Vision of the AK Roundtable: Impact the Future of Alaska!

What are the top issues facing Alaska and who is examining them with an eye to educating Alaskans to insist elected officials make well-informed decisions? Wise elected officials should want to know this, too.

A lot has been happening organizationally with AK Roundtable and this is an update on the previous story written December 23, 2021.

Intent of the AK Roundtable Effort

A typical AK Roundtable presentation. The organization is seeing more younger people, women and minorities as a broad range of issues are considered for evaluation.

The purpose of an election is to enable a qualified citizen who registers to vote to select who will represent them, period–not to enable organizations, unions from all over the United States to come in here and dump money to decide who represents Alaskans, explained Ric Davidge, AK Roundtable Founder. A former District Republican Official himself, Davidge says one of the problems is some Republican candidates today take money from unions and special interests to get elected with false narratives.

How something is phrased can change the meaning. Many traditional media have become simply online propagandists for corporate or other special interests. and AK Roundtable strive to provide instructional conservative fact-based information.

A perfect example of this: Rep. Kelly Merrick has been censured by the Alaska Republican Party for joining the Democrat minority caucus to give them a majority coalition in the last legislature. However, Merrick still runs as a Pro-Life Republican who has tremendous financial support from primarily special interest unions. Read about Kelly Merrick’s False Narrative

Merrick’s APOC Contributors:

