Education and healthcare systems in Nigeria are stricken with poverty. Are they better than Alaska’s?

Tunde Adeniyi

To people who live in the west, Africa is a cruel place. I know this because I have had the benefit of formal education and lifelong experience here. Our 3rd World governments are corrupt. The people live in bitter poverty. Our only hope for the future is through education. I have a vision for the future of Africa, as a teacher, and I appreciate DONN LISTON allowing me to tell my story of hope for the future on this digital platform.

Akure City Ondo State Nigeria Nigeria
Akure City Ondo State Nigeria Nigeria

I was born in Akure Ondo State, Nigeria to Yoruba parents, James & Florence Adeniyi, both from Ekiti State. My father had limited formal education and as a young boy in Africa, it was difficult for me to gain quality education.

UNESCO: All children are born to learn – but so many never do

Education is identified as one critical area for improvement across Sub-Sahara Africa. My hope is to be a source of inspiration to many school children in my country, and Africa as a whole. I dream of drastically reduced illiteracy where children have access to quality education and affordable healthcare. During my years of teaching, I have provided learning materials, and utilized teaching tools to aid reading ability of students.

All children are born to learn – but so many never do

Poverty in Africa is largely due to wrong information and misinformation. My hope and dream is to actuate weapons against poverty through quality education to improve quality of life across Africa. Lack of education also contributes greatly to the rise of crime.

Poor education is one tool to assure ignorant people elect corrupt politicians. Alaskans have witnessed this dynamic first-hand in Juneau even as the richest state per capita in the USA.

The AK Roundtable has produced a book looking at why we have 3rd World Government schools in Alaska. Request a copy by clicking here.

My Experience as A Young Man In Africa

Acquiring a quality education in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole is one of the most difficult achievements any one can face. In Nigeria 47.3% or 98 million people, live in Multidimensional poverty, most located in Nigeria. This poverty rate does not include Borno State where insurgency has prevented data collection. It is a difficult experience growing up in Africa. Matter of fact, the life expectancy for an African is 63.82 years, compared to Europe which is 77.8 for men and 83.32 years for women.

Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991

I like to name our natural disaster in Africa as ‘’poverty.’’

Words cannot comprehend the penury I experienced as a young man growing up in Africa, as my family endured the biting hunger here. I remember walking with my mother one day, when silent tears coursed down her cheeks, seeing her slowly wiping them away, I asked: “What is wrong?” Her reply: ‘’No Food At Home’’ That night, my mother was restless, she could not silence the voice in her head enough to sleep. The following day, I discover the small white and black television in the living room was gone. My father sold it for money to buy food. My heart was broken.

We lack availability of pure water and so many other necessities of life the readers of this webpage likely take for granted in your Firstworld Country.

Nigeria Education Problems: Lacking Basic Infrastructure

Africa’s National Electrical grid falls short of providing reliable electricity due to inadequate generation capacity, limited transmission capacity and outdated distribution infrastructure. Energy poverty is a challenge faced by consumers both at home and at school, greatly reducing teaching resources and classroom materials. In Nigeria, we are greatly limited due to lack of electricity available: Lack of electric lighting, television, computers, all impact quality education. Mostly we use lantern and candle to read at night and to get academic assignments done.

Climate Change alarmists have urged alternative energy sources like windmills and solar here in Alaska, where we produce the cleanest oil and gas available, while in Africa–where the sun pounds the earth–people must go without meaningul energy sources.

Nigeria was dubbed as the Poverty Capital of the World in 2021. Poverty in Africa is the lack of provisions to satisfy basic human needs. We have overall Sub-Standard housing, homelessness, inadequate nutrition and food insecurity, inadequate childcare, lack of access to health care, unsafe neighborhoods and under-resourced schools.  As an African, I know the determinant of poverty can be traced to low or declining level of economic growth, income inequalities, un-employment, corruption, bad governance, diversion of funds into non-developmental projects, fund embezzlement, and inappropriate macroeconomics policies.1

Countless nights I have gone to bed hungry owing to lack of food.

In 2021, I lost my father to cancer and Diabetes. I lost my job because my mother was the only one looking after my father and I could not accept her doing all of that alone. As I spent more time in the hospital, my job was impacted until he died.

Tunde and his four sisters on the occasion of their father’s funeral.

Healthcare Systems in Nigeria

Healthcare delivery in Nigeria and Africa overall remains among the worst in the world. The World Health Organization considers the minimum cost for basic health care to be $34 to $40 per year per person. Nigeria is below this amount. The majority of us who live here are unable to enjoy the basic requirement for an adequate health care system. This is caused by poor government and human resources to address challenges caused by ineffective integration of services in countries with limited natural resources. Instead, Africans must resort to using natural herbs to cure disease and illness.

Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991

By contrast Alaska has the most expensive healthcare system in the United States where doctors become millionaires. Who is Politicizing Alaska’s Health Care Crisis?

