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Liquid investments or deposits, real estate, and gold are a wise trifecta for securing your financial security.

Gold bullion can certainly be purchased and, in fact, held in any vault across the world if you open an account with someone like BullionVault.com. You can bid on or sell ounces of gold and know they are physically stored on your behalf. Much easier than purchasing actual gold and finding somewhere to hide it.

For others, it may be easiest to simply invest in the Exchange Traded Fund – ‘GLD’, which tracks the actual daily price of gold. GLD trades for around $164 a share right now, reflecting the spot price of gold at $1800 ounce at time of writing.

Every stock portfolio should have metals and, in particular, I recommended 3 to 5 percent of your portfolio in GLD. Alongside your real estate investments, gold and other commodities (Copper, Platinum, Silver) are solid inflation hedges and, as mineral elements of the planet, will appreciate over time.

GLD can be bought and sold instantly when the markets are open (5:30 am to 12 noon weekdays AST) so you can trade gold with the trend. The best website to study gold is Kitco.com and you may even want to trade through some of their expert contributing analysts.

For the stout of heart with $10,000 to risk, Gold Futures are a very profitable (or losable) leveraged investment also. If you trade one gold futures contract for a margin of $7150 at time of writing you actually control 100 ounces of gold worth around $180,000 and each $1 tick in the price of gold makes (or loses) $100.

Futures traders must have an analyst or personal chart skills to recognize trends and thereby profit long or short on those trends. Otherwise you will lose all your money really fast.

Gold bullion physical is comforting to own in coins, bars or nuggets but you do have alternatives and the GLD traded fund is the easiest. For conversations on this or any real estate need, contact me at 907-727-3300.

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