Date PaidContributorAmount
11/16/21Alaska Laborers PAC3,000.00
12/29/21Laborers Union Local 3413,000.00
12/29/21Laborers Union Local 9423.000.00
12/30/21UA Local 375 Plumbers & Steamfitters Union (FBX)3,000.00
12/31/21Juneau Central Labor Council of Unions3,000.00
01/11/22Laborers Union Local 341 PAC Account3,000.00
01/12/22Alaska Laborers Union PAC3,000.00
01/14/22Laborers Local 492 ALPEV Voluntary Contributions (FBX)3,000.00
1/15/22Public Employees Local 712,000.00
12/29/21Anchorage Fire Fighter’s Union IAFF Local 12641,500.00
12/29/21Operating Engineers Union Local 3021,500.00
12/29/21Teamsters Union Local 959 (FBX)1,500.00
12/31/21Gerald Neeser, Neeser Construction1,500.00
12/29/21Alaska AFL-CIO1,000.00
12/29/21Alaska State Employee Union ASEA/AFSCME Local 521,000.00
12/29/21Lyndon Transport James Jansen1,000.00
12/30/21Bill Walker Brena Bell Walker (Failed 1-term Governor)1,000.00
1/10/22Bill Armstrong, Armstrong Oil & Gas (CO)1,000.00
12/31/21Elizabeth Stevens, Wife of former Dunleavy Chief of Staff Ben Stevens750.00
12/2921Union Lawyer Charles Dunnagan500.00
12/29/21Electrical Union Workers IBEW Local 1547500.00
12/29/21UA Local 367 Plumbers & Steamfitters Union500.00
12/31/21Robert Abbott, NW Region Laborers Union (WA)500.00
12/31/21Linda Anderson, Foundation Health Partners (FBX)500.00
12/31/21Joe Balash, Santos Limited (Oil Search)500.00
12/31/21Vince Beltrami, retired Alaska AFL-CIO President500.00
12/31/21Tom Brice, retired Alaska Union Official500.00
12/31/21Dave Cruz, Cruz Construction (FBX)500.00
12/31/21Joelle Hall, President Alaska AFL-CIO500.00
12/31/21Keith Meyer, LNG Central (TX)500.00
12/31/21James Sampson, Former Pres. AFL-CIO (FBX)500.00
12/31/21Colleen Savoie, Parker Smith Insurance Broker500.00
12/31/21Matthew Shuckerow, Former Press Secretary for Gov Dunleavy500.00
12/31/21Kai Sims, President Anchorage Wolverines Hockey500.00
12/31/21John Sims, President ENSTAR500.00
12/31/21Kevin Sund, Juneau carpenter500.00
12/31/21Khalial Within, Attorney, AK Dist Council of Laborers500.00
01/12/2022Wes Canfield, AK Laborer’s Union Local 341 Bus Agent500.00
01/11/22Caboret Hotel & Restaurant (CHARR PAC)500.00
01/11/2022Kisha Guillen, Bookkeeper Laborer’s Local Union 341500.00
01/12/2022Todd Porter, QAP Construction Co.500.00
01/13/22Larry Bell, AK Natl (IBEW UNION) Electrical Contractors Assn500.00
01/17/22Shalon Harrington, Dir. External Affairs Ambler Metals500.00
01/17/22John Lincoln, CEO-NANA Corp500.00
12/31/21Doug Buman Jenn Buman) Laborer’s Health Safety Fund (OR)300.00
12/31/21Brena English, Juneau School District “Paraeducator”250.00
12/31/21Michael Gallagher, Retired Laborer’s Union Bus Mgr250.00
12/31/21James Metcalf, ASEA/AFSCME Union250.00
12/31/21Marcie Obremski, Bus Mgr IBEW Local 1547 (Palmer)250.00
01/05/22Sydney Morgan, Doyon Utilities (FBX)250,00
01/06/22James Palmer, Retired250.00
01/12/22Brenda English, Juneau School District Office Support250.00
01/12/22Eric Runyan,Lineman for Chugach Electric Assn.250.00
01/13/22Aaron Schutt, Executive-Doyon Limited250.00
01/13/22John Skidmore, Attorney-State of Alaska250.00
01/14/22Randy Golding, Sheet Metal Workers Local 23250.00
01/14/22Steve Nerland, merchant250.00
01/18/22Leon Morgan, Deputy Commissioner, AK Div if Pub Safety250.00
12/31/21Brandon Calcaterra, President/Asst Bus Mgr Laborers Local 341200.00
12/31/21Pat Falon, Anchorage retiree200.00
01/12/22Ray Lee, retiree200.00
12/30/21Pat Smutz, former Alaska Union Official (WA)100.00
12/31/21Andrew Ryan, Business Rep, IBEW Local 1547100.00
12/31/21Frank Kelly, (Willow)100.00
12/31/21Matt Shasby, University of Alaska athletic coach100.00
12/31/21Jennifer Yuhas, Executive Coach Local 71100.00
01/03/22Suzanne McCarthy, AK Laborers Training School100.00
01/04/22Michael Mead, CPA CliftonLarsonAllen (WA)100.00
01/05/22James McMilon, Business Rep. Teamsters Union (FBX)100.00
01/08/22Tiffany Lund,Media/Marketing Integrity Environmental.com100.00
01/12/22Margaret Cicharack, Br Ops Mgr Pacific Power Group100.00
01/12/22Steven Geraghty, Const. Mgr. Great Northwest, Inc. (FBX)100.00
01/12/22Larry Mooney, Real Estate Business100.00
01/13/22MaryAnn Ganacias, Ast. Exec Dir., ASEA/AFSCME Local 52 Union100.00
01/14/22Preston McKay, ENI energy company100.00
01/15/22Mike Remington (FBX)100.00
01/16/22Alicia Siira, Exec Dir, Assoc General Contractors of AK100.00
01/17/22Fred Brown, Ex Dir. Pacific Health Coalition100.00
01/17/22Barbara Tuckness, retiree100.00
01/14/22AK State Medical Assn PAC100.00

District l: Watch Candidate Joe Wright!

Educating on the Issues

We have five top issues that change but the top three are pretty consistent, explained Davidge.

Education, Homelessness, Healthcare have proven to be the top three issues at this time, according to books published by this organization. Other issues being prepared for publication include: Food Security, Private Property Rights, and others.

Alaska Round Table

These books are available at the modest amount of $10 each.

We have a book on Crime in Anchorage about ready, said Davidge, and David Morgan is leading the workgroup to produce the Healthcare book. Cost of Alaska Healthcare is out of control.

David Morgan is a content expert on Alaska Healthcare challenges.

Morgan was featured in a previous story: The Threat of Competence

Donn Liston and Sen. David Wilson, who has also worked for healthcare reform.

