Regular Guy and Haul Road Trucker for Legislative Senate District C

Walter Jones has been Homeless in Alaska and Since Built his Own Home Out-Of-Pocket!
Walter Jones
Walter Jones, Candidate for Alaska Legislative Seat C

Longtime Kodiak Senator, Gary Stevens, is a good guy. He and his wife Rita are pillars of Alaska and among The Beautiful People. This writer met both Stevens’ when working as a legislative aide on the 4th floor of the Alaska Capitol during the 2018 Session of the Alaska Legislature.

This was Room 409 where this writer worked as Legislative Aid to Rep. Lora Reinbold. Today Reinbold refuses to support Kelly Merrick who is running for the Senate Seat currently held by Reinbold.

On one occasion, when getting information about education funding for my boss from Sen. Stevens’ able staff, I kissed the ring.

He’s a former full professor at the University of Alaska Kodiak, you know, and everybody around him talks in NPR radio voices. I didn’t get a chance to ask Stevens what he thought about poor academic outcomes from our government schools in recent years requiring the UA System to dumb down requirements for incoming students.

That would have been imprudent.

Stevens is one of those who thinks you cannot pay too much for public education. Virtually everything that has occurred in the Alaska Legislature regarding public education over the last 5-10 sessions has been influenced by Stevens–without regard for academic outcomes.

This is called The $oft Bigotry of Low Expectations.

Ignorant people are Easily Fooled into Maintaining Status Quo Politicians in Office

Stevens lives on Kodiak Island–like Juneau accessible only by boat or airplane. So, Alaskans who dislike the circus our Alaska Legislature has become can thank politically inbred professional politicians like Stevens, one of the ringmasters. He is so smart and capable he doesn’t even need to tell constituents what is happening.

Senator Gary Stevens has endorsed Senator Lisa Murkowski
Who could even dream of beating this guy1 at the ballot box?

A common Alaskan?

No way.

PFD Otter
PFD Otter

Senator Gary Stevens

  • Taft High School, Taft, Oregon: 1955 – 1959
  • Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon – B.A.: 1959 – 1963
  • University of Oregon – M.F.A.: 1963 – 1965
  • University of Oregon – Ph.D.: 1982 – 1984
Business and Professional Positions:
  • Professor, University of Alaska: 25 years
  • General Manager, Northern Processors: 5 years
  • Director, Kodiak Oral History Project
  • President, Alaska Historical Society
  • Board of Directors, Alaska Humanities Forum
Political and Government Positions:
  • Chair, Legislative Council: 2015 – present
  • Chair, Advisory Task Force on Higher Education and Career Readiness: 2012 – 2014
  • Chair, 100-Year Celebration of the Alaska Legislature: 2012 – 2014
  • Senate President: 2009-2013
  • Rules Chair: 2008-2009
  • Majority Leader: 2005 – 2007
  • Rules Committee: 2005 – 2013
  • Vice-Chair, Joint Legislative Salmon Industry Task Force: 2003 – 2004
  • Community and Regional Affairs Committee: 2003 – 2004
  • Labor & Commerce Committee: 2003 – 2004
  • Armed Services Joint Committee: 2003 – 2013
  • Legislative Council: 2003 – present
  • Finance Subcommittees: Community & Economic Development (2003 – 2013); Corrections (2003 – 2013); Natural Resources (2003 – 2004)
  • Co-Chair, Special Committee on Fisheries: 2001 – 2002
  • Health, Education, & Social Services Committee: 2001 – 2002
  • Joint Legislative Salmon Industry Task Force: 2001 – 2002
  • Resources Committee: 2001 – 2002
  • State Affairs Committee: 2001 – 2002
  • Special Committee on Education: 2001 – 2002
  • Finance Subcommittees: Chair, Administration (2003); Chair, Natural Resources (2003); Education & Early Development (2001 – 2002); Fish & Game (2001 – 2002); University of Alaska (2001 – 2002)
  • Co-Chair, Council on State Governments, International Committee: 2015 – present
  • Member, Council on State Governments, Rules Working Group: 2013 – present
  • National Chair, Council on State Governments: 2013
  • Ex-Officio Member, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
  • Mayor, Kodiak Island Borough
  • Mayor, City of Kodiak
  • President, School Board
  • Presiding Officer, Borough Assembly
  • Board of Directors, Alaska Municipal League
  • Alaska Conference of Mayors
  • Vice-President, Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference
  • Chairman, Kodiak Mayor’s Conference
  • Member, Pacific Fisheries Legislative Task Force
  • Ex-Officio Member, Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation: 2002
  • Host Committee, CSG Conference: 2003

