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Last week I made a profound professional miscalculation. I left one of my windows slightly open in the Carwash. What a mess in what is, after all, really my mobile office!

Leaving windows open to your personal life on Facebook can also ruin your day, and even your professional career.

Many Realtors and other professionals have been very successful with Facebook marketing and use this amazing web tool to attract customers and generate serious leads.

However, if Facebook becomes your drug of choice, be careful about an overdose.

Facebook is an awesome tool for social networking but, unfortunately, is feeding some folks’ desperate need for attention. Do I really care what you had for breakfast? Is narcissism now a mental health epidemic?

For some in my industry, and maybe in yours, certain individuals not only leave a window ajar, but open all the windows fully.

This is not professional and will backfire in business when your customers learn and see everything you do in your private life.

Facebook is a sharp sword for slicing out your piece of the business pie, but you may go hungry in the end when some customers and associates turn against you. Be wise in the use of internet exposed business tools.

On a brighter note:-

Did you know that the population of the United States is 339 million people which is 4.2% of the world’s 7991 million people (7.99 billion).

Your 4.2% of the world generates and enjoys 17.2% of the planet’s wealth. Not so bad living in the United States. Be tolerant of one another and protect your heritage.

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