I also wrote about Sen. David Wilson’s concerns about the Certificate of Need scam in October. Sen. Wilson’s bill SB 26 can be reviewed here:

Davidge: We have also done a book upgrading the status of Alaska Defense, and it’s still at the federal Department of Defense (DOD). Alaskans need to know about developments since the Cold War, but I know better than to write a book and publish it to have DOD come after me. So, it’s been submitted to DOD, but unfortunately, under the Biden Administration, it’s sitting there waiting for them to come back and tell me there are no classified secretes revealed. Sen. Dan Sullivan, is helping move that along, but it’s taking some time.1

The books are updated every year.

This book was initially written in 2019 after the Alaska Veteran’s Foundation (Founded in 2015) sought to help homeless veterans in Anchorage due to perceived failures of the Federal Veteran’s Administration. The process has been geared toward not only helping veteran clients but exploring and developing a process/protocol that works and can be passed on to other worthy efforts. This book explores barriers, setbacks and successes worth learning from.

The Education book was previously featured on this website in the referenced overview of AK Roundtable.

Caring Alaskan parents are frustrated with government schools. As one of the largest expenditures of the State of Alaska we are all frustrated with academic outcomes at the bottom of the nation. This book is a collaborative attempt to examine what is known about how Alaska government schools are set up, managed and overwhelmed by either incompetence or willful bigotry of low expectations. This book proposes first we identify the problems, consider options for solving those problems, and then implement policies to correct the problems. Read it to become activated!
Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991

Another related book we’re working on is regarding Blaine Amendments.2

We have two US Supreme Court cases now that say, you cannot block use of public funds for education because of a school’s religious affiliation, continued Davidge. And we’re now looking at 11 to 13 States coming together to force another court decision. The Supreme Court has to make a very specific and clear statement that Blaine Amendments are unconstitutional. The problem is Alaska won’t do anything about the Educational Industrial Complex under our current Governor and Legislature.3 ((Espinosa Decision ruled that the state of Montana cannot exclude religious schools from receiving tax credit-funded scholarships under its school choice program.

Rebuilding America’s Republic, is update on a book previously published by Davidge based on the idea that America was established as a Republican form of government, not a democracy, and how that has changed beginning with Jimmy Carter.

Davidge: Barack Obama exploded it; when he came out with the statement “I’ve got a pen and a phone.” What he told Congress: “I’m not going to wait for you, I’m not going to agree with you, I’m just going to go do it.” We can show now that the federal government has no constitutional authority anymore. That’s not my opinion, these are opinions of the US Supreme Court in multiple cases. The Department of Environmental Conservation is probably the most egregious example. The US Department of Educationis another one. This book will focus on what mjust be done in the first 100 days in the administration of the next president. You saw it with Biden, he came in and started doing executive orders immediately. Now the courts have said: “You can’t do that–you haven’t authority to do that.”

We must stand together against rigged Alaska Courts & illegitimate elections now!

  • Paper Ballot & Hand-count ballots in 2022; no corrupt voting machines!
  • No ranked choice voting unless forensic audit proves Proposition 2 won!

The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

The Congress shall assemble at least once in every Year, and such Meeting shall be on the first Monday in December, unless they shall by Law appoint a different Day.

Constitution of the United States, Article I, Section 4
Read More: Why Alaska Courts Suck: Bumpkins Rule

The next Republican president will have 100 days to implement a series of actions. He is the CEO of the administrative part of the government, and he has the right to reorganize. He can trim, trim, trim–to a point where the EPA will just go away since all states already have their own departments of environmental conservation.

Our schools are breaking down from the Stranglehold of the federal government, mandating what to do and how to do it—particularly in Alaska. As you know, I spent a couple of years working in the Department of Interior for Ronald Reagan; we will have an opportunity in those 100 days to make huge differences in Alaska.

Ray Kreig owns the meeting place for AK Roundtable and is a subject matter expert on Alaska Land issues.

Time to Get Involved!

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  2. Institute for Justice, Blain Amendments []
  3. Janus Decision: []

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