allowing anticipated abundant resource bounty from being pissed away on State/Local government. These same Honorable Alaskans believed we had an obligation to future generations to share in this bounty—not as government serfs but as independent thinkers–who could best provide for ourselves and our families through a direct payment of a dividend. Operation of State Government would also receive 50 percent from Permanent Fund earnings. This plan has worked and even served as inspiration for many other proposed Wealth Plans.

But Alaska Politicians now Deny

We The People Our Due

Some 38-years after establishment of the deal between the State of Alaska and Oil Companies producing our oil, Gov. Sarah Palin and the Alaska Legislature arbitrarily changed the deal to what they initially called Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share (ACES), increasing the tax to 75 percent, causing the goose to wonder if an ax was hidden in Palin’s bloomers.

We The People Did Not Ask for this.

Grandstanding Palin abandoned her hotseat as Governor of Alaska to join John McCain on an ill-fated run for vice president of the United States of America. It was a laughable spectacle. Her Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell was left to pick up the pieces of her also laughable and ill-fated oil policy.


From a national press account: On Tuesday, (November 4, 2014) Alaskans will have to decide which tax will result in more revenue for the state. It’s a big question in a state that derives most of its budget from oil revenue – and a tricky one, because as oil production has boomed in other states, thanks to hydraulic fracturing (or fracking), it has dwindled to one-quarter of its 1988 peak in Alaska.

We The People Rejected Gov. Palin’s scheme.

Alaska still has among the nation’s highest tax rates on the oil industry, says Barry Rabe, a professor of public policy at the University of Michigan, in a telephone interview. Rates are far higher than any other state has ever tried.

Residents receive a dividend from the oil revenue the state collects. In its relationship to oil development, Mr. Rabe adds, Alaska has really functioned more like a foreign country.

This is not the first time Alaskans have been called Blue-Eyed Arabs.

Sarah Palin jumped onto the national stage as Vice-President running mate with desperate Republican candidate, John McCain

[3]On Alaska’s oil tax referendum, Palin joins with liberals, Jared Gilmour, Wall Street Journal, 08/18/2014.((https://www.csmonitor.com/Environment/2014/0818/On-Alaska-s-oil-tax-referendum-Palin-joins-with-liberals))

In 2014 Another Absurd Alaska Politician

Took the Stage

In the 2014 General Election Bill Walker/Byron Mallott 134658 votes (48.10%) would beat Sean Parnell/Dan Sullivan 128435 votes (45.88%)

[4]Division of Election Results1

Walker would go on to also embarrass Alaska on the world stage.

In 2016 Gov. Bill Walker and the Alaska Legislature decided to arbitrarily change the statutory formula for payment of the annual PFD to Alaskans who had lived here at least one year. The continual call for return to the statutory formula has since fallen on deaf ears as what used to be a 50/50 split of earnings has become a government entitlement and variable fund handout as a budget item for the PFD.

Alaska is a model of what can happen when politicians elected in district go to Backwater Juneau to enact laws that care less about We The People than they do for special interests. They know nothing will happen as a result of their duplicity.

We The People Did Not Ask for this.

Philippine Proposal for a Wealth Fund

JC Punongbayan, PhD, produces the #NeverForget Diary on Substack.com. Recently he posted the following:

This is the #NeverForget Diary, a weekly summary of what’s happening in the Philippines under Marcos II.

Week 23: November 28-December 4, 2022

National scam in the making?

A new bill filed by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s son and cousin (Speaker Martin Romualdez and presidential son Senior Deputy Majority Leader Sandro Marcos) seeks to create a new sovereign wealth fund called the Maharlika Investments Fund.

But the name itself is a fraud, according to Punongbayan: Maharlika is a nod to guerrila group that Marcos Sr. supposedly belong to during WWII. But this myth has been debunked by historians.

As proposed, the Maharlika Investments Fund will be initially sourced from the social insurance programs of GSIS and SSS (pitching in a combined P175 billion), and also gov’t banks such as Landbank and DBP, and even the Treasury. The total seed fund will be P275 billion. These are the country’s pension funds which are incurring huge deficits at the moment.

Don’t Tell the Biden Administration or this plan could be ours, funding Green New Deal infrastructure from Social Security Accounts.

[5]National Scam in the Making2

Another Filipino writer explains further:

The bill passed by the House, just yesterday (December 16, 2022) and apparently in haste, creates the Makarlika Wealth Fund –maharlika is Filipino for royalty, according to Vergel O. Santos, who writes a blog on Filipino politics.