Steven’s 2022 Contributors:2

DateFirst NameLast/Business NameAmountCityStateOccupationEmployer
8/9/2022Tom and SheilaBarrett$250.00Alaska
8/7/2022Natasha and RudolphVon Imhof$500.00Alaska
1/6/2022Alaskan Republicans Inc$900.00AnchorageAlaskaPolitical Action CommitteeAlaskan Republicans Inc
1/4/2022ASEA/AFSCME LOCAL 62$1,000.00AnchorageAlaskaPolitical Action CommitteeASEA/AFSCME LOCAL 62
6/7/2022GaryStevens$20,000.00KodiakAlaskaSenatorState of Alaska
6/8/2022TomEnlow$500.00Dutch HarborAlaskaPresidentUniSea
6/10/2022JarredBrand$1,000.00SeattleWashingtonDirectorTrident Seafoods Corp
6/10/2022PaulLumsden$500.00KodiakAlaskaManagerTrident Seafoods
6/11/2022JeffreyWelbourn$500.00SeattleWashingtonVice PresidentTrident Seafoods Corp
6/13/2022BruceHunt$500.00North CantonOhioVice President of SalesSonoco
6/13/2022StephanieMadsen$500.00JuneauAlaskaExecutive DirectorAt-Sea Processors Association
6/13/2022TonyRoss$1,000.00Maple ValleyWashingtonCFOOBI Seafoods
6/14/2022ChrisArnim$250.00Bainbridge IsWashingtonVice PresidentTrident Seafoods Corp
6/14/2022JohnHanrahan$1,000.00BothellWashingtonExecutive Vice PresidentOBI Seafoods
6/15/2022JosephBundrant$3,000.00SeattleWashingtonChief Executive OfficerTrident Seafoods Corp
6/15/2022KurtLindsey$2,500.00AnchorageAlaskaPresidentPetro Marine Services
6/15/2022GlennMerrill$250.00JuneauAlaskaGovernment AffairsGlacier Fish Company
6/16/2022ChrisBarrows$250.00SpringfieldVirginiaPresidentPacific Seafood Processors Association
6/16/2022DianeBundrant$3,500.00EdmondsWashingtonSr. Executive AssistantTrident Seafoods Corp
6/16/2022DougGardner$500.00JuneauAlaskaLegislative StaffState of Alaska
6/16/2022PatrickMcHugh$1,000.00BellevueWashingtonMarine ConstructionWestern Marine Construction
6/16/2022StephanieMoreland$1,500.00SeattleWashingtonVice PresidentTrident Seafoods Corp
6/16/2022NEA-ALASKA PACE$1,000.00JuneauAlaskaTeacher's UnionNEA-ALASKA
6/16/2022MarkPalmer$1,500.00Fall CityWashingtonPresidentOBI Seafoods
6/16/2022ChrisPlaisance$250.00Mill CreekWashingtonManagerUnisea, Inc
6/16/2022JerrodStafford$1,000.00SeattleWashingtonManagerWestern Marine Construction Inc
6/19/2022RickIsaacson$250.00SeattleWashingtonPWS Operations ManagerTrident Seafoods Corp
6/20/2022PaulCyr$750.00KetchikanAlaskaManagerE.C. Phillips
6/21/2022GaryStevens$10,000.00KodiakAlaskaSenatorState of Alaska
6/23/2022PaulLandes$500.00AnchorgeAlaskaSenior ManagerGCI
6/26/2022RodMeussner$1,500.00TukwilaWashingtonPresidentFrontier Packaging
6/28/2022Employees Political Information Committee$1,000.00JuneauAlaskaPolitical Action CommitteeAlaska Public Employees Association/AFT
6/28/2022ElizabethFleming$250.00KodiakAlaskaAttorneySelf employed
6/30/2022Dentists of Alaska Political Action Committee$1,000.00AnchorageAlaskaPolitical Action CommitteeDentists of Alaska
7/6/2022ThomasPanamaroff$250.00AnchorageAlaskaRegional and Legislative Affairs ExecutiveKoniag, Inc
7/6/2022JohnScoblic$250.00KetchikanAlaskaRegional ManagerTrident Seafoods
7/10/2022MatthewMoir$500.00KodiakAlaskaManagerNorth Pacific Seafoods, Inc.