The Threat of Competence

I personally had a major operation in 2009 wherein the hospital could not even provide a bed to lay on! It was a very traumatizing experience; the lack of attending physicians, poor facilities and obsolete equipment make it difficult to have correct diagnosis of patient health issues. This 3rd World health care system is poorly developed without adequate and functional surveillance system to assure adequate delivery of care.

The Certificate of Need Scam Fuels Alaska’s Healthcare Crisis

Efforts to Survve the Global Pandemic 2020

This had been one of the most significant periods in my life. In October 2019, I took a course in Google Analytics and, in December same year, I got certified as a digital marketer. February of 2020, I interned as assistant sales representative for a company in United Kingdom and learned about video editing and cinematography. During the lock down of 2020, I watched tutorials on YouTube, and read extensive to enrich my knowledge. In 2021 I became a weekly contributor to a media blog in Cincinnati Ohio. For them I cover breaking news and political news from Nigeria and Africa.

‘Repentant’ Boko Haram Terrorists Surrender: Feelings of anxiety have been raised by the citizens of Nigeria about this development.

Looking Back and My Hope for the Future

During elementary school years, I helped my mother hawk some petty goods every day before and after school hours to get fund for my education, This toughened me up as a young boy and built a ‘’never say never’’ attitude in me. Upon finishing my secondary school Education in 2006, I gained admission to the Ekiti State University Ado Ekiti to study History and International Studies. I wanted to study Mass Communication but unfortunately, there was no such course available then at that university. I earned my first degree in 2015, did compulsory one-year National Youth Service in 2017 in Kebbi State. This is a program for every graduate in Nigeria University system, where I had my first experience as a teacher on the north side region of Nigeria. I received a certificate in 2018. My second experience as a teacher was in 2019 where I taught Government and Civics Education two years. During this period, I enrolled in a Postgraduate studies in Education, where i got certified in studies about education in 2020.

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As a dedicated student and teacher, I long to tell the universal story of human survival through increased understanding and adaptation to conditions we must face in our life journey. If you have enjoyed this initial story about my experience, I would appreciate your comments on this website so DONN LISTON can decide if this story is worthy of continued presentation. We in the Third World of Africa are very far away from Alaska, but from what I have learned about your place we share many inadequacies of public institutions. While you are very rich and we are very poor.

Gross Human Rights Violations Against Ugandans in the Middle East
  1. Nigeria Still Poverty Capital of the World, This Day Live, September 6, 2021 []

9 thoughts on “Education and healthcare systems in Nigeria are stricken with poverty. Are they better than Alaska’s?”

  1. ….thank you for this, Tunde. I have known you since 2013, and we have furthered the cause of Christ together by teaching the sound doctrine of the apostles to the entire world literally every single day since then. Everything you do, you do properly, correctly and completely; as exhibited in this thoughtful article, written with the utmost of proficiency. Your follow-through and integrity is unmatched in commitment to teaching and learning. Clarifying your personal day-to-day life experiences and present challenges should shed a blinding light on some of the basic life necessities most of us take for granted – but which are not readily available to you; and, without which, most of us would become dysfunctional and socially paralyzed, but I digress.

    That said, I want us to continue working towards a path for you to come work for the Spiritual Safari, Inc. in America; and perhaps enjoy citizenship status here someday soon. Those who wish to help us make that dream a reality can donate at the Spiritual Safari website (* > Get Involved page; and leave the remark ‘’Tunde’’ in the comment section. Every dollar donated will either go into a dedicated fund for expenses related directly to your immigration; or I will forward the money to your account, depending on what the best interest of the circumstances.

    *The Spiritual Safari, Inc. is a non-profit organization, and every dollar donated is tax deductible ~

  2. Wow! What a touching story! I never imagined you’ve been through so much to get to where you are. May all you dreams be fulfilled. The African child’s dreams are all valid.

  3. Chidiebere Okongwu

    Interesting write up, Tunde. You made it to the conventional tertiary institution, I couldn’t. Virtually every Nigerian has/had a long affiliation with poverty.

  4. Hello Tunde – thank you for sharing your passion. Your short article shared many insights into your life and that of your fellow country men. I was able to learned many things and look forward to hearing more from you as you move toward realizing the steps leading to an improvement of your country’s ability to better govern its people – “love its people more”. Yes, shortcomings are present in all covernmental instituation, but they should not be allowed to hold back the development of its people’s basic quality of life; each life is immeasurable precious!
    From early on in your life, you have shown an independed – can-do – spirit; keep staying close to the source of your inspiriation to keep your love of your people as your soul’s ‘True North’. May many others join your cause to work toward seeing your county and its people prosper.
    I am sure that your vision will become more established in real terms and hope and pray that a network of like-minded people come to your side – many hands make for light work!
    God’s blessings for you and your country’s future!

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