Kenai Court Judges Jennifer K. Wells & William F. Morse: “Never Mind the Alaska Constitution…”

One legislator calls out Kenai Kabuki1 Court!

Jennifer K. Wells and William F. Morse

Kenai Superior Court Judge, Jennifer K. Wells doesn’t believe the Alaska Constitution means what it says. Her boss, formerly of Kenai but now Presiding Judge of the Third Judicial District, William F. Morse, doesn’t either. Gov. Michael Dunleavy’s (Deputy) Attorney General John Skidmore has already made it very clear that the Alaska Court System will interpret the constitution any damn way they want to, and there will be consequences to citizens (in which all political power resides under the Alaska Constitution) who might think Alaska Grand Juries are more than just a show for the Lords at Court.

UPDATE: New complaint filed July 3, 2022.

That’s what we know now after events at the Kenai Courthouse Wednesday, June 29, when Judge Wells put down the hammer and drove away from the crime in her canary-colored corvette. She was appointed to this position five years ago, July 27, 2017, by Democrat Gov. Bill Walker.

Kenai, Alaska’s Courthouse

It is appropriate over this 4th of July, 2022 weekend that Alaskans review the status of our liberties under the United States and Alaska Constitutions in light of these events in Kenai.

Future citizens being notified of their obligation to serve on an Alaska Grand Jury should know the application of their duties will be subject to the whims of unaccountable judges and a bureaucracy run amok. The Alaska Department of Law apparently wants Grand Juries to indict persons accused of capital offenses but forbids looking at whether corruption can be happening in State government– or at the Alaska Court System itself.

Gov. Michael Dunleavy is an enabler in this Kubuki Dance.2

On June 29, 2022, a majority of Kenai Grand Jurors voted to hear evidence presented by David Haeg, but were immediately obstructed by Judge Wells. This is nothing new; once again the People of Alaska were thwarted from doing their duty by the “bosses” at the Alaska Court System. ((Affidavit of Shane Serrano))

Beautiful day for a protest or a ride in a Corvette with the top down!

This Wednesday was the last day of the current 12-member Grand Jury, scheduled to meet at 9 am every Wednesday for the last three months. Now five Grand Juries have been denied the opportunity to hear this evidence and investigate it. The fact protesters were again planning to be at the Kenai Courthouse apparently caused panic at the Temple of Justice. Citizens, led by Haeg, wished to make a presentation to the Grand Jury.

Makes you wonder why Judge Wells would not allow that, doesn’t it? Instead, she dismissed the grand jury permanently.

A Constitutional Crisis

Providing outstanding accommodations in Eagle River since 1991

This appears to be a clear constitutional violation and a felony under Alaska law.

Alaska Constitution, Article 1, Section 8 The power of grand juries to investigate and make recommendations concerning the public welfare or safety shall never be suspended.

AS 12.40.030 Duty of inquiry into crimes and general powers. The grand jury shall inquire into all crimes committed or triable within the jurisdiction of the court and present them to the court. The grand jury shall have the power to investigate and make recommendations concerning the public welfare or safety.

AS 12.40.040 Juror to disclose knowledge of crime. If an individual grand juror knows or has reason to believe that a crime has been committed that is triable by the court, the juror shall disclose it to the other jurors, who shall investigate it.

AS 11.56.590. Jury Tampering. (a) A person commits the crime of jury tampering if the person directly or indirectly communicates with a juror other than as permitted by the rules governing the official proceeding with intent to (1) influence the juror’s vote, opinion, decision, or other action as a juror; or (2) otherwise affect the outcome of the official proceeding. (b)Jury tampering is a class C felony

What are they Afraid of?

The only investigator of judicial conduct for the last 33 years and counting is a woman named Marla Greenstein, Executive Director of the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct (ACJC). She has conducted and decided all approximately 8000 judge complaints in Alaska since 1989.3

When Greenstein began in this role, Steve Cowper was a one-term Democrat governor who, upon taking office saw the price of oil drop to $32/barrel. He then declared that regardless of what had been promised in the election, now “all bets were off.”

Today all bets are off for Alaska Court System accountability!

The oil tanker Exxon Valdez ran aground in Prince William Sound on March 24, 1989. That’s how long the ACJCl has been protecting judges. We all know stories of Alaska judges standing like musk oxen in a circle with their butts touching.