7/19/2022CONOCOPHILIPS AK EMPLOYEE PAC$250.00AnchorageAlaskaPolitical Action CommitteeCONOCOPHILLIPS
7/22/2022ASEA/AFSCME LOCAL 52$1,000.00AnchorageAlaskaPolitical Action CommitteeASEA/AFSCME LOCAL 52 PAC
7/25/2022CoreyBaxter$100.00JuneauAlaskaOperating EngineerCity of Juneau
7/25/2022International Union of Operating Engineers$1,000.00AnchorageAlaskaPolitical Action CommitteeInternational Union of Operating Engineers
7/25/2022WayneJensen$500.00DouglasAlaskaArchitectJensen Yorba Wall Architects
7/25/2022HollyJohnson$500.00DouglasAlaskaOwnerWings Airways
7/25/2022KatrinaMatheny$250.00JuneauAlaskaLegislative StaffState of Alaska
7/25/2022SallyMatiashowski$250.00Auke BayAlaskaHousewifeRetired
7/25/2022James M.Stedman$100.00JuneauAlaskaOwnerAlaska Seaplanes
7/25/2022WayneStevens$75.00JuneauAlaskaPresidentUnited Way of Southeast Alaska
7/25/2022MariaUchyhtil$100.00JuneauAlaskaNon ProfitHealth Care
7/25/2022RobertVeneble$50.00JuneauAlaskaExecutive DirectorSouth East Conference
7/25/2022Win Gruening$196.79JuneauAlaskaRetiredRetired
7/28/2022GeraldMarkham$5,000.00KodiakAlaskaAttorneySelf Employed
7/29/2022ColbyImus$100.00KodiakAlaskaDriverMatson Lines
8/2/2022Alaska's Doctors of Optometry$1,000.00AnchorageAlaskaPolitical Action CommitteeAlaska's Doctors of Optometry
8/2/2022BenjaminBrown$100.00JuneauAlaskaAttorneyCBJ Law Department
8/2/2022CherieCurry$100.00AnchorageAlaskaSelf EmployedWinfluence Strategies LLC
8/2/2022Kari and JohnEllsworth$1,000.00AnchorgeAlaskaManagerDiamond Center
8/2/2022JohnEllsworth$2,500.00AnchorageAlaskaManagerDiamond Center
8/2/2022AudreyFaulkner$100.00AnchorageAlaskaSelf employedSelf employed
8/2/2022PerryGreen$100.00AnchorageAlaskaFurrierDavid Green Furs
8/2/2022JimJansen$456.95AnchorageAlaskaChairman of the BoardLynden Incorporated
8/2/2022JimJansen$500.00AnchorageAlaskaChairman of the BoardLynden Incorporated
8/2/2022LeilaKimbrell$50.00AnchorageAlaskaExecutive DirectorResource Development Council
8/2/2022RustyKline$100.00AnchorageAlaskaConstructionKline Construction
8/2/2022TimLamkin$250.00JuneauAlaskaLegislative AideAlaska State Legislature
8/2/2022CarlMarrs$500.00AnchorgeAlaskaChief Executive OfficerOld Harbor Native Corporation
8/2/2022JosephSchierhorn$500.00AnchorageAlaskaCEONorthrim Bank
8/2/2022Ben and ElizabethStevens$500.00AnchorageAlaskaVP External AffairsConocoPhillps Alaska
8/2/2022RudiVon Imhof$456.95AnchorageAlaskaPresidentDelta Leasing
8/2/2022WilliamWalker$250.00AnchorageAlaskaAttorneySelf employed
8/3/2022TomKlaameyer$100.00Eagle RiverAlaskaTeacherNEA Alaska
8/4/2022DougBlumer$250.00AnchorageAlaskaManagerNC Power Systems
8/4/2022MichelleEgan$100.00AnchorageAlaskaChief Communications OfficerAlyeska Pipeline
8/4/2022VasillosGialopsos$100.00AnchorageAlaskaGovernor's StaffState of Alaska
8/4/2022AdamGibbons$200.00BronxvilleNew YorkInvestment AdvisorLatash Investments LLC
8/4/2022ChuckKopp$100.00AnchorageAlaskaCommercial FishermanSelf employed
8/4/2022SaraRasmussen$50.00AnchorageAlaskaResidential AppraiserSelf employed
Jones Family near glaciers

