Huhnkie Lee; Social Media Sensation

Candidate for U. S. Senate

Huhnkie Lee
Huhnkie Lee

Over the decades since Alaska Democrat Legislator, Sen. Nick Begich, showed this writer the bundles of 3 x 5 cards he had collected, with name and pertinent information about every person he met on each card, I have seen political campaigns devolve to what we have today. With everybody now enslaved by social media–where anything goes and bizarre is normalized–campaigns can become oppressive for voters beyond what previously was just tying up the radio airwaves with ads.

Huhnkee Lee doesn’t need 3 x 5 cards to create a sensation on social media. Whether it will make any difference in the US Senate primary race, Lee’s unorthodox campaign techniques are on full display and must be considered as part of any future candidate’s campaign strategy to attract votes.

The goal is eyeballs on message.

Huhnkie Lee
Huhnkie Lee

Born 1978 (Generation X) in Ithaca, New York, Lee returned with his parents to Seoul, Korea as a baby to live until 1997. Today Lee would meet qualifications (of being born in the United States) to run for US President–should he decide to do that. But for now, Lee is running for the Alaska US Senate seat currently held by Sen. Murkowski, which she has held since former US Senator, Frank Murkowski, appointed his daughter to that position upon being elected governor of Alaska in 2002.

Anybody in Alaska is qualified to run for that seat even without privilege.

Qualifications of legislator, Rep. Murkowski prior to being anointed US Senator were little more significant than Lee’s qualifications now; the seat in the Alaska Legislature which she served had been held by Terry Martin from January 16, 1978 to January 19, 1999. Martin had been a reliable moderate Republican. Both Murkowski and Lee are trained attorneys, but Murkowski is the incumbent now and the only US Senator to be elected by write-in. Special interests once made her bulletproof but her voting record with Democrats has made her a target of many Alaskans who do not feel she represents our state’s conservative majority electorate.

Lee’s strategy is different than most campaigns and that is why I find his campaign interesting.

Some believe elimination of the closed Republican Primary in favor of Ranked Choice Jungle Primary was one strategy to help Murkowski.

Q: Why are you running for public office, Mr. Lee?

Two years ago I ran for Alaska State Senate for the greater Wasilla area as a Republican. Sen. David Wilson won re-election.1 Eight candidates were running to represent the greater Wasilla area of the MatSu Valley in the Republican Primary. I ended up finishing in eighth place with 2% of the votes; 110 voted for me. I was very grateful, but this year I decided to run for US Senate–a statewide election with ranked-choice open primaries. Now I’m independent; no party affiliation, and I don’t take any donation money.


Q: What is your strategy to get elected?

When I ran for Alaska State Senate, I didn’t do any social media, explained Lee. But this time, I’m heavily reliant on social media because it’s free, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. I have met a lot of friends all over the world online, and they are helping me out by talking about me online. Also, they send me digital campaign graphics. Some are great artists. Some have even made a short film–like a music video–they sent to me, and I published it on social media. Much of this is for free and done anonymously, because they support my positions.

Huhnkie Lee’s ad in Alaska Korean News

Q: What are your positions?

I have a young audience, so I try to establish values for their future. I tell them: Step 1-“Be celibate until you turn 25. Keep your virginity–no dating until you turn 25–because you’re too young today. Focus on your education and career development until you’re 25 and you graduate from school. Then you save some money, pay off some of your student debt so you have some disposable income, then you can start dating.”

This could be the long game.

Step two: use contraception until you are ready to have kids. Step 3: I support a woman’s right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion is pro-life because stem sells can be harvested from fetuses and used to help living people with illness. We need stem cell therapy.

Okay, same as Murkowski

Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991

Here is a Youtube Standup Comedy at Chilkoot Charlies in Spenard with Lee:

Q: I have heard you receive a lot of criticism online.

I find it hilarious when people criticize me and I try to keep my sense of humor about it. I have a regular appearance online every Friday where your readers can see my presentations. Yeah, it’s a Zoom meeting, called Friday and I love Huhnkie Lee. It is open to everybody. They can talk, because I want to listen, and learn from the people all around the world: Africa, Europe, Australia, India, Vietnam, Asia, all have appeared. I am very transparent.

Q: What is it that attracts all these other people from other places?

I think many want to hang out and meet new people. So it’s not always about me. I’m just giving them a place to interact. And sometimes even young people come up and talk in the mic and speak on in our discussions.

World-wide interest in Huhnkie Lee.

What are some of your other positions?

Pro-gun rights: I own guns and go to the gun range often. I believe in gun safety through education. I think that is why I was banned on TikTok–or perhaps because of my position on LGBT. I tell people that they should be straight. I don’t like LGBT theology. I think it’s very toxic.

Education: I appreciate teachers and parents; I think they’re doing fantastic job. I understand the Alaska academic outcomes are at the bottom of the nation. But Alaska children must learn how to hunt and fish, how to camp. They cannot be tested only with pencil and paper.

Climate Change: If I become US, Senator, I will say exact same thing I’m saying right now, but my message will reach more people. I’m not worried about climate change or global warming, because I have science background. In biology we know plants absorb carbon dioxide, through photosynthesis to make carbs just what we eat. Carbon is a building block of life. And carbon dioxide is not toxic. So, yeah maybe there is global warming from greenhouse gas, I get it. But if there is more carbon dioxide in the air, that means more food for plants. When plants absorb carbon dioxide from air they bind carbon dioxide and get buried after they die to ultimately become fossil fuels. It’s the carbon cycle, right? So there’s nothing to worry about global warming.

Alaska’s relationship with the Federal Government: I’m running against Sen. Murkowski who is ranking member of the Senate Appropriation Committee. My opinion is that her seniority is worthless, because we don’t need federal money in Alaska. We have resources, like Pebble Mine, great oil and gas reserves and clean coal. Pebble Mine alone has $500 billion worth of gold, copper and molybdenum, and pallidium. Oil and Gas another $500 billion there, yes. And clean coal $500 billion, all in Alaska. We need to exploit our resources to create jobs so we can develop those natural resources in an environmentally sound fashion. We don’t need federal money with all the strings attached.

Lee’s support is mostly outside of Alaska. He sees himself as an ambassador for Alaska, promoting our unique place. He recognizes our role as Top Cover for the United States of America with major military responsibility at a dangerous time. As a major hub for international travel he is running to be US Senator but also as international Alaska representative.

That may make Lee a globalist.

Once elected as an independent I would be inclined to join the Republican Caucus but keep my independent status, said Lee. If I should become your Senator, I become very famous so I can educate more people, not just in Alaska, not just in America, but anywhere in the world. I tell them: “Don’t do LGBT, be straight. Sing and dance, learn how to do acting, filmmaking, then you’ll be happy.”

And then if everybody’s happy, there’d be no more violence.

My departing photo of Huhnkie at Sleepy Dog Cafe* in Eagle River.

No financial contribution for this show but Lee would be very greatful for every vote.

  1. Sen. Wilson explains the Certificate of Need scam []

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