On this occasion Haeg took his request right up to the public court service window. Again, same run-around:

Donn Liston & David Haeg

Maybe what we need is a grand jury investigation into judge investigator Greenstein, said Haeg as he was sitting in the court building waiting for the opportunity to present evidence to the Grand Jury. You know she would never be convicted because 100 judges would be willing to say it’s a mistake to even suggest something has ever been amiss in all those years. But as soon as that indictment came out, people would say: “you know, maybe she shouldn’t be our only judge investigating judges; maybe we could scrape the bottom of the barrel and get somebody a little better—perhaps even have more than just one.”

Such suggestions are blasphemy in the Temple of Justice.

Yet what Haeg was prevented from giving the Grand Jury was direct evidence that judge investigator Greenstein is falsifying official investigations to cover up for corrupt judges. Could she be doing this so they can remain on the bench ruling over We-the People?

(Highlighted Greenstein Evidence @

Let’s Look at what the Alaska Constitution says

Article 1

According to Constitutional authority, Gorden Harrison Alaska’s founding fathers chose to insert a Grand Jury option into the Alaska Constitution although it is not required under federal law and only about one-half of the states have this provision for bringing capital offenses before the court OR to allow citizens to bring issues to the Grand Jury for investigation of whether criminal activity by public officials has occurred. Obviously, the lawyers who are appointed by elected governors to enter the rarefied air of judge think they know better whether wrongdoing has occurred among their own ranks.4

In fact, one might argue that a Grand Jury not taking its responsibilities seriously actually enables crime and corruption as occurred in the case of Gov. William Sheffield when the Grand Jury refused to indict for the crime and tossed the ball to the Alaska Senate–which promptly fumbled it on the one-yard line.

Challenge for the new Kenai Grand Jury: Ben Carpenter

The pool of citizens on the Kenai Peninsula who recognize their local court system denies Constitutional authority to the Grand Jury is increasing. Legal counsel for the Kenai Peninsula Borough researched the history of public interest grand juries that changed beginning in the early 1990s. Denial of this authority has created a groundswell of support for Haeg and is making the petty bureaucrats and weak-kneed judges look foolish. One area legislator is now onboard and pursuing justice.

Ben Carpenter
Readers are urged to thank Rep. Carpenter for his courage:

Rep. Ben Carpenter has investigated this situation and written to the Department of Law, saying that denial of public access to the grand jury violates our Constitution. In a letter to Angie Kemp, Director of DOL’s Criminal Division, Rep. Carpenter asks: “I want to know if a private citizen can present information about a suspected crime to a grand jury?”

In typical bureaucratic fashion Director Kemp provides lengthy documentation of what Rule 6 describes the Grand Jury process to be.

Rep. Carpenter concluded (in part):

“It is vitally important to the rule of law in Alaska that the Department of Law acknowledge the statutory authority for grand juries to investigate crime and sever any perceived supervisory relationships that may exist between prosecuting attorneys and the investigatory grand jury.”

He continues by using the mechanism to show change in a legislative bill to demonstrate the inconsistency of the State’s position:

I believe I have answered my question with the only answer that exists within statute or criminal law: The grand jury must be afforded the opportunity by our bureaucratic process to receive complaints of criminal wrongdoing by individual citizens, wrote Carpenter. If prosecuting attorneys or presiding judges believe they can be the gate keepers of the grand jury, then “the power of grand juries to investigate and make recommendations concerning the public welfare or safety is being [SHALL NEVER BE] suspended.”

-Art. 1 Sec. 8 Alaska State Constitution.

It’s time for candidates for public office to tell voters how they stand on the authority of the Alaska Grand Jury to investigate possible criminal activity in government and particularly in the Alaska Court System itself.

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  1. Kabuki is a form of classical theater in Japan known for its elaborate costumes and dynamic acting. The phrases Kabuki theater, kabuki dance, or kabuki play are sometimes used in political discourse to describe an event characterized more by showmanship than by content. []
  2. Alaska Grand Jury Rights webpage, Governor Grand Jury email tab. []
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  4. Alaska Constitution a Citizen’s Guide, Gordon Harrison, Alaska Legislative Affairs Agency, P 21-22 []

10 thoughts on “Kenai Court Judges Jennifer K. Wells & William F. Morse: “Never Mind the Alaska Constitution…””

  1. Andrew Brewer

    Thanks for taking on this most difficult of issues… The Court system is apparently full of appointees that come from the same pool. Most people never get “railroaded” by the system, but rest assured, you and I both know that Truth, Justice, and the American Way was what Superman was all about, not the Court system. If we as a People ever win this war against the Deep State, then all those who are part of that collusion, will face the consequences. Things are about to get very real…

  2. Ray Southwell

    Excellent explanation. This needs to be spread far and wide. I just sent it to mayor and governor candidate Charlie Pierce.