I am just a working guy, a truck driver who stays up with the news, studies history and current events, and has had a lot of time on the road thinking about what is going on in this state, said Walter Jones over breakfast at Coast Inn at Lake Hood. I know I can represent the people of Senate District C better than they have been represented by this career politician. He’s a professor, but Alaskans like me value meaningful education because it is our ticket to a better life—not just at the University level, where students drown in long-term debt with little to show for, when it is time to get a meaningful job. The people of this district are not being represented and that’s a problem. We just hear crickets from these professional politicians until election time, then it’s “Vote for ME Vote for ME!”

Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991
Harry S. Truman

Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I’ll show you a crook.

Harry S. Truman, 33rd president of the United States, serving from 1945 to 1953.

I ask: “What did YOU do over the last four years? Why should I vote for YOU again?” Once they get elected their job is to stay in office, continued Jones. That’s why we need term limits. How do you become wealthy being a politician?

I will take a financial hit—over what I am paid to drive the Haul Road—when I am elected, continued Jones. I have had to sacrifice before, and I will do that if the voters want someone who cares about THEIR needs–and reining in our out-of-control state spending.

What does Jones know about Sacrifice?

Jones has covered some hard roads. He believes his Alaskan experience will keep him grounded. He is stepping up because he feels Alaska special interests have for too long determined who gets what in the state budget in Juneau, while suckers who voted for these career politicians are struggling to survive.

Q: What kind of crazy person would try to run against that privilege and entitlement?

A: Walter Jones is that crazy. Here are some of his positions:

Full Permanent Fund Dividend-YES!

Make the Permanent Fund Dividend back into a direct statutory percentage payment formula averaged over five years–as it was originally set to be and worked 40 years–directly paid to individual Alaskans.

The PFD was never intended to be in the budget, said Jones. The money needs to be distributed directly to the people, not siphoned off to the 8500+ nonprofit corporations. Alaskans can CHOOSE to contribute to non-profits they support.

How will this PFD Nightmare End?

Academic Outcomes in Public Education-YES!

We cannot deny our place at the bottom of the nation in government school academic outcomes. We must have School Choice. Alaskans want their kids to be able to live and succeed anywhere in the world upon graduation, but that’s not happening. It’s shameful and we can directly blame career politicians like Stevens for this.

Who Cares about YOUR Kid’s Education?

During high school I also went to trade school. The schedule allowed Vocational Education for part of the time, continued Jones. My instructor was so busted up, but he tossed the books away. He said: “You’re not gonna learn anything from them books. This is a hands-on job.” Every day we went out rain, sunshine, whatever and worked with bricks and mud. Our class also tiled an entire church! Let me tell you, it takes a lot of tile to do that.

Now my son is benefiting from the instruction I received from that busted up mason in High School public education.