President Marcos proposes Filipino Wealth Plan from scarcity.

Economists have come forward in force, in one voice, and in no uncertain terms against a sovereign wealth fund for us, stated Santos. It’s a plainly bad idea, they say, for the state to put up a fund for investment using people’s money and have presidential appointees manage it; it makes for a fertile ground for corruption. And to do that in these times will make things even worse, they add.

Santos continued: Indeed, we’ve never been in a worse economic shape since President Ferdinand Marcos, Martial-Law dictator for 14 years (1972-1986), plundered the nation and bankrupted it. A couple of present-day realities should give us enough fright: We’ve never seen prices rise so fast and so high (8%) and gone into debt so deep (P13 trillion) – we have borrowed more than we can cover, and international credit analysts say it will take 10 years of decent governance, definitely not our strong suit, for us to regain our standing as a viable borrower.

And to think that, as a rule, sovereign wealth funds are built from surpluses!

Before we start our sovereign wealth fund, we must first answer the big question: where do we get the money from?

According to the World Bank, most sovereign wealth funds are financed using the excess funds of their governments, such as in the case of Norway, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. This surplus often comes from natural resource extraction. Recognizing that the profits from oil will one day run dry, these countries have invested the money in long-term funds for sustainability.

This was exactly the basis for formation of our Alaska Permanent Fund, but as in Philippines “decent governance is definitely not our strong suit,” in Alaska.

Santos concludes: The Philippines has neither a budget surplus nor low public debt levels. Experts warn that this places us in a bad situation to start such a fund.

[6]A Bad Idea All Around, Vergel O. Santos,3

Governor Dunleavy’s Permanent Fund Cabal

What assurances do Alaskans have of safety for our goose if long-standing State of Alaska negotiated agreements, tax policy and even a statutory PFD Payment formula can be changed arbitrarily with just one or two goofy governors? We could also be facing economic challenges in the near future. How do we know corruption is not happening now in our wealth fund–with a board largely controlled by any governor–who can influence investment policy and annually send dividend payments, the amounts of which are determined by legislative whim, to people who claim to live here?

This writer has asked these questions before.

[7]Why the Permanent Fund Corp Turmoil? April 28,2022

Why the Permanent Fund Corp Turmoil?

From that story:

The APFC board is subject to much political influence. Any new Alaska governor would appoint half of the trustees (the two department heads and one public member) during his or her first year and a clear majority (with the second public member) by the second year. One-third of the trustees, the department heads, report to and serve at the pleasure of the governor. In comparison, a new U.S. president would not have appointed a majority to most federal independent commissions until the third or fourth year of his or her first term. Finally, for similar federal independent commissions, approval by the U.S. Senate provides a check on presidential authority and also involves a confirmation process whereby appointee qualifications are publicly reviewed.

But the United States is not a 3rd World Nation, right?

An effort to require legislative approval of Permanent Fund Board appointments was made during the last Alaska Legislature (HB 412) but it failed to get out of committee.

HB 412 Sp0nsor Statement


The longest serving current member of the Board Bill Moran retired earlier this year.

[8]APOC Reports, Bill Moran wealth Accumulation as PF Board Member 2011 and 2022

Gov. Dunleavy appointed Gabrielle “Ellie” Rubenstein as Moran’s replacement.

Some will remember the Rubenstein/Rogoff team that purchased the Anchorage Daily News for $32 million, changed the name to Alaska Dispatch News, hosted President Barack Obama for a State Dinner, and sold ADN to the Binkleys of Fairbanks in bankruptsy for $1 million. Ellie Rubenstine never had to worry about missing a meal during that public fiaisco and now has the entitlement chops to cause Dunleavy to bless her with this honor.

[9]Unsupervised Youth in Anchorage/ADN on the Brink

Unsupervised Youth in Anchorage

As We The People reflect on where we have come since smart and idealistic Alaskans proposed a Wealth Fund from resource bounty, with stable agreements with the goose laying golden eggs, we can easily see how the idea inspires politicians eager to exploit our innocence and good will as is being proposed now in Philippines. Legislators and Gov. Dunleavy will soon be assuring us all of their commitment to the Best Interests of Alaskans as our public institutions continue to serve special interest public employee unions who elect these political opportunists so Union Bullys can negotiate salary and benefits from both sides of the table.

Why would they want independent thinking Alaskans paying their own way and not dependent upon ever expanding public services?

We The People Did Not Ask for this.


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Why the Permanent Fund Corp Turmoil?

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Unsupervised Youth in Anchorage
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