  3. On the matter of possible corruption in Alaska’s government branches; the clear and present issues the government is operating away from the people. Juneau is the home of paid lobbyist, Seattle influencers, and those folks that have the time and MONEY to go F2F with legislators. The State of Alaska and the people would best be served in a location that would best be accessible for all Alaskans.
    Political issues can be addressed upfront and personal and corruption would be stymied. -“What we see now is like a dim image in a mirror then we shall see face to face.”
    Paul A Bauer
    HD20 Candidate for State House.

    1. I moved to Alaska in 2017. I was really surprised with all the population in Anchorage why is the capital not here. I mean, if Trump can move the embassy to Jerusalem I think Alaska can move a capital.

  4. Jessica Pleasant

    I lived within communities in Appalachia that once were quite isolated until roads were built. The Sheriff Rose Kitts was very corrupt, and let’s just say the Appalachian mountain coal pits and caves have “no names” buried and forgotten. I believe the isolation of Alaska is very similar to the early 1900s isolated lower 48 states. Corruption is allowed to fester when a city, burrough, counties and a state feel they do not have to be held accountable. Alaska is an entire isolated population and with no one covering Alaska news all the time the rest of the US won’t be outraged by AK corrupt judges and politicians. The lower 48 citizens can’t support wronged groups in Alaska. The goal should be an attempt to spred the name of the corrupted people and what the state is doing to their citizens. The lower 48 need to know OCS and the government are corrupt here. Because colleagues of corrupted judges and politicians in AK are enablers. The sociopathic judges and politicians in Alaska are surrounded by others in a sinful co dependency. If one goes down, they all go down. If other states put out more stories of AK corruption in their news these narcissistic judges and politicians won’t have their colleagues stroking their ego. Professionals around the entire US would learn who and what they are doing. There is nothing worse to a judge and politician to be rejected by their profession. And a lot of these judges and politicians need to be told, “YOU’RE FIRED”. PREPARE FOR NOVEMBER 2022 ELECTION.

    1. The Alaskan Government gave all the power to the attorneys to build their own business, and a very big business it is with many victims of many different races,. One of the Alaskan State representatives hit it on the head back in April of 2021, when he went on saying that Alaska is the only state in the United States that allows the people in the Alaskan legal department to provide and maintain a list of attorneys who have been or are in the process of being approved to practice law in Alaska. THEY NEED APPROVAL FROM THEIR FELLOW MEMBERS OF THIS PRIVATE LAWYERS CLUB… There is a pecking order to this corruption and it happens in Bethel Alaska all the time. I just got railroaded and I was forced to take a plea or get 30 in prison. I was a victim of assault and attempted murder by my assailant after falling through his truck window. It was an accident but I got assaulted and it was all on video cameras outside the women’s center in Bethel Alaska and the attorneys, I had 7, would not get the footage from the office who had it. I had witnesses that came forward with the honest truth about what they were told by this private firm and what to say. Evidence was tampered with by the Bethel police department, Evidence was fabricated by this private firm and witnesses were coached and tampered with all done be sworn officers of the court system. I don’t believe what happened was a accident. I have Evidence of attorneys impersonating other attorneys that were not from Bethel, I filed motion after motion only to find out that the judge was in the middle of the whole thing and I made it clear that I would not plea out but I was forced into the deal with the push of my attorneys who threatened me and was my attorney who just helped me sue the Bethel police department after a car accident but the attorney failed to mention that they were good friends with these officers and even were there attorneys in the market of land building. I never agreed but I am not going to give up. I’m sure I’m going to get hit hard for this by the system here. I was supposed to remand a while back for 12 days left to serve but I failed to and since the district attorney filed a motion to modify and reduce my sentence and it was granted to them without my attorneys or myself to respond and fight it. I need help please. 4BE-18-01121CR is the court case. Please forgive me for going to great lengths to explain this to you. My number is 9075455524 if you need to ask me about the whole thing. Please respond

    2. Jessica, we’ll said. However, the real issue lies with “We The People” of Alaska’s right to govern. Judges and lawyers do not govern, and in their role, as adjudicators of the “we the people “ Grand Jury; jurors, they have broken the law, Alaska Constitutional Law, when they try to silence our rights and voices, by purposely injecting themselves into, and by using a malfeasance tactic of denying our “Alaska-we the people” our legal due diligence. Karl Speights

  5. You are doing an amazing job. So many of us are sick of the court system in Alaska. Nothing has been right for a very long time. It’s time we ban together and take back our state.

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