Alaskans have allowed status quo professional politicians to control the education agenda too long. They go to Juneau, form Binding Caucuses requiring commitment on support of the budget before the budget is even known, and then dispense money to their special interest friends according to the wishes of NEA-Alaska.

Meaningful skills and academic outcomes don’t matter to these people!

We Must Do Better with Alaska Public Education

For this reason I fully support the efforts of parents in Nikolaevsk to take back their school, said Jones.

Election Integrity-YES!

We must have a hand-count of ballots. We did it that way before and we can do it again. We do not need the vulnerabilities of machines in our election process and it shouldn’t take 30-days for results to be known. Current Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyers has been a great disappointment in this regard.

I applaud MatSu Borough citizens’ efforts to assure integrity of the vote by hand-counting ballots.

Brian Endle: What Matters in the MatSu Valley? Election Integrity and Conservative Values

Food Security-YES!

Alaska is viewed as being isolated but It’s a freaking global international hub! Jones said. We are a shipping hub, we have a space launching facility in this district, and we could become food secure if the State of Alaska would quit patronizing us with federal mini-grants and happytalk. We need Commercial Ag land to be food secure. During WWII Alaska had 5,000-6,000 head of beef on 30,000 acres at Kodiak island where today we have less than 500. We need massive greenhouses like Bells Nursery where they grow tomatoes year-round.

Our neighbor in Anchor Point has a few grow-tunnels, said Jones. He grows vegetables for all the restaurants and they all come there every Friday. It’s awesome.

This requires people with the will and imagination to do more than distribute money to the good ol’ boy network.3

The Sorry State of Alaska Agriculture: Kodiak Island Area Beef Production

The last legislature passed the largest budget in Alaska’s History and passed only ONE BILL addressing food security—HB 294—to form a committee to STUDY the issue and maybe do something. We are dependent on Seattle—where most of our food is trucked to for barge to the Port of Alaska.

Seattle sets the price for food for Alaskans.

Jones is in favor of the State of Alaska providing financial incentives and establishing a mechanism for making Commercial Ag Lands of 10,000+ acre sections available. We need to raise in Alaska the animals we now pay more than $2 Billion/year for the meat we currently ship from Seattle. All across Northern Canada large ag land sections are dedicated to feeding that entire nation.

This has not been given serious consideration because Juneau is fed quite well by Seattle.

Move the Capital-YES!

The argument for not moving the Alaska Capital from Juneau when it was voted on by The People was “access is available through technology.” Only a fool would believe that, as we now know with online learning replacing classroom instruction during the Covid Pandemic. This lie has assured Juneau has undue influence over Alaska political decisions. The estimated $1Billion cost to move the capital to Willow in the early 1980s would have saved many billions lost because we didn’t move it.

Alaska’s Capital Move Efforts: O Ye, of Little Faith

Constitutional Convention-YES!

Alaskans who convened to write a constitution in Fairbanks in 1955 were primarily Franklin Roosevelt New Deal Democrats. Our constitution is a Progressive document needing a tune-up now after 62-years. Do not be afraid that there might be more crazy Alaskans than those who want our state to be a beacon for the world! Representative Democracy requires us to trust We The People.

Fishing Resources-YES!

The Kenai Peninsula is a world-class sport fishing destination and we should be committed to protecting our stocks for that important publicly-owned resource. That said, we have Alaska commercial fishermen who deserve to be able to harvest fish for our Alaska markets through a policy of managing for abundance. I am not sure that is happening and will work closely with all user groups and individual Alaskan fishers to provide maximum yield for all.

Transportation Innovation-YES!

We must be innovative in Alaska. As a truck driver I have studied and thought a lot about our transportation infrastructure.

We have begun to use innovative Rubber Crumbs in asphalt4 to improve durability of our roads in Alaska5, but we need to do more. Crumb Rubber is made from ground-up tires with the metal pulled out, mixed with adhesive to form a flexible road surface. It means better traction in all weather—and reduction of snow. It’s flexible so it moves with frost heaves, and no pot holes. I have driven route 75 around Atlanta, GA which is 8 lanes wide of this material. You won’t find one pothole and It’s super quiet.

For Love of Alaska

My wife, son and I moved into this district in 2016, explained Jones. We previously had a house in Wasilla. After I got laid off from the slope for the 3rd time I was like: “That’s it. I’m done, leaving Alaska.” We lost that house because I just couldn’t get caught up. They wait until you go home to tell you they’re laying you off because they don’t have the guts to tell you to face. When you get that phone call: “Hey, we’re just gonna go ahead and lay you off.” And that’s it.

I had to scurry around trying to find a job.

Meanwhile, the house payment keeps coming in; electric, gas, water. Soon you’re underwater.

I cashed out my 401K account to get all caught back up, but they sold the house out from underneath me, continued Jones. Luckily, it was summertime so we went to Seward thinking there might be jobs there. A good truck driver can get a job anywhere–maybe could haul fish. We just lived in a tent camping there, and when they closed the campground, we moved into the woods.

We were truly homeless.

Next we moved to Hope, and camped there because it was closer to Anchorage, said Jones. When it started getting cold one of the old guys there, a gold miner, let us stay in his dry cabin. It was pretty nice.

In Hope the elderly lady that owned the grocery store had a motorhome that she wasn’t using, said Jones. She sold it to us for cash and I worked my butt off getting it in shape. Now we we’re mobile, we could go anywhere we need to, so we took off for Fairbanks. That wasn’t going to cut it; it’s super cold there, so we went to Homer. Long-story-short, since I am a veteran we ended up at the Ninilchik America Legion.

They had a hookup for water, sewer and power; they said “whatever we need.” Wow. I owe them everything, Jones said. So we stayed there. And started looking for land. We found a place over in Anchor Point and bought two lots there–16 acres. And, rather than go through a bank and house payments to be held under the thumb of a mortgage company again, we decided to build out-of-pocket.

My training as a mason meant I was able to do the foundation and we are living in our own home now, said Jones.

Tried and True Alaskans

This is what I love about Alaska, continued Jones. You can do what you want to do here. Instead of laying down and giving up if you keep putting one foot in front of the other you will reach your goal. My family is in for the long haul. We have a little mini farm, overlooking Kachamak Bay with all the glaciers and the ice field, and St. Augustine volcano.

So your son experienced all of this also?

Yes, absolutely, he was just a little kid, continued Jones. We went through all this while he was in elementary school. He’s a tough kid. And he has been right there with me caring for the animals, laying blocks or pouring concrete for the foundation, anything to help out.

This is why Education is so important, and why it needs regular Alaskans to address it instead of UA Professors who go into politics to feather their nest, continued Jones. When Alaskans graduate from our public education they need to be prepared for life, not at 10th-11th grade after playing High School for three years. The GED is now normed at 12th grade and plenty who graduate from our high schools couldn’t pass the GED without additional instruction.

I am the District C candidate who can think outside of the Juneau bubble, concluded Jones, and I would appreciate your vote.

This writer once interviewed a wealthy businessman who said: “Show me an employee who thinks he is indispensable, and I will show you an employee I am about to fire.” Sen. Stevens has been representing Kodiak and Juneau for a long time and he obviously thinks he is indispensable. The voters of this district need to fire him and bring someone to this office who will appreciate concerns of Regular Alaskans–because he has experienced them himself.

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2 thoughts on “Regular Guy and Haul Road Trucker for Legislative Senate District C”

  1. I wish I could vote for Regular Guy but I’m in Delta, different senate district- As a farmer I support his Alaska Grown views, as a grandfather I support his Educational Outcome views, as a workin’ stiff I appreciate he knows about hard work. If he gets elected I wonder if he could champion:
    1) a fertilizer (urea) plant to use the gas currently going back down the hole in Prudhoe
    2) Cut our own deal on Alaska royalty-oil (is it still 20%?) so refined- in-state fuel is affordable

    Thanks. Jon

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